Phoebe (Bowles) Coats Diary

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Phoebe (Bowles) Coats (1873 – 1962) kept a diary on several calendars. This page covers 1931 and 1946 through 1949 and a few entries for 1954. It is not known if she wrote others. At the time she and Bethel Coats were living on their ranch in southern Contra Costa County.
The 1949 entries also include a description of a trip to the mid-west to visit relatives of Phoebe's. The entries have been silently edited for readability. The photograph is of Phoebe and Bethel just prior to their 55th wedding anniversary. See the entries for 27 and 29 December 1946.

People Mentioned in the Entries

Archie Archibald Clyde - Bunny's husband
Beck William Bethel (Beck) - son of William and Eunice Rowe
Blake Blake Denhart - son of Doris and Jack Denhart. One of the three kiddies
Bunny Bernice Clyde - Phoebe and Bethel's daughter
Chas Charles Edmonston - Vivian's husband
Daddy Bethel Coats
Doris Doris Morton - Phoebe and Bethel's daughter.
Doris D. Doris Denhart - Will and Eunice's daughter
Doug Doug Moore - a fraternity friend of Beck
Elfin Clarence Elfin Martinelli - Margaret's husband.
Ellen Ellen Ingram - daughter of Phyllis and Jimmy Ingram.
Eunice Eunice Rowe - Phoebe and Bethel's daughter
Francis Francis Edmonston - Vivian and Charles Edmonston's daughter
Gail Gail Dance - daughter of Hal and Marcia Sonnenberg
Gordon Gordon Lopez - Roberta's husband
Hal Hal Sonnenberg - husband of Marcia
Jen Jennie Ethel (Coats) White - Bethel's sister
Jimmy James Ingram - Phyllis' husband
Lance Lance Denhart - son of Doris and Jack Denhart. One of the three kiddies
Marcia Marcia Sonnenberg - daughter of Doris and Victor Morton
May May (Coats) Horton - Bethel's sister
Phyllis Phyllis Ingram - daughter of Will and Eunice
Roberta Roberta Lopez - daughter of Will and Eunice
Sharon Sharon Kalenborn - daughter of Phyllis and Rudy Kalenborn. Also known as Sherry. One of the three kiddies
Sister Margaret (Bowles) Martinelli - Phoebe's only sister
The three kiddies Sharon Kalenborn and Lance and Blake Denhart
Tom Tom White - Jen's husband
Victor Victor Morton - Doris' husband
Vivian Vivian (Coats) Edmonston - Bethel's cousin
Will William James Rowe - husband of Eunice
Will and Mabel Patton William Patton - Phoebe Coats' cousin. Phoebe's mother was a Patton. Phoebe took care of them in their final days and inherited or purchased their home in San Jose where she was living with Eunice and Will from about 1955 until her death.


Janurary 1931
Thursday 1 Jan Doris' children have been here since Xmas and Victor came yesterday, and Doris and he went to S.F. [San Francisco] to spend New Year's Eve with Bunny. Bethel and I sat up until after twelve o'clock. He slept in the easy chair and I listened to the radio and finished my ironing. Today Doris and Victor came back after having a swell time the night before, and had dinner with us. In the evening they took the kiddies and went home. Bethel still has to go to the doctor with his finger that he had blood poison in before Xmas, he is better tho.
Friday 2 Jan The same old routine. Bethel went to the Dr's etc. Here is a poem by O. Lawrence Hawthorne
"Count The Smiles"
It matters not what unknown fate
The future holds for me
It matters not if every day
I find some task to do
That sows the seeds of happiness
Where pain and heartache grew.
We shouldn’t measure life alone
By checking off the miles,
That mark our path, and let’s be
Considerate and kind
That love will shed it’s radiance
On those we leave behind.
Saturday 3 Jan
Sunday 4 Jan
Monday 5 Jan
Tuesday 6 Jan
Wednesday 7 Jan It rained most all day. I went to Sewing Club at Mrs. Reinstine's. 5 members were present. Mrs W - 2 Mrs R's, Mrs H & Mrs C. We sewed a while and then played five hundred until the refreshments were served.
Thursday 8 Jan The rain looks as if it were about over. I have been cutting silk stockings for my rug.
Friday 9 Jan Doris and children came to stay with us until Sunday as Victor had to go to a convention down to Del Monte. Daddy has to go to the Dr‘s with his hand every day. Doris drove him out to Livermore. Weather is fine.
Saturday 10 Jan Doris went to Pleasanton for Bunny this evening.
Sunday 11 Jan We had a nice time today with Bunny, Doris and the kiddies. Doris drove Bunny to the train as she went home in the evening. Charlie dropped in to dinner. Beautiful Day.
Monday 12 Jan My Silk Stocking - P.C.

The pattern I drew on a burlap sack, that is the border I mean. It has two inch stripes of brown, with a red stripe like this [nun] in between. Now the center of rug and among the red are all shades of tan hit or miss. It will make a very nice rug when done, and will look about like this [.......]. The stockings I cut about one inch wide, round and round from the top of the toe. Each make one long continuous strip, and not one did I have to sew. Then I carefully pulled each little loop thru, just about the same distance apart. The work was so pleasant I hated to stop and it will be a joy to my heart when it is completed and put into its place out front of my fire place so neat. With the fire burning bright and my loved one all ‘round. Then my happiness will be complete.
Tuesday 13 Jan The same old weather and the same old work.
Wednesday 14 Jan
Thursday 15 Jan
Friday 16 Jan
Saturday 17 Jan Blanche Martin came out with Bethel when he went to see the doctor for his hand. [scratched out--"His hand is all healed but is stiff and the Dr. has to break the adhesions which is very painful." ] His hand is much better as he can now drive the car to town by himself.
Sunday 18 Jan
Monday 19 Jan
Tuesday 20 Jan Ejner saw Zip our small part fox terrier dog with one of our small ewe sheep down and when she came home one of her ears was torn off. We had missed one a few days ago and found it dead so suppose he killed it. We chastised him and tied him up. Will leave him tied up for a few days.
Wednesday 21 Jan
Thursday 22 Jan
Friday 23 Jan
Saturday 24 Jan Blanche is still with us. Aunt May came with Bunny this evening to spend the weekend with us. The weather is beautiful. We turned Zip loose and hope he will let the sheep alone.
Sunday 25 Jan Bunny and Dad went to pick mushrooms in the field where the sheep are and they found three that had been bitten by some dog so we tied Zip up again to see if anything else bothered them. We shall keep him tied for several days. Bethel took Bunny and May to the depot in the evening. Nice weather. Dad & Bunny found a nice meal of mushrooms.
Monday 25 Jan I finished a black silk dress with back and white blouse that I had started before Xmas.
Tuesday 27 Jan Blanche went home today and I miss her. Ejner is plowing the orchard. The weather is just warm and damp but no rain.
Wednesday 28 Jan
Thursday 29 Jan I made some cream color maquezette [marquisette] curtains with rose-orchid drapes for my front spare bedroom. The drapes are of rayon as is my bedspread. Eunice gave me the bedspread for Xmas. Bunny gave me the drapes.
Friday 30 Jan Zip has been tied up since last Sunday and nothing has bothered the sheep so we decided the only thing to do was kill him, so Ejner (our hired man) shot him this morning. We hated to do it but could see no other way. I went to Livermore with Bethel, when he went to the doctors. The Dr. dressed it for the last time. It is 43 days since it first started. It is very stiff so Dr. has to break adhesions so it is very sore and swollen now. I bought me two house dresses and some curtain material for my bedroom windows.
Saturday 31 Jan Doris and Victor brought the children up to leave them with us while they went on to S.F.[San Francisco] to spend the night with Bunny. Our milkman lowered our milk to 9 cents a gallon and we joined with his other customers to make him pay 11 cents a gallon. It rained some today. Warm. Ejner finished planting the peas and the other vegetables. The first planting of peas are way up and the second out of the ground. We had hen for dinner
February 1931
Sunday 1 Feb Marcia‘s 5th birthday. The kiddies were up early to open Marcia‘s birthday presents her mother had brought up the day before. Doris and Victor brought Bunny and Robina [Morton] back with them. Margaret and Bill Heaton and their kiddies Billy and Marion came to spend the day with us. We had a swell squab (12) dinner with mushrooms, tapioca pudding and a fance [fancy] birthday cake with five little candles on it. The weather is beautiful.
Monday 2 Feb Blue Monday indeed as we refused to let the milk man have our milk for less then eleven cents. So we had to put up the separator and separate our milk. Groundhog day without a cloud in the sky all day. So we hope he saw his shadow and will go back to bed as we need much more rain since we haven‘t had more than six or seven inches yet. Our minister Mr. Stuchell called on us.
Tuesday 3 Feb Not quite so blue today as the milk man came back but could not tell us just what he would pay as the owners couldn‘t all get together since one member was down south, but are sure it will be more than nine cents. We had twenty-seven gallons today. The sky is covered with clouds and it is drizzling rain, warm and nice for all the grass to grow. Betty Lou has a calf this morning (bull). Had Rhode Island hen for dinner and warmed over for supper. Flower (a little heifer) has heifer calf. Clara Bow has a heifer calf.
Wednesday 4 Feb Warm and cloudy but no rain. I went to Mrs. Theo Nissen‘s to sewing club. Had a nice time. Seven members were present. 2 Mrs. R's - 2 Mr C's - 1 Mrs M - 1 Mrs H - 1 Mrs N - 2 visitors from L. A. Bethel took Mrs. Collins & I on his way to Livermore to see Dr. Cloudy but no rain.
Thursday 5 Feb No sign of rain so I did my washing. The men folk marked and bobbed the little lambs rails. There were thirty one, fourteen ewes and seventeen rams. Arthur Davina helped them. Nero our pup is learning to drive the sheep and cows just fine since we gave Teddy away.
Friday 6 Feb I did my ironing. The weather still cloudy but no rain. The men folks planted peas.
Saturday 7 Feb I cleaned out the milk house and made some curtains with green drapes for my other front spare bedroom. The curtains are cream crossbar marquesette and the drapes have a rayon stripe to go with my green rayon bedspread Doris gave me for Xmas.
Sunday 8 Feb Bethel and I went to church. Mrs John Baldwin invited us too their house for dinner after church. A most delicious dinner of baked duck with all the fixings. We spent a most enjoyable afternoon. We called on Will Shorts family an the way home. Lillis Stone brought me a red turkey hen. It‘s raining quite a shower in Danville about four oclock but not a drop here.
Monday 9 Feb The grass is growing wonderful and our grain has the ground covered completely. It is so warm and damp but the ground is only wet down a foot or so. The flat is white with mushrooms. The sun is shining thru the clouds.
Tuesday 10 Feb This is Mrs. Beyer‘s birthday but she is quite ill so couldn‘t have a party.
Wednesday 11 Feb We went to Livermore and then out to the Arroyo Sanitorium to see Retha Blankenship our little friend with the TB. On our way home we stopped in to see Susie Spencer and her new baby boy. It was a nice day and we enjoyed the ride.
Thursday 12 Feb
Friday 13 Feb
Saturday 14 Feb It rained a nice rain this morning from about four oclock until about ten, then cleared up for the rest of the day. Bethel went to Pleasanton and met Bunny
Sunday 15 Feb Tomorrow is Bunny's birthday but we had to celebrate it today as she had to go back to the city this evening. Doris and her family and Archie came and we had a nice time.
Monday 16 Feb Bunny's birthday is today. We are going to Livermore this p.m. We still have half sun shiney weather but no rain. We have two new lambs and a new calf born today. Bethel and Ejner put the posts in for my turkey pen.
Tuesday 17 Feb I went to a meeting of the Woodcraft Lodge at Mattie Weiderman the P.M. After the meeting we played whist. Bethel went to the nursery and bought eleven fruit trees and a couple of grape vines.
Wednesday 18 Feb This is Audra Mortensen's birthday. I went to her birthday party this P.M. We played five hundred. Just before we started home it commenced to rain and has been raining steady ever since. The clouds looked like fog floating around as we went to the party. Mt. Diablo had a cap of fog on. Bethel and Ejner planted the fruit trees, This is Phyllis's birthday.
Thursday 19 Feb I worked on my silk stocking rug all day and cut stocking in the evening. A beautiful sunshiney day.
Friday 20 Feb Bethel went to Livermore in the A.M. and Blanche Martin came home with him and we three went to call on Bethel's brother Jim & family in the P.M. They live in San Leandro. A beautiful day. Lovely ride. We stopped at the Cemetery on our way over. Found the plot covered with weeds.
Saturday 21 Feb Bethel took Blanch back to Livermore. I did my Saturday work.
Sunday 22 Feb Ejner went away and Frank Gamble brought his brother-in-law Lloyd Delmas to help us. Weather fine. We were home all day alone. Doris Frates and her boy friend called for a half hour or so.
Monday 23 Feb Two little two year old heifers had calves. 1 heifer 1 male. Doris' [Rowe] little pet rabbit has five little rabbits.
Tuesday 24 Feb The little white heifer has little calf.
Wednesday 25 Feb I did my washing . Dad and Lloyd planted peas. Nice day but looked like rain. Frank Gamble, his wife and little boy came in the evening.
Thursday 26 Feb Same old thing. I had to help with chores and had calluses so didn't get my ironing done. I sold the little male calf to Mr. Holm. Bethel went to Livermore to see Dr. and Dr. washed his hand up again. Weather is clear but cool in morning and evening.
Friday 27 Feb I cleaned up Charley Dewey's room & ironed in the evening. Lloyd planted peas in the morning, spaded back yard in P.M. The weather is like Summer. Bunny called us up this evening but couldn’t come this weekend as she thought we were going to Geo's and she made other plans. We had changed our plans about going to brothers. Will see them later on way to L.A.[Los Angeles}.
Saturday 28 Feb The north wind is blowing and not a cloud in the sky. Elmer Reinstein(a neighbor) flew in an airoplane to Los Angeles. Was to leave Oakland at 9 A.M. and arrive at 12 P.M. Charley came back this evening. Lloyd went home with Frank Gamble (who came for him) to stay over Sunday.
March 1931
Sunday 1 Mar This has been a very uneventful day. Dad & I stayed home alone. Charlie went to Berkley. Regular summer weather. Bethel picked some swell mushrooms. I cooked a chicken and dumplings, mustard greens and plum pie besides the mushrooms, carrots & potatoes, banana salad with cottage cheese. Wrote some letters. Listened to 4 church services on the radio.
Monday 2 Mar Three little baby lambs came last night, one ewe lamb and two males.
Tuesday 3 Mar The little ewe lamb died. We don't know why. A little heifer had bull calf. One of our other calves very sick. We have two more little male lambs.
Wednesday 4 Mar Ann and Phoebe came down to see us. I went to sewing club at Mrs. Hansens who lives on Jim's place. A terrible north wind blew all night.
Thursday 5 Mar We went to Mrs. Reinstein's and got several walnut trees to plant also lily bulbs. Sold two turkey hens to Mrs. Mortensen and one to Mrs. Reinstein.
Friday 6 Mar Bethel and I took Ann & Phoebe to San Jose. We went to the Navlet Nursery and bought some plants and vines. We had a nice ride. The weather's lovely.
Saturday 7 Mar Ann and Phoebe went home and Bethel and I went to S.F. and spent the night with Bunny and she took us shopping and bought Bethel a new suit of clothes and me a new black straw hat. We went to the Orpheum and saw Cimmeron and then went to see them skate on ice. Then spent the night with Bunny.
Sunday 8 Mar We all spent the day with Aunt Jennie [Coats-White] & May and Tom White. Tom took us for a lovely ride all over Golden State Park and down the lovely boulevard along the ocean up to the Cliff House and out by Lands End where we watched the beautiful Golden Gate, then back thru the park past several lovely lakes with white swans and ducks, and black swans and pelicans, gulls etc. It was a nice day. We came back to Jennie's and had a delicious dinner. In the evening Archie Clyde came for us in his car and brought us to the ferry and we came to Oakland and got our car and came home.
Monday 9 Mar I worked in my garden all morning and had callers in the P.M. Bethel and Lloyd dehorned the calves. Charlie worked on the ditch for the pipe, to pipe water into the cow barn. We have another little lamb. A few clouds around but no rain.
Beautiful clouds in the sky above
With the sun a peeping thru
Could ever the sun seem brighter
Or the day a more heavenly blue
Tuesday 10 Mar Bethel and I went to Danville and got a grain sack full of lippie grass to plant as lawn. It looks like rain. Lloyd and I planted part of it after we got home. We went to the nursery and got some fruit trees and an ornamental berry tree. We got a bridal wreath bush and some lilys and gilly flowers.
Wednesday 11 Mar I planted lyppia grass all day between showers and also in the rain, and got most of it planted . Then we went to a surprise party for the new bride and groom Mr and Mrs Edward Rasmussen. Had a lovely time. The rain was all over before dark clear as a bell. It must have rained at least an eight of an inch, maybe.
Little rain drops how we love thee
Love thy blessed growing power
But just rain drops aren’t sufficient
Please God send a drenching shower
Thursday 12 Mar I finished planting my lyppia grass and moved some flowers.
The clouds are back in the sky again
The rain is drizzling too
If it keeps this up until evening
The grass will be wet as with dew.
But let us all be thankful
And worthy of what we get
I am sure that God in his goodness
Will send us a downpour yet.
Friday 13 Mar Bethel went to Livermore. I worked in the yard all day except when busy with household duties. Charlie finished laying the pipe to the barn. The day is cloudless. Two heifers had bull calves.
Saturday 14 Mar Another cloudless day of work in the flower garden. I put a row of rocks along the edge of the walk around the fish pond. Bethel set ten turkey eggs under a R.I. Red hen. The men marked the calves. Lloyd went to Livermore to spend the weekend.
Sunday 15 Mar We went to Church and after church went to see the Short family. When we came home we found Donald Martinelli, his wife and baby. They stayed for dinner and until nine oclock in the evening. Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Young also called in the evening. A few clouds in the sky.
Monday 16 Mar A thick ground fog in the morning and high fog in the P.M. Looks a little like rain.
Tuesday 17 Mar
Wednesday 18 Mar The weather is beautiful. We, Charlie and I started to paper the ceiling of the dining room. We intend to put grey building paper on first as there are several places that crack every time. It is quite a lot of work to put the heavy building paper on. So we just got started today.
Thursday 19 Mar We got all of the building paper on today. It looks pretty good.
Friday 20 Mar We put the wall paper on today. I finished up after supper and put the border on and cleaned up the mess by 1 A.M. Took a bath and went to bed.
Saturday 21 Mar I got up early, washed my windows, hung my curtains. Got a telephone call from Cousin Harry that he was in Livermore. Bethel went out to meet him. Doris and family, Bunny and Aunt May came in the evening. Doris, Victor and kiddies went to S.F. in the morning, so brought Aunt May and Bunny out with them in the evening.
Sunday 22 Mar We had a nice turkey dinner with cousin Harry and Aunt May. Doris and Victor took Aunt May and Bunny to the train in the evening as they went home.
Monday 23 Mar 101 miles today. Harry, Bethel and I went up to Calistoga across the Carquenez bridge thru Vallejo, Napa, Yuntville [Yountville], St Helena to Calistoga where we ate our supper and watched the geysers spout. Then we went to some friends of ours Mr. & Mrs. Grant Laughlin where we spent the night.
Tuesday 24 Mar We visited with Mrs. Laughlin, her brother Wilson Finley and wife Alice, her sister Bell and husband Jim Sincoe and her sister Mrs. Lulu Cox all of whom had come to Mrs. Laughlin's to see us. They made us a lovely lunch so we drove for a couple of hours and stopped by the road side and ate it. Then we went on to Blue Lakes and then on to Clear Lake and drove down the east side of it for about twenty miles. It was very lovely. Then we came thru Middletown, over St Helena Mt. to Calistoga and on back home across the ferry to Martinez. Traveled 233 miles. Home 11 p.m.
Wednesday 24 Mar We arose early and made preparation for trip to Los Angeles. We left home about eleven oclock and went as far as Doris's [Morton} house where we stopped for lunch. Then started on thru Gilroy, San Juan over Gabalan Mt. thru Salinas, Gonzales, Schular. Soledad, King City, San Lucas, San Ardo, and Bradley where we stopped for dinner at lunch counter. Then we went about 1 1/2 miles down the highway and turned off and went about fifteen miles thru the hills to Mr. March's where we spent the night.
Thursday 25 Mar We started out for L.A. about nine oclock A.M. and drove to San Miguel. We stopped and went thru the Catholic Adobe Mission which is 134 years old. One of the Fathers showed us thru it and explained all about it was very interesting. Then we went on to Paso Robles. We called on Mr. & Mrs. Ed Bennett. Bethel had the starter fixed on the car. Then we had our lunch at a restaurant. Then we went on thru Cayucos, Cambria and stopped at Vine Van Gordens. We visited with them for an hour or so. Also Mrs. V.G's two brothers and their wives and their daughters, Ethel and her husband. Then we went on up the coast thru San Simeon past Pedras Blancas light house to Ed Evans place.
Friday 27 Mar We went to the ocean and fished while the men folks got a dozen or so abalone. When we got back Mr. Evans had prepared a nice lunch so we all went up to San Crapojo Creek to Will Evan's place and ate our lunch down in the willows near the mouth of the creek. In the P.M. Will showed us thru his lovely new house as his wife wasn't at home. Then we went up to John Evans place further up the coast and got John and he and his little girl drove with us up the coast about fifteen miles to the end of the coast highway the government is building. Then we came back to Ed's and had a swell abalone supper and spent the night.
Saturday 28 Mar We arose bright and early and left before the family were up and drove about seventeen miles to Cambria and had breakfast with Mr. and Mrs. Earl Van Gorden. Then we started on toward L.A. We took the seaside route and drove along the ocean's edge as much as we could to Santa Monica and then to Eunice's [Coats-Rowe] arriving about dark. We lunched in a restaurant in Santa Barbara.
Sunday 29 Mar We rested all day and enjoyed visiting with Eunice, Will and the children. The day was beautiful.
Monday 30 Mar Eunice's wash lady came and did Eunice's washing. We all played around and visited. Harry took the whole pack and passel of us to a show in the evening.
Tuesday 31 Mar Eunice, Cousin Harry, Phyllis and I went in to L.A. with Will in the morning and Harry went to visit some friends while we shopped & Phyllis went to the dentist. Ideal day.
April 1931
Wednesday 1 Apr Eunice, Cousin Harry, Phyllis, Bethel and I went to the Huntington Library and met cousin Harry and three of his friends with whom he had spent the night. We looked all thru the beautiful buildings and grounds. Enjoyed it very much. Met Mrs. Chadborne from Pleasanton. Weather beautiful.
Thursday 2 Apr We stayed home and visited. Harry took us all but the children to the show in the evening. "Why is a pretty girl's face her fortune, Because it draws interest."
Friday 3 Apr We all went to long beach took our lunch and ate it in Bixby's park. Then we went down on the beach. The children all went in swimming the rest of us enjoyed the beach. Will joined us after work, we ate a lunch supper in the park and went home after dark. William and Grace Williams, old friends of ours who live in Long Beach, joined our party. We enjoyed seeing them
Saturday 4 Apr Eunice and I went to Alhambra in the P.M. Cousin Harry wanted to take us to the show, so all but Will and the two smaller children started out and we rode all over Pasadena read all of the titles, some had been seen, some we didn't want to see, then we went to Alhambra, but there wasn't anything there that suited so we rode home and went to bed.
Sunday 5 Apr We all went to church in the morning. Heard a splendid sermon and Easter Service. Came home and had a lovely dinner. Eunice and I went to church in the evening. Will and Harry started out to go to the show, but the show they started out to see was coming but hadn't arrived yet, so they rode around a while and came home.
Monday 6 Apr We started home at eight fifteen A.M. We got along fine over the Ridge Route and thru Bakersfield within a few miles of Formosa when our car began to make trouble.. It moved along slowly for five or six miles until we came to a wayside garage. There we found our bearing had gone bad. The garage man had to go back 29 miles to B.[Bakersfield] for the bearing. After four hours wait he had it fixed and we went on to Claud Coats where we spent the night.
Tuesday 7 Apr We spent the day visiting with Claud and Mattie and Mrs. Finley. In the evening we went to see Nay Doggett, Bethel's cousin. The north wind blew hard all day.
Wednesday 8 Apr We started on toward home we stopped for an hour with Joe Coats in Fresno then on up the line to brother Geo's, had lunch with them, then called on sister at her school -and then on home.
Thursday 9 Apr
Friday 10 Apr
Saturday 11 Apr
Sunday 12 Apr
Monday 13 Apr
Tuesday 14 Apr
Wednesday 15 Apr
Thursday 16 Apr
Friday 17 Apr
Saturday 18 Apr Doris [Morton] Birthday we expected her up but she didn't come, but Aunt May Archie, Bunny and her friend Elsie came. I baked a nice chocolate cake and had a nice birthday dinner for Doris but she had a headache so didn't come.
Sunday 19 Apr The weather is as hot as summer everything is dry and the hills are almost as dry as summer. We had a nice dinner and Bunny & Elsie went home with Archie in his car.
Monday 20 Apr It is better than ever today. the thermometer registered 90 degrees. Bethel took May to Livermore to the train as her holiday was over and she had to go home.
Tuesday 21 Apr Another hot day 90 degrees North wind blowing. Hills getting browner than ever.
Wednesday 22 Apr Still another hot day but not quite so hot as the last two. North wind still blowing but no so hard.
Thursday 23 Apr The weather has changed the clouds and fog are coming in, the wind is blowing a gale from the west. I am washing and I can only let my clothes stay on the line a few minutes as the wind would tear them to pieces.
Friday 24 Apr It looks like rain the wind is still blowing but not quite so hard. I ironed most of my clothes. It drizzled some in the night.
Saturday 25 Apr Still looks like rain. I finished my ironing and did my Sat. work. Cleaned out my fish pond in the P.M. It drizzled some again in the night.
Sunday 26 Apr We had a big thunder storm for about an hour in the P.M. Rained about three quarters of an inch. It came down so hard it cleaned the gutters out.
No entries for the 27th to the 31st
May 1931
No entries for the 1st to the 5th
Wednesday 6 May North wind
Thursday 7 May Worse North wind. I wrote a letter to Margaret. Hope it brings results.
Oh! North Wind what good can you possibly do
Your hot drying breath trys my soul.
Do you know what I’d do if I had one wish for you
I would wish you were at the North Pole.
Friday 8 May Anther terrible day of north wind. This is Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Nissen's twenty fifth anniversary, and they had a big celebration in their honor over at Dania hall in Livermore. We went and had a nice time. Bethel and I went to Oakland in the A.M. and bought me a new green silk dress to wear. We all danced during the evening.
Saturday 9 May Still more north wind. Bunny and Archie came this evening. The weather was very hot all day but the wind quit at noon. Bunny said the fog was coming in when she left the city.
Sunday 10 May This is Mother's day so Doris, Victor and the kiddies came and spent the day with us.
Oh! Fog how I love the cool days air
You bring with you in from the sea.
Some think the hot sunny days are more fair
But your coolness is just meant for me.
We had a nice chicken dinner and ice cream and were surprised to have brother Geo. come to see us. He had been to put some flowers on mother's grave. We were so glad to see him.
Monday 11 May Brother spent the night with us and got up bright and early (about 4 oclock) and started home before breakfast. We have high fog and it looked like rain.
Tuesday 12 May A beautiful day but it looks like rain. I guess we will have a thunder storm again.
Wednesday 13 May We had another thunder storm not so much rain as the last one but more thunder and lightning. It knocked the fuses off of the electric light pole near Pleasanton. We have our climate mixed up with some other part of the world it seems. We are surely justified in saying "This is unusual" all year so far in 1931.
Thursday 14 May This is a beautiful day the atmosphere is clean and fresh and the sun so warm and pleasant.
Friday 15 May I have been working out in my yard all day cleaning up the trash from the last north wind and pulling the weeds and piling them for Bethel to haul off in the wheelbarrow. My plants are beginning to perk up again since the set back they had from that hot north wind.
Saturday 16 May Charlie went to San Jose to see the Fiesta parade and Bethel cut wheat hay over the hill so I had to finish cleaning the yard and hauling off the trash everything looks so clean and pretty I am very proud of it. I helped Bethel milk in the evening as Charlie didn't get back in time. Bunny and Doris had other engagements so they didn't come up.
Sunday 17 May Bethel and I went to church and then went to visit some friends afterwards. The day was beautiful.
Monday 18 May We are having another terrible hot north wind it started in the night-last-night and it acts as tho it would tear everything to pieces it made so much noise and was so hot we couldn't sleep. Some of the neighbors have left some of their best barley for grain so I guess it wants to burn it up and believe me it will.
Tuesday 19 May The north wind is blowing harder than ever with out a moments cessation. The ground is covered with broken branches leaves and twigs off the trees around the place. It lulled a little this P.M. but is at it again harder than ever this evening. Who did I hear say anything about the beautiful climate of California. The weather was so hot the thermometer registered 90 degrees.
Wednesday 20 May Another day of north wind. "Oh north wind where art thy virtues? My house is a sight covered with dust and trash. Oh' me Oh' my My yard is worse. My roses are beaten to pieces." Dad and I washed quite a washing today. We could take in the clothes almost as fast as we hung them out. The wind has blown so hard it has torn people's hay cocks to pieces and scattered the hay all over the field
Thursday 21 May The north wind has quit and the fog has come and cooled the atmosphere. I ironed and raked part of my yard it surely is an awful mess. I had to get down on my hands and knees and clean the trash out of my lyppia grass as I couldn't rake it with out pulling it up by the roots.
Friday 22 May The men folk put hay in the barn, It looks like rain. I cleaned house and raked up part of my front yard.
Saturday 23 May I drove the fork horse and helped the men folk finish putting the hay in the barn, we got thru just fine. We sold our lambs for six cents a pound. It looks more like rain. I finished cleaning the yards but only got the trash hauled off the back yard and out in the front of the house. I had to quit it got so dark.
Sunday 24 May It has rained all day long today. It will wash all of the strength out of the stubble and pastures, but will be fine for the corn, string beans and watermelons. This is Charlie's birthday we gave him a chicken dinner with a lemon pie. This rain will just about ruin all of the neighbor's hay since the north wind tore it to pieces as this will soak it to the ground. There is a beautiful yellow & black rooster oriole sitting on the fence by the old well.
Monday 25 May It rained until about ten oclock last night steady it must have rained an inch or so. Our milk man ran off the gravel and got stuck and Charley had to take his machine and pull him out.
Oh rain, rain why do you come
When the hay is all out in the field
Do you think at this late hour
You may help some
Well you will help our corn give a heavier yield
And our watermelons and string beans
And why should we grieve for our neighbors hay.
As ours is all snug in our barn
So we will thank God for our blessings today
And pray he will keep us from harm.
Tuesday 26 May This is a beautiful day. Bethel is going to Livermore . My flower garden looks lovely. I planted some cosmos. Joe E.[Edeline] gave me the plants.
No Entries for the 27th through the 31st
June 1931
Monday 1 Jun No Entry
Tuesday 2 Jun No Entry
Wednesday 3 Jun I went to Mrs. Collin's for the sewing club in the P.M. and Bethel and I both went in the evening as it was the annual card party. We both won a nice prize. A vase (silver inlay) and a Pyrex baking dish.
Thursday 4 Jun Chris Bettencourt started to haul the hay we bought in Danville and the first load Bethel tried to show Charlie how to place the bales and he got mad and jumped the job. Bethel had to get another man to take his place to help with the hay. I am glad Charlie is gone as he was so cranky you could hardly live with him as he wanted a change so he went over to Bill Beyer's, but didn't get the job.
Friday 5 Jun The Bettencourt boys hauled the hay Bethel bought in Danville and it rained quite a shower when they were half thru with the last load but didn't hurt the hay any. We are getting along fine with out Charlie. I help Bethel with the work. The two dollars a day looks good to me.
Saturday 6 Jun Bunny and Archie came and Doris & Victor brought the kiddies and then they went on to Oakland to visit some friends of theirs and Victor had to see a man on business for his firm. Lovely cool weather. The rain is all over.
Sunday 7 Jun Doris came up today with the friends they went to see yesterday and Victor came up after seeing the man. They all got here in time for dinner. We had squabs and strawberry short cake. They all went home in the evening. The weather is beautiful.
No Entries from the 8th through the 30th
July 1931
No Entries from the 1st through the 18th
Sunday 19 Jun We had a barbecue and reunion of the Finley and Coats families. About 43 members of the two families were here besides the cook and 4 helpers. The weather was delightful and everyone had a wonderful time.
No Entries from the 20th through the 31st
August 1931
No Entries for the 1st through the 28th
Saturday 29 Aug We started on a trip to San Luis Obispo Co. at 4 A.M. to meet Eunice, Will & Phyllis. We had a nice trip ate breakfast in Salinas and lunch along the road arriving at camp at Vine Van Gorden's place four miles noth of Cambria at 4:30. Eunice & Will had arrived at eleven A.M. so had the camp all set ready for us. We had their 3 youngest children with us. All were very happy. They were waiting for us at the top of the hill.
Sunday 30 Aug We prepared a lunch and went about twenty five miles up the coast and joined Ed Evans family at Tom Evans and had a nice picnic. Mrs T. Evans and her daughters were in Oakland but we had a nice time anyway. We all took a nice long walk down on the beach in the early morning found a dead sea lion and lovely sea moss.
Monday 31 Aug Just our own crowd went fishing in the P.M. at what the Van Gorden's call the Oaks about three miles from our camp, but the tide was so high [we] couldn't get fish bate. Our camp was in the midst of a thick willow grove. They had cleared the brush out especially for us and it was just lovely, so secluded and nice.
September 1931
Tuesday 1 Sep We went to San Simeon in the P.M. and Dad caught a lovely big halibut with a "silver bate"
Wednesday 2 Sep We went up the coast and went fishing at the old shell bed with the Ed Evans family. Ed caught a couple of fish and I caught a couple of crabs. Phyllis dived into the water and loosened my hook a couple of times. We had a nice lunch.
Thursday 3 Sep
Friday 4 Sep We all took our lunch and went up the coast almost to San Carpojo and Will Rowe and Ed Evans caught three fish. We took two and they kept one. We stopped at Ed«s a while and went back to camp in the evening. An Artist was at Ed's who was painting pictures of different scenes in the locality. (Mr James) (?)
Saturday 5 Sep We all took our lunch and went to the coast to the sand banks near the light house. The children played in the sand and surf as long as they wanted to then we went to the light house and tho it was not a visiting day the head light keeper was very kind and took us all thru the light house clear to the top. The children enjoyed it so much. I had done the same thing when I was their age.
Sunday 6 Sep We broke up camp in the morning and Eunice and family went on their way home and Dad and I went to Cambria to a rodeo they were holding near there. They had a nice barbrcue and we met many of our old friends some we hadn't seen for thirty five or forty years. We didn't care much for the performance tho. Then we went about eight a few miles to Ray Evans and spent the night there.
Monday 7 Sep We left Ray Evans place about eight oclock and went thru Cambria and over the Cambria mountain to Paso Robles from there thru Cholaine Valley to Claud Coats home near Armona a distance of about two hundred miles. We called to see Alvin Hitchcoack in Pasa Robles and he treated us to a pint of ice cream that his company made.
Tuesday 8 Sep We spent today with Claud we went to call on Ney Doggetts in the P.M. Mattie went with us.
Wednesday 9 Sep We started for home early we went straight home arriving about 4 P.M. Found Jimmie Harrington and every thing on the ranch all OK. He had taken good care of everything.
No Entries for September 10 through October 23
October 1931
No Entries from the 1st through the 23th
Saturday 24 Oct Bunny and Aunt May, Doris Victor and children & Billy H. and Aunt Jennie and Tom came in the evening to spend the night with us. The weather is miserable looks like rain, we need the rain so bad we even like the weather
Sunday 25 Oct It sprinkled some today. May & Jen and Tom & Bethel went for a ride. They had planned to go to the top of the mountain [Mt. Diablo] but the weather changed their minds.
Monday 26 Oct The rain signs are gone with out any rain so I washed.
Tuesday 27 Oct
Wednesday 28 Oct No entries from the 28th to the 31st
November 1931
Sunday 1 Nov Bethel and I were home all day alone. Mrs Bruch and her two children and her mother from Howard came in the P.M. The weather is beautiful not a cloud in the sky.
No Entries from the 2nd through the 30th
December 1931
Monday 31 Dec Joe Edeline and Grace Simon were married in Concord. I went to Dr. Sreiber's office. He took an X-ray of my side there were no ribs broken spread apart.


January 1946
Tuesday 1 Jan Will and Mabel Patton spent the day with us.
Wednesday 2 Jan Brownie sheep has twin lambs, the only twins we have. We have six other lambs.
Thursday 3 Jan It rained all day. I made out a bill for Sears Roebuck.
Friday 4 Jan Still raining steady but not hard. Warm. I am mending Dad's overalls and jumper coats.
Saturday 5 Jan I cleaned house and churned six pounds of butter.
Sunday 6 Jan Will, Eunice & Sharon came for breakfast. Doris & Victor a little later. The boys went fishing, the girls visited with us. Will caught one fish. Chester and Evelyn came to dinner. Weather lovely.
Monday 7 Jan Girls and Dad picked mushrooms. It clouded up in the evening, rained last night, showery and cold today.
Tuesday 8 Jan I went to women's association meeting at our church. All four groups met. North wind.
Wednesday 9 Jan Beautiful day, we washed, the north wind blew just enough to dry my clothes nicely.
Thursday 10 Jan I ironed all my clothes and helped Dad remove a large limb that broke off the Acacia tree caused by the north wind just before Christmas.
Friday 11 Jan North wind blowing very hard. I mended auto seat covers. They look much better.
Saturday 12 Jan North wind blew hard all night. But it's quiet today. Joe and Grace E. paid us a short call. Grace stayed with us while we went up to Frank's.
Sunday 13 Jan We stayed home alone. Nice sunshiny day, frosty in the morning.
Monday 14 Jan Another sunshiny day. Daddy went to Livermore and Pleasanton. I churned four lbs. of butter. Daddy couldn't buy any shortening so I had my steak in butter. We rec'd a card from Bunny.
Tuesday 15 Jan We killed a lamb and four chickens. Still frosty and sunny.
Wednesday 16 Jan Hans and Elizabeth came. They bought eight chickens, 3 squabs and 15 dozen eggs.
Thursday 17 Jan
Friday 18 Jan
Saturday 19 Jan
Sunday 20 Jan Doris and Victor, Vivian Chas Jr., Francis Ann, Fred Sidley and his boy friend came.
Monday 21 Jan
Tuesday 22 Jan
Wednesday 23 Jan We had our annual Fellowship dinner at the church. Grace Edeline went with us. We had a very nice dinner and enjoyable entertainment after.
Thursday 24 Jan Cousin Tom, Sue, Mary Emma, Joe and little Billie came to pay us a four day visit. They hadn't been here for seven years. Dad met them in the bus station in Pleasanton.
Friday 25 Jan Tom & Joe with the help of a passing stranger, fixed our telephone wires that had been broken since before Christmas. Joe went to S. F. Hard north wind. We went to Grange installation and initiation.
Saturday 26 Jan Dad and Tom's family went to S. F. Called on Hen. Tom had operation (3rd). Went to Eunice's to pick up Joe. Joe stayed to come with Eunice tomorrow. Tom called on a friend at that hospital. Home at 7:20. Beautiful day, they enjoyed the ride.
Sunday 27 Jan Eunice, Joe and Sharon arrived about noon. Bunny and Archie a little later. Will and Jack pruned grapes. Phyllis had german measles. Beck went to L. A.
Monday 28 Jan Tom and family went back to Merced to visit Joe and family a few days more then on home. They spent Xmas in Mo. With their four sisters. Daddy took them to the bus in Livermore.
Tuesday 29 Jan We did a big washing. Lot of extra things for the Victory clothes drive. I mended some of them too.
Wednesday 30 Jan I ironed and packed the things for the Victory clothes drive. We helped Denise (our heifer) have a nice heifer calf. I had to miss our group meeting.
Thursday 31 Jan I finished packing the Victory clothes and ironed our own. Dad took our clothes to town.
February 1946
Friday 1 Feb I cleaned my house all over, made all my beds with clean linens. My side still bothers me a lot.
Saturday 2 Feb Ground hog day. It has been raining softly all day, except for a few minutes this morning. The sun tried to shine. The rain is very welcome as we needed the grass. It is getting short.
Sunday 3 Feb Raining this morning, but we went to Church. Communion service. Excellent sermon, good attendance. Cleared up in the p.m. Mt Diablo white with snow.
Monday 4 Feb Everything white with frost more than halfway up the hill, it looked almost like a snow scene. We rec'd letter from Marcia with news of expected visit from the Stork. Some snow still on Mt. Diablo.
Tuesday 5 Feb
Wednesday 6 Feb
Thursday 7 Feb I did a little work in the yard, planted one peach tree over in the corner of the yard. The ground is very wet and sticky, bad for planting trees or anything. Doris and Jack Denhart fourth anniversary.
Friday 8 Feb I sent off a bill to Sears Roebuck, returned 2 wool ? I moved one of my jasmine vines from the big arbor to the small one in front of the cabin. The north wind blew very hard all night. Broke another limb off the acacia tree.
Saturday 9 Feb
Sunday 10 Feb Dad and I went to Will's and had a most delicious dinner. We met Will's friend Grace and her daughter. We couldn't get Doris on the phone so we spent the night.
Monday 11 Feb We went over to Doris' found their phone was out of order so we missed seeing Hal & Marcia, Jack and Doris. Doris went to work at one o'clock so we went to call on Jack & Alice A. had a nice visit with them. We arrived home at 5 p.m.
Tuesday 12 Feb We went to see "State Fair" at the Roxey enjoyed it very much. I could have gone to the church group, but forgot until it was too late. The old ewe sheep with the twins died. We have to feed the lambs.
Wednesday 13 Feb We went to the State Theater to see Madam Curie with Greer Garson and Walter Pigeon, was very good but very deep and quite sad. It was taken from life, the discovery of radium.
Thursday 14 Feb
Friday 15 Feb We went with Frank over to Livermore to Danish Hall to see Danish musical about the experiences the Danish people had in the war with explanatory lecture.
Saturday 16 Feb This is Bunny's birthday. Bunny and Archie came in the evening.
Sunday 17 Feb Eunice, Will, Phyllis Sharon and Lance, Victor & Doris came to celebrate Bunny & Phyllis birthdays.
Monday 18 Feb Frank, Grace E., Bethel and I went to the Roy to see Margaret O'Brien in "Our Vines Have Tender Grapes" with Edgar G. Robinson. It was the best picture I've seen for years. Very heart appealing.
Tuesday 19 Feb Daddy went to Pleasanton to see about his income tax. Frank put shakes on the horse barn.
Wednesday 20 Feb Frank finished patching the horse barn roof. He ate dinner with us.
Thursday 21 Feb Dad went to Livermore today. Took stacks of old papers and rags we gathered up for the junk man who paid him $1.76.
Friday 22 Feb We washed and ironed and cleaned the corn stalks off the garden patch and went to the Grange in the evening.
Saturday 23 Feb We cleaned six chickens and one ?? and cleaned my house. Will and Mabel came in the P.M. We all played cards.
Sunday 24 Feb We took Will & Mabel for a nice ride down through Danville to Alamo back thru stone valley, Greenvalley, Diablo Park & home. Lovely day and nice ride.
Monday 25 Feb We worked in our berry patch killing weeds and trained and trimmed our vines on the big arbor but didn't finish.
Tuesday 26 Feb Worked some more on the arbor. Big job.
Wednesday 27 Feb I went to our annual luncheon of our group of women's association at the church. Lottie Wood went with me. Nice entertainment.
Thursday 28 Feb Dad went to Pleasanton and I went with him to sign the income papers. I bought me the nicest "little" pair of shoes.
March 1946
Friday 1 Mar Grace E. went with us to see "God is my copilot" at the State. Grace stopped in and had ice cream with me.
Saturday 2 Mar I pressed and freshened our clothes to wear to the reception.
Sunday 3 Mar Dad and I went to the loveliest reception at the home of "Grandma" Johnson in honor of Steve and Pearl Johnson's 40th university at 10140th Street in Oakland.
Monday 4 Mar
Tuesday 5 Mar I painted my kitchen table [one Fred S. had in his room] it is new new table now.
Wednesday 6 Mar
Thursday 7 Mar I churned 4 pounds of better and painted my new kitchen table second coat.
Friday 8 Mar I washed and ironed two weeks wash.
Saturday 9 Mar We went to Jack and Alice's for lunch, dinner, spent the nigh had a nice visit with them. We played cards. Alice and I went shopping in p.m.
Sunday 10 Mar We went to Doris's and went to a camellia show with Doris and Victor and then they took us to Watsonville to see sister she was better. Serena and J. C----.
Monday 11 Mar Monday we went to call on Mrs. Irene Bonneth in Campbell, then we came home. Found everything O. K. Joe and Grace had taken good care of everything. Found a new little black lamb.
Tuesday 12 Mar Planted wisteria and grape cutting we bought from sisters, finished pruning arbor.
Wednesday 13 Mar There is a freezing cold with west wind blowing a gale. So I stayed in a tacked on Marcia's quilt.
Thursday 14 Mar Dad and I cleaned the weeds off the old croquet ground and we planted 12 nice nectar blackberry vines a neighbor of Doris gave us. We have six more to plant.
Friday 15 Mar
Saturday 16 Mar I put last coat of paint on my kitchen table and planted six more berry vines.
Sunday 17 Mar The sheep shearers sheered the sheep. Anderson and Dorothy and their three children, Barbara, Robert, and Charles came and had dinner with us.
Monday 18 Mar We went to the Roxy to see Bud Abbott and Lou Costello in Hollywood also John Loder, Nancy Kelley, Auto Kruger, in Woman Who Came Back both kind of batty. Grace E. went with us.
Tuesday 19 Mar Painted the two toilet seats, the iron bedsteads and finished my kitchen table. Painted the edges red.
Wednesday 20 Mar Daddy went to Pleasanton to take the eggs. I spaded the ground for peas and tacked some on Marcia's quilt.
Thursday 21 Mar I tacked all day on Marcia's quilt and finished it at 20 minutes to 3:00 on Friday morning.
Friday 22 Mar
Saturday 23 Mar
Sunday 24 Mar Eunice, Will, Victor, Doris, Beck, Doug and Lance came. We had a nice visit.
Monday 25 Mar I measured and planned for asphalt siding for the house. We went to the State to see Ginger Rogers, Walter Pigeon, Lana Turner, and Van Johnson in Weekend at Waldorf.
Tuesday 26 Mar Daddy and I took the screens off the front of the house and cleaned it ready to paint.
Wednesday 27 Mar I went to our church group over near Clayton at Mrs. Claunch's new home, it was lovely, large attendance. Joe got our N. H. four weeks old chicks for us. $1.50
Thursday 28 Mar It rained all day. We went to the State to see Claudette Colbert and Warren Williams in "Imitation of Life" very good. And, Bing Crosby and Joan Blondell at "East Side of Heaven". We enjoyed both picture. Rained hard on the way home.
Friday 29 Mar Bright sunshiny morning, cold west wind blowing. Clouded up in p.m. Rained all night. Henry Rhinestone "stewed" ran his Ford Pickup over ---by the bridge. Frank pulled it out with tractor.
Saturday 30 Mar Ida Kamenerer, Edna, Mira and Walter Waltenspiel came, Ida to stay a while. The rest to bring her. Nice open day. [All were siblings to Albert Waltenspiel who married Phoebe's cousin Margaret.]
Sunday 31 Mar Dark gloomy day. We stayed home. Rained in the evening. Daddy not feeling well.
April 1946
Monday 1 Apr
Tuesday 2 Apr
Wednesday 3 Apr Dad not so well. I have to do all his chores.
Thursday 4 Apr Dr. Sreiber came to see Daddy.
Friday 5 Apr Dr. Sreiber came again. Daddy not so good. Frank came and milked the cows and separated [the milk] for me.
Saturday 6 Apr Daddy stayed in bed all day. Some better in the evening he has a bad spell of asthma and flu together. I washed an ironed besides chores.
Sunday 7 Apr I set a hen on duck eggs in the hen house yesterday.
Monday 8 Apr
Tuesday 9 Apr
Wednesday 10 Apr
Thursday 11 Apr
Friday 12 Apr
Saturday 13 Apr Vivian E. called in the p.m. Dad is still laid up.
Sunday 14 Apr Bunny, Archie, Doris & Victor, Will and Mabel Patton. Mr. & Mrs. Lester Martin called. Nice day, Daddy remained in the house all day.
Monday 15 Apr
Tuesday 16 Apr
Wednesday 17 Apr
Thursday 18 Apr
Friday 19 Apr I am still doing Dad's chores but he can help a little now so he is much better.
Saturday 20 Apr Vivian paid us a call alone. Dad still better.
Sunday 21 Apr We went to church. A very enjoyable service they had 2, one at 10:00 AM & one at 11:15 AM then beautiful Easter music, large choir.
Monday 22 Apr I killed weeds.
Tuesday 23 Apr
Wednesday 24 Apr
Thursday 25 Apr
Friday 26 Apr We went to Grange big initiation arrived home 1 AM
Saturday 27 Apr I set 56 turkey eggs.
Sunday 28 Apr We stayed home. Vivian came in PM. A sunny day but quite cold. I decided to stay in all day.
Monday 29 Apr I hoed weeds
Tuesday 30 Apr
May 1946
Wednesday 1 May
Thursday 2 May I did a big washing.
Friday 3 May Dad went to see the Dr. about his leg otherwise he is fine. I hoed weeds
Saturday 4 May Eunice's birthday and she is in South America with Will; business trip. Been gone three weeks.
Sunday 5 May Mr. & Mrs. Chris Koch, Mr. & Mrs. Francis Koch and son came in the PM
Monday 6 May We went to Livermore. I had my eyes tested didn't need new glasses.
Tuesday 7 May We went to Montgomery Wards, I got drapery material and rods. Killed weeds.
Wednesday 8 May I made my drapes. I killed weeds.
Thursday 9 May We went to Hayward and bought two pictures for living room. I cut out my drapes in the evening.
Friday 10 May I made and pressed my drapes ready to hang, a big job.
Saturday 11 May I put up my curtain rods and found they'd made a mistake cut too short. I cleaned my house and hung the curtains anyway. Bunny & Archie came in the evening.
Sunday 12 May Bunny and Archie were the only ones of our family here. Doris D. telephoned. Doris M. was in S. M. with Marcia and her little new daughter.
Monday 13 May Eunice in South America. Dad and I killed weeds in the berry patch.
Tuesday 14 May Rec'd a lovely letter from Eunice from Guatemala
Wednesday 15 May We went to Montgomery Wards. I got my two curtain rods made right. They cut them too short by mistake. Anna Martin came as we were eating lunch. Had lunch with us.
Thursday 16 May
Friday 17 May I put a piece (another width) in the center of the valance of each of my drapes and they look much better. We went to the school house to vote for the trustee. Hans Nielsen won.
Saturday 18 May I hung my drapes and cleaned my house. Will and Mabel Patton came and we killed two lambs one for them and one for us.
Sunday 19 May Eunice, Phyllis, Doris, Jack, Beck & all three kiddies [at right with there great grandfather] came. Will was at convention. Vivian, Francis Ann, and Hansen her two kids came.
Monday 20 May Gloomy weather since April 14th. I have seven more little ducks. I now have 19. I gave Anna Martin 2. Susie duck hatched 7 little ducks and I gave her 7 that hatched before.
Tuesday 21 May
Wednesday 22 May I went to the Church group meeting at Charlotte VanGordon's. Gloomy day sprinkled some. We had a lovely meeting.
Thursday 23 May Four little turkeys hatched.
Friday 24 May 26 turkeys hatched making 30 in all.
Saturday 25 May We stayed home. No one came. Gloomy weather.
Sunday 26 May
Monday 27 May I spaded up the croquet ground. Dad planted it to corn. I planted some banana squash.
Tuesday 28 May Mavas Wood stopped and invited me to a party Lottie is giving. We went to Livermore and Pleasanton in PM. We signed our wills and we got our store clock.
Wednesday 29 May Will Stewart called and had lunch with us. The weather is beautiful the first warm day this month.
Thursday 30 May Fred S. and another boy Reg Coffman came in the evening and had soup with us. I washed my hair.
Friday 31 May Sally Duck hatched 11 eggs. We now have 37 little ducks. I went to a nice party at Woods a surprise for Mrs. Bachelder's birthday. I won a prize.
June 1946
Saturday 1 Jun Vivian and Chas came to see us. Grace E. got home from L. A. Chester and Evelyn A. came to spend weekend.
Sunday 2 Jun I lost the 4th little turkey leaving 26. Bad weather for turkeys too cold and foggy. Chester went church I got ice made ice cream.
Monday 3 Jun
Tuesday 4 Jun Grace E. went with us to vote Earl Warren was elected for Governor.
Wednesday 5 Jun I trimmed my prize shrubs.
Thursday 6 Jun Killed weeds to plant corn.
Friday 7 Jun Bethel took a case of eggs to Pleasanton. Chas ------- called about the wool.
Saturday 8 Jun We cleaned chicken house.
Sunday 9 Jun We stayed home no one came.
Monday 10 Jun I did big washing.
Tuesday 11 Jun Our church held its annual garden party at the church. We didn't go as Dad had to go to Martinez to the jury but he didn't have to serve. I sent some potato salad & cottage cheese.
Wednesday 12 Jun
Thursday 13 Jun
Friday 14 Jun
Saturday 15 Jun We were busy all day getting ready for tomorrow. Dad went to Dublin for the calf.
Sunday 16 Jun Fathers Day all our family came except Doris D., Marcia and their families. Herman Susong, Margaret S. & sister alone. Will & Mabel Patton and Grace Edeline came. First warm day.
Monday 17 Jun Warmer today. Bunny & Archie stayed all night went home about 11 AM. Dad & I went to Herman Gansberger to Bea York's in Kilcare Wood and stopped to see a man in Pleasanton.
Tuesday 18 Jun Not quite so warm (about like Sunday). Bob dog was sick so we took him to the Vet in Pleasanton and went to see a show (Roughly Speaking) and then brought Bob home. Bob is still not so good but is better.
Wednesday 19 Jun
Thursday 20 Jun
Friday 21 Jun
Saturday 22 Jun Big wind around Danville blew a lot of their walnuts of the trees.
Sunday 23 Jun We went to church and went to see Alice S. afterwards. Fay Watson passed away yesterday minister announced.
Monday 24 Jun I washed a big washing.
Tuesday 25 Jun Bethel got a crib from Joe E. one that Bethel and all his family and our three girls used when they were babies. Fred Seidler came and helped Daddy.
Wednesday 26 Jun I intended going to a group meeting at Mrs. Cox at Diablo but Doris, Marcia, Hal and the baby came. I stayed and visited with them. The baby is adorable. Hal went to the Livermore airport and flew for 2 or 3 hours.
Thursday 27 Jun
Friday 28 Jun We went to Grange and we invited all the grangers to come to our house for the next meeting.
Saturday 29 Jun I packed all of Ida's things for her.
Sunday 30 Jun Ida left us Edna, Myra and Walter came for her. She hated to go and we were sorry.
July 1946
Monday 1 Jul
Tuesday 2 Jul
Wednesday 3 Jul
Thursday 4 Jul
Friday 5 Jul I went to a party at Woodside for Tom and and Eva Russell and Marcia Eddy. Marcia is moving to Jamestown soon. David Wood came by [for] us as our car is in the garage being overhauled.
Saturday 6 Jul Bunny and Archie came to take us to the cherry picnic tomorrow.
Sunday 7 Jul Eunice, Will, Bunny, Archie, Doris & Victor also Lance, Sharon, Dad & I went our annual cherry picnic at Harman G's had a lovely day.
Monday 8 Jul Bunny and Archie went home this morning.
Tuesday 9 Jul
Wednesday 10 Jul Cecil (our horse) is very sick. We had Dr. Walker to treat him. I am painting.
Thursday 11 Jul Cecil isn't any better. We are busy painting and cleaning up for our party tomorrow.
Friday 12 Jul Cecil died last night. They hauled him away this morning. We had a very successful party over 50 grangers came. We are tired but happy it turned out well.
Saturday 13 Jul We rested after cleaning up what was left after the ladies went thru for they cleaned the most of it last night. It was a large crowd.
Sunday 17 Jul We stayed home/John and Mary Baldwin came in the P.M. We were so glad to have John back safely.
Monday 15 Jul I thinned and suckered corn, we hoed weeds and watered the corn. Josephine and Carl Dauth came for a few minutes.
Tuesday 16 Jul Dad and I went over in the San Joaquin Valley to Middle River to see about getting Hawalaya blackberries yesterday, but only got about one gallon? Nice day lovely ride.
Wednesday 17 Jul
Thursday 18 Jul We did a big washing. Frank brought us barley. I used my lovely red water hose from Sears. It is guaranteed for 10 years.
Friday 19 Jul
Saturday 20 Jul Will and Mabel came in the PM and spent the night. We had a nice time playing cards, we killed a sheep (lamb).
Sunday 21 Jul Eunice, Will, Phyllis Sharon and Lance, Doris Marcia and Gail. John and Mary Baldwin, Will and Mabel Patton were here. We had a swell duck dinner.
Monday 22 Jul I was so tired from the big day yesterday, I rested the rest of the day.
Tuesday 23 Jul
Wednesday 24 Jul We went to Doris's and stayed all night. After a hard day of preparation at home.
Thursday 25 Jul We went with Doris and stayed all night with Bunny after calling on Tom and Jen for a couple of hours. Eunice wasn't home so we had lunch at the stone cellar.
Friday 26 Jul We came from Bunny's to Eunice for lunch, there on to Doris for dinner and then on to Danville for Grange for initiation. Fourteen new members, arrived home 12:00 midnight.
Saturday 27 Jul
Sunday 28 Jul Stayed home and rested.
Monday 29 Jul
Tuesday 30 Jul
Wednesday 31 Jul I went to Mrs. Osborne's for the women's assn. We had a splendid attendance and interesting meeting.
August 1946
Thursday 1 Aug We went to Mrs., Chaboya's funeral at the church in Danville. Very warm.
Friday 2 Aug
Saturday 3 Aug
Sunday 4 Aug Eunice, Will, Doris, Victor, and Sharon came. Will and Victor went fishing, no luck.
Monday 5 Aug I washed a big washing and then went to Pleasanton for food cartons. We came home filled six cartons Eunice string beans and eight cartons of corn.
Tuesday 6 Aug We took the corn and beans to the locker and then went to see Mr. Kile over in Hayward.
Wednesday 7 Aug We went to San Jose, stayed all night with Doris, but we went to lunch with Eunice, then on to call on Jen & Tom, then back to Doris's, got Victor and went steak dinner.
Thursday 8 Aug We stopped in to see Jack and Alice and had lunch with them, we went with Alice to call on Albert and Hazel. We stopped in to see Will & Mabel. We saw Will, but Mabel and Ruth had gone to the show. When they came home they found Roberta and Gordon Lopez.
Friday 9 Aug Dad went to town. Roberta and Gordon went for a ride to Diablo. I stayed home and ironed. They took a swim in the lake at "D".
Saturday 10 Aug Marcia and Hal, Westy and girlfriend came, girls stayed, boys went to airport. Mrs. Prager, Mrs. Metzger, Lottie and her boyfriend came. We picked 8 ducks and six hens for them. Will and Mabel P., Ruth and her boy came. Lewis and Walter with wife came with news of Elfin's death [Sister Margaret Bowles' husband]. All went home.
Sunday 11 Aug We went to Margaret's in the PM, we stopped to see Doris on the way. Elfin was cremated after services at White's Mortuary. Mr. Rich, the man who married Elfin and sister 47 years ago presided. We came home in the PM, Doris drove.
Monday 12 Aug
Tuesday 13 Aug Ellwynne Orvis & Rovida Willhide came to spend one week with us.
Wednesday 14 Aug
Thursday 15 Aug This is Elurynne's 14th birthday. Grandpa went to Livermore and Pleasanton and took the girls with him. Dad.
Friday 16 Aug
Saturday 17 Aug Dad and I went up to Phoebe's. We had a nice visit and got 4 boxes of peaches, grapes, tomatoes, corn, bell peppers, zu. Squash, bought 2 melon, 10 cantaloupes.
Sunday 18 Aug Eunice, Will, Phyllis, Roberta & Sharon came in the morning. Bunny & Archie came from L. A. in the evening. Phyllis & Roberta stayed with us.
Monday 19 Aug Phyllis, Roberta, Dad and I canned 12 qts. of Mure peaches. Lovely weather.
Tuesday 20 Aug Ellwynne & Rovida went home. Rovida's father came for them. Fred and Bill --- came at 11:30 PM
Wednesday 21 Aug Cool and foggy (high fog). Fred and Bill got up at 11 AM. And started for the Yosemite about noon.
Thursday 22 Aug The girls washed and ironed. Two of the girls friends came in the evening. Paul and?
Friday 23 Aug Roberta's birthday, Phyllis went to Livermore with Frank and Alice. Made Roberta a cake when she got home. I cooked her a nice chicken dinner. She is 21.
Saturday 24 Aug Roberta mopped and waxed my floors. Phyllis cleaned the front part of the house.
Sunday 25 Aug Eunice, Will, Beck, Doug, Doris D. and Doris and Victor Morton, Lance and Blake came. We had a nice chicken dinner, vanilla ice cream. Phyllis went to a F. B. picnic with Frank.
Monday 26 Aug Mrs. Metzger, Mr. & Mrs. Reisweck came and bought 8 ducks, 2 chickens, and 6 squabs, 5 dozen eggs. Beautiful weather all last week.
Tuesday 27 Aug We cleaned one of the hen houses and yard and cleaned the turkey yard. Cooler today.
Wednesday 28 Aug I watered my corn and pulled weeds around it in the am. Went to the group meeting at Mrs. Close's in the pm. Still Bill and Fred back from Yosemite.
Thursday 29 Aug We did a tremendous washing. Went to San Jose for the chickens in the p.m.
Friday 30 Aug Eunice and Will started for Chicago, via Portland, Lake Louise, etc. to the coffee convention.
Saturday 31 Aug Will and Mabel Patton came in the P.M. Will and Dad killed lamb for Will.
September 1946
Sunday 1 Sep We stayed home alone. Will and Mabel Patton came in the pm. Will and Dad killed a lamb for Will. We played cards. Tom White passed away at 3:00 AM. Vivian and Emily Gates came in the PM
Monday 2 Sep Bunny and Doris came about noon for us. We went to visit Jenny and then went to Bunny's and spent the night. Archie and Victor had fun fishing. Caught one large bass, smelt and ?
Tuesday 3 Sep We went to see Jenny, then went to Tom's funeral, then drove to crematorium, visited Aunt May's urn at the Columbarium. (It) the buildings both are beautiful. Then we came home and Bunny and Doris stayed all night.
Wednesday 4 Sep The girls went to S. F. to do some shopping. We cleaned the sunroom in the border house and half the yard.
Thursday 5 Sep Daddy picked two buckets of almonds and I helped him take the hulls off.
Friday 6 Sep
Saturday 7 Sep
Sunday 8 Sep We stayed home. Vivian, her two kids and three Hansen girls came in the p.m. Alice Nixon got married to John Oliver Cotant.
Monday 9 Sep Dad picked the box of almonds. We hulled them in the evening. We churned 3 lbs and 2 pats of butter. 4 churnings.
Tuesday 10 Sep I went to church, took Lottie W. after the meeting we went to Rodger Podvia's and picket a box of pears and prunes.
Wednesday 11 Sep
Thursday 12 Sep We went to Pleasanton, took 4 cartons of corn, and then went to Hayward to the Friedlan Rest Home to see about getting a place for Jenny.
Friday 13 Sep We went to a social evening at the Grange, pot luck dinner at the Grange Hall, nice programme.
Saturday 14 Sep We prepared two cartons of corn for freezing. Watered my corn.
Sunday 15 Sep We stayed home and rested. Mrs. Metzger and Mr. & Mrs. Reisweck came, bought 7 ducks, hens 27 eggs and 8 squabs.
Monday 16 Sep
Tuesday 17 Sep We canned 14 quarts of pears. Aunt Jennie White moved to Hayward to the Friedlan Rest Home.
Wednesday 18 Sep Dad went to Martinez to serve on the jury, but was excused. He came back and took me to Mrs. Cooley's to the church groom. Nice meeting.
Thursday 19 Sep We washed in am. and blanched and cut off corn. 3 cartons of corn for the freezer.
Friday 20 Sep I ironed and then we went to Hayward to see Jenny.
Saturday 21 Sep I cleaned my house and helped Dad clean the yard which was a mess of leaves after the North wind we had.
Sunday 22 Sep Doris D's birthday. All the Rowe family except for Roberta, Beck's girl came in her place. Bunny and Archie, Chester and Elevy came in the evening.
Monday 23 Sep Bunny and Archie stayed all night until 11 AM. We hated to see them go.
Tuesday 24 Sep We received a letter from Will Patton saying that Mabel was ill in the hospital. The Dr. expected to operate today.
Wednesday 25 Sep We went to a fellowship dinner at our church. They gave a lovely programme after a fine dinner, everyplace was filled. We arrive home about 11PM.
Thursday 26 Sep The doctor operated on Mabel Patton, removed her womb and a large fibroid tumor, not ?[malignant?].
Friday 27 Sep
Saturday 28 Sep Eunice phoned and wants us to go see them tomorrow.
Sunday 29 Sep We went to Eunice's. Doris, Marcia & Hall and Gail came also Bunny and Archie. We had a nice chicken dinner. Will came home from L. A. on plane. We went with Eunice to meet him. We stayed all night there. Stopped for an hour or so at Doris's on our way home. We had a nice trip, swell visit with all.
Monday 30 Sep
October 1946
Tuesday 1 Oct
Wednesday 2 Oct
Thursday 3 Oct We went to San Jose to see Mabel, found her feeling pretty good. We went to see Doris and then came home. Had a nice trip. Stopped a few minutes at Will Patton's.
Friday 4 Oct Dad went to Livermore to see the Dr. to get a check-up. The Dr. found him O. K. We went to Hayward to see Jenny. Found her about the same.
Saturday 5 Oct
Sunday 6 Oct We went to church, communion service. World communion. Nice service.
Monday 7 Oct We washed. Frank's Simas & Reinstein came home from a month trip to Oregon, etc.
Tuesday 8 Oct I went to the Women's Assn meeting at the church. They had two speakers from the Presbyterial, a large attendance. We called on Mary and Myra More afterwards.
Wednesday 9 Oct I ironed. The gasoline man filled our tank. The butane gas man filled our tank. We went to the State Theater and saw Sentential Summer in Technicolor. Jeanne Crain and Cornel Wilde.
Thursday 10 Oct I canned tomatoes, made apple pear and fig sauce. Dad made a saltbox for the sheep and cows.
Friday 11 Oct I worked on Bunny's quilt. We butchered a small lamb.
Saturday 12 Oct Eunice, Will, Sharon and Lance, also Doris and Victor came Saturday evening. Doris and Victor had been fishing all day up on the San Joaquin. No Luck.
Sunday 13 Oct Will and Victor got up about 4AM and went fishing over on Stanislaus River. The girls and babies stayed with us. Ida B. K. came with friend in PM.
Monday 14 Oct Eunice and Will stayed last night and went home about 7:00. Dad went to Livermore in pm to get the clutch fixed and oil changed in the car.
Tuesday 15 Oct Dad went to Martinez to the jewelry. I went to see Alice Short. Greenvalley women's group met at Mrs. Edwards in Green Valley.
Wednesday 16 Oct Dad picked the crop of walnuts.
Thursday 17 Oct Dad went to Martinez to the jewelry. I stayed home and sewed.
Friday 18 Oct We churned, made 1 ½ lb roll froze it. Dad went to Hayward to see Jenny.
Saturday 19 Oct I crotched pot holders for the bazaar and cleaned house.
Sunday 20 Oct We stayed home. No one came.
Monday 21 Oct Dad went to Livermore, I made an apron and frog beanbag.
Tuesday 22 Oct I worked on aprons and pot holders for the bazaar.
Wednesday 23 Oct I went to a group meeting a Viola Roots and took 2 aprons, 6 pot holders, 2 nightgowns, and 1 frog beanbag. Nice refreshments. About 20 women present. Lovely weather.
Thursday 24 Oct North wind started last night. The worst one we have had this year, almost blew things to pieces. Quit toward morning, everything on the back porch covered with dust.
Friday 25 Oct We churned 1 ¾ lbs. butter (2 short rolls). We killed 4 fryers and 1 hen.
Saturday 26 Oct Paul Pepper and Lucile's cousin were killed in an airplane accident today.
Sunday 27 Oct Will & Eunice and Sherry came, we all went to Hayward to see Jenny. They stayed all night, left next morning about 6:00 AM.
Monday 28 Oct I sewed on my black dress with pink flowers. Made it over. Doris and Victor came in the evening and brought a large salmon they caught near Corning on Sacramento.
Tuesday 29 Oct We washed and I ironed. Finished about 9:00. Daddy got about 3 boxes of tomatoes, 1 green, 2 ripe, also a bucket full. It frosted last night and hit the tomatoes pretty badly.
Wednesday 30 Oct John Rasmussen came to ask us to vote at the school election to join the Tassajara school with the Danville District. Dad went to Pleasanton and Livermore.
Thursday 31 Oct
November 1946
Friday 1 Nov We went to the schoolhouse and voted to join the Tassajara school with Danville and we won the election.
Saturday 2 Nov I canned 1 dozen quarts of tomatoes, 4 quarts of figs, I made 3 gals of green tomato pickles. Put then in quarts and pints and 2 quart jars.
Sunday 3 Nov We went to church. Mr. & Mrs. Jaynes and Jackie came in the p.m.
Monday 4 Nov I canned 9 jars (pints) of tomatoes. Made 9 bottles catsup and cooked and strained enough for about 1 dozen bottles of juice.
Tuesday 5 Nov Dad went to Dublin and Pleasanton, then we went to Tassajara schoolhouse and voted at the General Election for governor, etc. Sally Rasmussen called on us.
Wednesday 6 Nov Daddy cleaned the turkey pan and one chicken pan. I sewed my black jacket, I altered it to fit me. It was Maude Patton's.
Thursday 7 Nov A terrible North wind struck us about 10:00 last night and is still trying to tear everything to pieces. Dad just finished mending the dairy house roof from the last one, this one is worse. It blew the wagon shed door in, etc.
Friday 8 Nov
Saturday 9 Nov We killed eleven squabs for the girls. I cleaned up the mess of the North wind. Both outside and inside. The wind is still blowing some.
Sunday 10 Nov Eunice, Will, & Beck, Doris & Victor came. Eunice and Will brought the set of springs Doris and Victor had given us. Now we have a swell bed.
Monday 11 Nov I cut Dad's hair. Worked on clown dolls for the bazaar.
Tuesday 12 Nov
Wednesday 13 Nov I made a large potato salad, one pound butter and loaf of raisin nut bread, one quart of cream, 6 jars of fruit, 7 jars of tomato pickles-2 aprons, 12 dishtowel, 1 beanbags (one clown, one frog), 6 crocheted potholders, 2 gowns with crocheted yolks.
Thursday 14 Nov We went to the church bazaar. Phyllis and Sharon came and met us there and Sharon came home with us. Phyllis went to San Jose to a school lecture. Butcher got our calf.
Friday 15 Nov Phyllis, Lance, and Helen Vandearsan came this evening. The butcher killed our calf, it dressed 390 lbs with skin on.
Saturday 16 Nov I went to a lovely luncheon at Mrs. Joe Balwin in honor of her 84th birthday given by her 2 daughters. We rec'd a letter from Lucille on our way home.
Sunday 17 Nov Phyllis, Helen, Lance & Sharon went home this pm. Mr. & Mrs. J. Root and Mr. & Mrs. Geo. Lawrence called to order two turkeys. Phyllis took a 14 lb turkey home with her.
Monday 18 Nov It looks like rain, has even sprinkled a little. I started to make over my gray dress.
Tuesday 19 Nov It rained all night, (the first rain this winter) and is still raining. We killed and picket 14 fryer chickens to put in our locker. I made blackberry jelly and applesauce cake.
Wednesday 20 Nov
Thursday 21 Nov
Friday 22 Nov Dad and I picked 14 turkeys.
Saturday 23 Nov We picked 4 turkeys and Will and Mabel Patton came. Dad went to Moller's and got the meat of the calf.
Sunday 24 Nov Will & Mabel went in the evening home and took 1/4 of our meat.
Monday 25 Nov Mrs. Metzger, Mr. & Mrs. Prager came for 16 of our turkeys. 5 gs [goslings] and 11 turkeys also 6 fryers. Turkeys sold to date $133.00, fryers $7.70. Mrs. Ina Root and Mrs. Louise Lawrence came for their two turkeys.
Tuesday 26 Nov I have been busy every minute getting ready for Thanksgiving. Made my turkey dressing. We killed and cleaned our own Tom.
Wednesday 27 Nov Phyllis, Sherry, Lance, and Miss Carol Lewis came in the evening. I stuffed my turkey, made a cushion for the brown rocker.
Thursday 28 Nov Every member of our family came. We had a beautiful day, a lovely dinner. Everyone was well and happy. Victor still has a hoarseness.
Friday 29 Nov We did 4 weeks washing and I ironed every piece.
Saturday 30 Nov I cleaned my house. Fred Seidler came. Dad went to town to the cleaners for my coat.
December 1946
Sunday 1 Dec We went to church. No one came. I sent $5 to Heaven of Rest, $5 to Lutheran Hour, sent order to Unity for $6.60. Gospel Broadcasting Assn. $3.00.
Monday 2 Dec
Tuesday 3 Dec
Wednesday 4 Dec We went to Hayward. The stores were closed on account of a strike. We went to see Aunt Jen. Took Jen Wilford Harrison squabs.
Thursday 5 Dec
Friday 6 Dec Dad went to Pleasanton and Livermore. I sent bill to Sears Roebuck and Company.
Saturday 7 Dec
Sunday 8 Dec We stayed home.
Monday 9 Dec I washed my red and ? dresses in solvent and also washed my chesterfield set covers.
Tuesday 10 Dec I mended my chesterfield set covers.
Wednesday 11 Dec
Thursday 12 Dec I painted or started to paint my dining room.
Friday 13 Dec I finished painting my dining room.
Saturday 14 Dec I cleaned up, put things to rights in the dining room, also the rest of the house.
Sunday 15 Dec Eunice, Will, Lance, Blake, & Sherry came. We, Eunice, the kiddies and I trimmed the Christmas tree.
Monday 16 Dec
Tuesday 17 Dec
Wednesday 18 Dec
Thursday 19 Dec
Friday 20 Dec
Saturday 21 Dec
Sunday 22 Dec We stayed home from church and I painted on the front of the house all day to get it ready for Beck.
Monday 23 Dec I painted all day today, slow work, on ruff boards. Looks fine where it got it down.
Tuesday 24 Dec Cleaned house ready for Christmas. All of Eunice's family came in the evening. Beck acted as Santa Claus.
Wednesday 25 Dec All the family except the Mortons, Will & Mabel Patton came. We had a lovely turkey dinner. Victor is not well so they couldn't come.
Thursday 26 Dec Mabel and Bunny stayed and we all worked like beavers cleaning the house for the 55th anniversary.
Friday 27 Dec I covered chairs, the girls washed curtains, etc. Dad and I had our pictures taken by a man from the Tribune.
Saturday 28 Dec Still at the chair covering and house cleaning. I took a very bad cold, hoarse, wiped my nose all day.
Sunday 29 Dec We held our 55th wedding anniversary from 2 to 5 PM about 100 guests attended over 80 registered. A very nice party. I was quite hoarse (cold)
Monday 30 Dec I am still horace but a little better. Sister up with us, she gave me a fine treatment for my cold this evening. I haven't done one thing but rest.
Tuesday 31 Dec

My cold is better today but my nose still keeps me busy. Daddy is showing signs of coming down with a cold.


December 1947
Wednesday 1 Jan We went to "Woodside" to Open House in honor of Charlotte Wood's 83rd birthday (Jan 10th). They had a lovely party about 100 attended. Dad's has a cold starting. [Charlotte was a pioneer school teacher at the Sycamore School. A Danville middle school is now named after her. Woodside most likely refers to an establishment in the area and not the town in San Mateo County.]
Thursday 2 Jan Dad's cold is worse but mine is better. Sister gave us each a good rub with Rawleigh's Mustard Compound. It sure burns us up.
Friday 3 Jan Sister went to Marian's at Stockton. We sure hated to see her go. Our auto's battery was on the blink so we couldn't take her so Mr. Brown came and and ????? a new battery and took sister to the bus.
Saturday 4 Jan I did a 3 weeks washing all by myself. Daddy wasn't able to help me but he is very much better. It is a beautiful day. My clothes ??? all got dry. I ironed every piece by 9 PM besides milking my ???
Sunday 5 Jan We stayed home. Daddy wasn't able to go to church. No one came. I had to do the chores
Monday 6 Jan I wrote letters and regular work between chores.
Wednesday 8 Jan I churned five pounds of butter
Sunday 12 Jan We stayed home. Daddy still ill but getting better
Monday 13 Jan He went for the mail
Thursday 16 Jan We have seven little lambs, 2 pairs of twins. One twin died
Friday 17 Jan Daddy milked and did all the chores for the first time since he got sick. He went to Livermore & Pleasanton. I hop he didn't do too much.
Saturday 18 Jan Will and Mabel P. come in the P.M. and Will killed a lamb for us. We sat up and played cards until quite late.
Sunday 19 Jan Will, Eunice, Lance, Sherry came and spent the day with us.
Monday 20 Jan I spaded in my garden. Hope to get some carrots, parsnips and chard planted.
Tuesday 21 Jan I cut out five aprons for the girls and sewed them together ready for the binding. Have to wait to get thread for some and binding for some.
Thursday 23 Jan I made a pink apron for Eunice.
Friday 24 Jan We went to Danville. I bought thread and ??? tape for four aprons.
Saturday 25 Jan I trimmed shrubs and rose bushes most of the day. I have about a ton of trimmings
Sunday 26 Jan Bunny and Archie came and spent the day. They went to Doris in the evening.
Monday 27 Jan We washed and ironed all my clothes by 9:15 PM
Tuesday 28 Jan It rained most of the night last night and until nearly noon. I made Doris and Eunice a pretty chicken feed sack print ??? with red just alike.
Thursday 30 Jan I made Marcia & Phyllis an apron (peasant type) dusty rose.
February 1947
Sunday 2 Feb We went to church. Stopped by for Lottie. Heard of Albert Clausen's suicide
Monday 3 Feb Albert Clausen was buried in Livermore this PM. We didn't go to the funeral.
Tuesday 4 Feb Bill and Marie [Marie?] Mathie came to stay with us and help us. They were sent from the Hayward Red Cross
Wednesday 5 Feb Dad took Bill & Marie to Hayward to get their grips
Thursday 6 Feb Dad and I went to Doris ??? PM and stayed all night. Had a nice visit. Enjoyed little Gail.
Friday 7 Feb Doris, Dad & I went uptown shopping. I bought me a lovely hand bag. Had my initials put on it. Dad & I went up to Eunice's in PM
Saturday 8 Feb We stayed at Eunice's until about four PM and then went to Doris' ??? and visited with Phyllis, Doris, Jack, and 3 kiddies then we came home and found Bill and Marie gone. They hiked to Hayward to a show.
Sunday 9 Feb We stayed home. Dad was too tired after our trip. Bill & Marie played cards (500) with us in the evening. It rained about ¼ of an inch.
Monday 10 Feb The rain is over
Wednesday 12 Feb I made 1 apron for Bunny and one for Phyllis for their birthdays. A man and wife from the East came with his friend, his wife and little girl. We didn't keep them
Thursday 13 Feb I made a peasant apron for Bunny. Cloudy but no rain. Ground fog every morning.
Friday 14 Feb We started to the Grange but the car had water in gasoline so wouldn't go so we had to come back. Christine pushed us with her machine inside of our entrance.
Saturday 15 Feb This morning Mr. Brown came out and emptied the water out and we put locks on garage and will keep it locked.
Sunday 16 Feb Eunice, Will, Doris, Jack, 3 kiddies, Bunny, Doris M., Victor, Marcia, Hal, and Gail came. We had a nice visit.
Monday 17 Feb We washed the clothes. Didn't get dry enough to iron
Tuesday 18 Feb Dad went to Livermore
Friday 21 Feb I ironed and mopped my floors. We expected Phyllis, but she didn't come.
Saturday 22 Feb We cleaned the yard and other Sat. work
Sunday 23 Feb Chester and Evelyn Alsfor, Vivian and Charles came. We went to church. Beautiful day.
Monday 24 Feb We worked in the berry patch cleaning out the weeds.
Tuesday 25 Feb More weeds, Dad bored the first post hole for black berry vines. I hoed the weeds and pulled the berry vines out of the weeds ready to train on wires.
Wednesday 26 Feb We both went to my church group annual luncheon this PM. Very enjoyable meeting, well attended (at the church)
Thursday 27 Feb We bored post holes, 8, for our blackberries in old croquet ground. Dad
Friday 28 Feb We finished tow rows of b. berries, string the wires and trained the berries rows. It got dark and I had to quit.
March 1947
Saturday 1 Mar It rained so I didn't finish the berries.
Sunday 2-Mar We stayed home and played lazy. No one came; Listened to four church services.
Monday 3 Mar
Tuesday 4 Mar We had a lovely rain about 1 inch.
Wednesday 5 Mar
Thursday 6 Mar
Friday 7 Mar
Saturday 8 Mar Will and Mabel came. Will and Dad went to Moller's and Will bought a dressed calf. We played cards.
Sunday 9 Mar Eunice, Will, Phyllis, Sharon & Lance came They picked lots of mushrooms.
Monday 10 Mar
Tuesday 11 Mar
Wednesday 12 Mar Eunice brought three ladies from Palo Alto and spent the afternoon. After they left Daddy and I moved the furniture in the living room and took the rugs up to be ready to paint.
Thursday 13 Mar I painted about half the ceiling in the living room.
Friday 14 Mar I finished the ceiling in the living room (large room) and part of the walls.
Saturday 15 Mar I painted the small room in the corner ceiling and walls I painted the ceiling ivory and the side wall a sort of gray green color.
Sunday 16 Mar We stayed home and rested. I painted some in the evening. I was afraid I couldn't finish Monday if I didn't.
Monday 17 Mar I finished painting my living room and it looked beautiful, so cool and restful.
Tuesday 18 Mar 20 members of Woodcraft spent the evening playing cards. They brought cake and sandwiches. We furnished ice cream & coffee;
Wednesday 19 Mar I went to Anita Kamps's to the church group meeting. We enjoyed it so much. We took Lottie Wood, Mrs. Bachelder, & her sister Mrs. Stockover.
Thursday 20 Mar We washed a big 4 weeks washing.
Friday 21 Mar Daddy went to Hayward and Danville and got tickets to the Follies put on by men taking off women.
Saturday 22 Mar We churned 4 1/2 lbs of butter. I ironed and cleaned my house.
Sunday 23 Mar We went to church, nice service. Will, Eunice, Phyllis, Beck [Rowe] Sharon & Lance Victor, Doris & Gail Bunny, Wanda & Cliff Koenig came for dinner in P.M. Chester & Evelyn Alsford came in P.M.
Monday 24 Mar Dad went to Pleasanton.
Tuesday 25 Mar I worked on my jacket (back), We went to see The Razor's Edge at the State in Livermore. Tyrone Power, Gene Tierney, John Payne & Ann Baxter.
Wednesday 26 Mar I finished my jacket did some washing to get ready to go south. We went to the church dinner in the evening, business meeting after to arrange years finances.
Thursday 27 Mar Busy all day getting things ready. Will, Eunice, Phyllis & Sherry came in the evening. Paul Bettencourt came in the evening to learn how to take care of our chores while we are away.
Friday 28 Mar Up at 5:20 A.M. On our way by 7:45 drove down to the valley to Pasadena stopped at Tujunga to see Edna and got to see Chars & Mary also. Arrived at Pasadena ate dinner at Johns.
Saturday 29 Mar Eunice and I went shopping in the A.M. Jimmy [Ingram] ate breakfast with us at café. We went to Phyllis & Jimmies wedding at 3 P.M. in Pasadena Presbyterian Church then went to reception at Marjory Summers.
Sunday 30 Mar We arose at 6 A.M.. We left the Westerner about 7-30 drove to Wilmington had breakfast drove to the dock put our car in the parking depot embarked for Catalina at 10 A.M. Had a nice trip over arrived at 12 went to cottage in Butler Court in a taxi boat's name Catalina
Monday 31 Mar Sky overcast very little sun, We went to the beach watched the people. Roberta went swimming.
April 1947
Tuesday 1 Apr The same kind of weather. Roberta went swimming before breakfast. We just rested and went up to the beach. There isn't one wave at Avalon.
Wednesday 2 Apr We took the bus ride today instead of tomorrow. We went to see the loveliest movie of Deanna Durbin.
Thursday 3 Apr Lovely sunny day. We took Eunice, Will, Roberta, Sherry for a nice ride in sightseeing bus up over the mountains to the new Airport on top of the mountain 18 mile trip. So foggy & cold we could hardly see the ocean.
Friday 4 Apr Lovely sunny day Will, Eunice and I went to the Avery [Aviary] to see all the different kinds of birds, the peacocks were all strutting and they looked lovely there was about eight blue ones, I white and I green one.
Saturday 5 Apr Lovely sunny day. Eunice, Dad and I walked to the end of the boardwalk and quite aways farther about 3/4 miles then came back and met the boat with Phyllis and Jim, had our lunch, all came back to the Westerner in Arcadia, the boat rolled coming over.
Sunday 6 Apr We got up at 5:20 A.M. Went to Marjory Summers where Phyllis & Jimmy & Sherry were we got Phyllis & Sherry and started for home drove to Gorman Had breakfast ate lunch in the park in Fresno arrived home 5 P.M. Found Beck and some friends here also Chester and Evelyn. Will, Eunice & Sherry went home. We found Paul had taken good care of everything.
Monday 7 Apr We churned 13 1/2 pounds of butter from cream Paul had saved while we were gone.
Tuesday 8 Apr
Wednesday 9 Apr
Thursday 10 Apr I washed a big washing.
Friday 11 Apr Dad went to town.
Saturday 12 Apr Will and Mabel Patton , Chester & Evelyn came we played cards in the evening. I ironed this morning.
Sunday 13 Apr Will & Mabel , Chester & Evelyn spent the day with us we didn't go to church
Monday 14 Apr
Tuesday 15 Apr
Wednesday 16 Apr I painted my shower room walls & ceiling.
Thursday 17 Apr I painted my shower room floor and glass door.
Friday 18 Apr I killed all the weeds in the arbor and some walls some weeds two feet high
Saturday 19 Apr We killed weeds. I cleaned the house. Fred Seidler called for a little while, helped me kill a few weeds.
Sunday 20 Apr All our children except Phyllis & Beck. Doris, Victor, Marcia, Hal & Gail. Will and Mabel P., Phoebe & Raymond. Mr. & Mrs Denhart came to celebrate the birthdays with a barbecue.
Monday 21 Apr I cleaned house and rested. Dad went to town.
Tuesday 22 Apr I prepared for my party tomorrow.
Wednesday 23 Apr Thirteen of the ladies in my church group came. We served ice cream & cake. They seemed to enjoy themselves. Dad went to town for coffee.
Thursday 24 Apr We killed weeds. I cleaned the house. Fred Seidler called for a little while, helped me kill a few weeds.
Friday 25 Apr We went to the Grange. I served as Ceres, put on the first and second degrees. Killed weeds in the berry patch.
Saturday 26 Apr We killed more weeds and I cleaned my house.
Sunday 27 Apr We stayed home and rested no one came.
Monday 28 Apr We killed weeds.
Tuesday 29 Apr We hoed in the croquet yard berries and watered the berries.
Wednesday 30 Apr I cleaned all the weeds out behind the garage. Daddy cleaned the chard patch out.
May 1947
Thursday 1 May I pulled harpoon grass out of the lyppia grass in the north side yard. Daddy helped me some. It is quite warm. We have 12 little ducks.
Friday 2 May I made out a bill to Sears. Fred Seidler came in the P.M. He took a spill on his motorcycle near Alamo he got his eyebrow cut open bruised on cheek bone below the left eye & on leg. Fred went back this P.M
Saturday 3 May I finished pulling weeds in the north side yard.
Sunday 4 May lovely cool day Eunice's birthday We stayed home to rest but we sawed down the old Tamarac tree and cut one limb and some dead wood off the locust and watered flowers.
Monday 5 May We finished the last of the weeds and are we glad.
Tuesday 6 May We received a telegram with news Mr. Camagna's passing and were terribly shocked. He was buried today at 10 P.M.
Wednesday 7 May We went to San Jose for chickens and I bought a new hat & blouse. Doris went shopping with me. Little Gail took her first steps alone. I started her off she was so cute.
Thursday 8 May
Friday 9 May Dad planted corn.
Saturday 10 May Chester & Evelyn A. came to our chores. We went to Eunice's. I made 2 lemon pies, roasted some meat, finished cleaning the house.
Sunday 11 May Eunice's family (except Beck) and Dad and I met Bunny & Archie at the Fleishaker playground and had a delicious lunch, visited the zoo had a fine time. Called on Jen & Ida. Stayed all night with Eunice.
Monday 12 May Came home before breakfast to day, found everything O.K. After the Chores & breakfast over (rested)
Tuesday 13 May
Wednesday 14 May
Thursday 15 May I planted zinnias.
Friday 16 May We have five little ducks 3 more Sat. night one's head picked
Saturday 17 May Will & Mabel Patton, Bunny & Archie, Mr & Mrs Mumy came the last four came late. Will killed a lamb and 5 hens. Dad went to town for my 30 turkeys . I churned 5 pounds of butter.
Sunday 18 May We had a chicken & ice cream dinner. Bunny & Archie took their friends to Diablo Park. All went home in eve quite warm.
Monday 19 May Fixed turkey pen. Warmer than yesterday.
Tuesday 20 May Dad went to the jury I spent the time with Alice Short. Not quite so warm.
Wednesday 21 May Weather wonderful.
Thursday 22 May
Friday 23 May I worked all day digging dirt from around the fish pond, preparing it for fixing the crack and putting a 12 inch strip of reinforced cement around it.
Saturday 24 May I finished digging the 12 inch strip around the fish pond and put lots of iron reinforcements in the space.
Sunday 25 May Anderson, Dorothy & kiddies came and we enjoyed them. Grace Edeline and her daughters came late tonight.
Monday 26 May I put more irons around the fishpond and knocked off four of the heaviest rocks around the end to lighten it.
Tuesday 27 May Dad and I mixed the cement and gravel and put it around the fish pond.
Wednesday 28 May I went to the Women's Association meeting at G. Haskell's.
Thursday 29 May I hunted rocks to fill in the spaces where I took out the large rocks.
Friday 30 May Marcia and Hal came to stay until Sunday. Gail is so cute and good,
Saturday 31 May Hal, Dad and I cleaned all the walks and yard of leaves and trash. Gail "buzzed" around us. Marcia cleaned my house.
June 1947
Sunday 1 Jun Eunice, Phyllis, Doris D., Beck, Sharon, Lance & Blake came. We had chicken and dumplings and ice cream.
Monday 2 Jun I didn't feel well (bladder trouble) so didn't do much, Fred Seidler came late last night went back this evening. Dad went to the Dr's. I put turkeys in pen,
Tuesday 3 Jun I placed the rocks around the fish pond ready to cement on the edge. It rained in the evening.
Wednesday 4 Jun I cemented on the most of the rocks until the cement ran out, to late to finish. It rained quite a shower. Dad brought in 16 little ducks.
Thursday 5 Jun I put the fish back in the fish pond. They look so pretty in a nice clean pond. I started Doris M's crochet table cloth. We have 41 little ducks.
Friday 6 Jun We washed a big washing and went to a card party by the Grange. I got the consolation prize, a nice Silex rod. It rained all the way.
Saturday 7 Jun I ironed and cleaned the house. Dad weeded the corn & churned six and 1/2 pounds of butter. I salted, worked and molded it. It rained in eve,
Sunday 8 Jun Doris, Victor, Marcia & Gail came in the evening, Will Patton, Ruth, her little boy and 2 lady friends came in the P.M. I made 2 berry pies.
Monday 9 Jun I spent most of the day making pasteboard cats and painting them black to scare the birds off the berries, it works too. The rain seems to be over.
Tuesday 10 Jun I went to the church to a big group meeting, It was very interesting. It is a beautiful day.
Wednesday 11 Jun Hot north wind blew last night and today. Yard is full of trash.
Thursday 12 Jun Jerald Ayer, his wife and baby came. The north wind seems to be over, but it is still quite warm cute girl baby 6 mo. old.
Friday 13 Jun We went to pot luck dinner and social meeting of the Grange at Economics building. Nice time. Moving pictures by Mr. Brown
Saturday 14 Jun Dad went to Town. Bunny and Archie came in the evening.
Sunday 15 Jun Father's Day. All the family came except Phyllis & Beck. Phyllis went to L.A. Agnes & Deloris Bennett came. Weather just right for ice cream.
Monday 16 Jun Weather cool high fog. We planned trip to S S [San Simeon] with Will and Eunice. Dad went to see if Gordon Rasmussen could do our chores. His dad said he could.
Tuesday 17 Jun We went to San Jose. I bought myself two summer dresses. We called on Mabel & Ruth. Had lunch with Doris she went up town shopping with me.
Wednesday 18 Jun Hottest day of the year 96 deg. We got up early cleaned the brooder house and put the turkeys in. Gordon and Joanne R. came to see how the chores were done.
Thursday 19 Jun We went to Eunice's after working most of the day here at home. We expected to go to San Simeon tomorrow with Will and Eunice but Will had to work.
Friday 20 Jun A terrible north wind here and also at Eunice's we stayed all day there except Dad went with Eunice to show Mr. & Mrs Campbell (from Mich.) S/F.[San Francisco] the bridges etc. Roberta & I got dinner.
Saturday 21 Jun We stayed all day at Eunice's. Will, Eunice, Dad & I went to a show saw Caesar and Cleopatra & 3 little girls in blue, after calling on Phyllis a few minutes.
Sunday 22 Jun We all except Denharts & Sherry went to Gausberger's for our cherry picnic, Bunny & Archie, Chester & Evelyn, Meriam & John Hopeak joined us there. Chester picked me Royal A's. I canned 12 qts. before I went to bed.
Monday 23 Jun 88 deg. It was so hot I didn't do much but crochet. Frank Sly, his wife / daughter called in the evening.
Tuesday 24 Jun Cooler Weather has changed nice & cool. I cleaned my turkey pen put the turkeys back from brooder house. They climbed up on roost for first
Wednesday 25 Jun Beautiful day I went to an Heirlooms tea given by Lottie Wood for benefit of our group of the Presbyterian Church we made $50,00 had a lovely time.
Thursday 26 Jun
Friday 27 Jun Cool. Dad went to Pleasanton & Dublin. I took off all the old stalks in my B. berries and trained up the new ones in the big strip in the old patch. We went to the Grange Friday night.
Saturday 28 Jun Still cool. I put a half round at the end of the screen trained up the V.creeper. trimmed the seven sister rose & also cut out the old stalks of B B in the croquet patch. Dad churned I made butter.
Sunday 29 Jun Cool. We stayed home no one came. I cooked my first duck dinner today also 1 cherry & 1 b-b pie.
Monday 30 Jun Cool. Dad went to towns L. & P. got oil changed. I worked around the place on berries etc. Planted some more plants around the fish pond.
July 1947
Tuesday 1 Jul High Fog Cool. I finished training the last of the blackberries cleaned house some.
Wednesday 2 Jul Cool fog. Bunny, Mr. & Mrs. Drake Widden and son, came and had lunch with us. Mrs. Quayle and Ruth Boone came in the P.M.
Thursday 3 Jul Still cool. Dad went to Danville. I cut out a couple of aprons crocheted Eunice place mats
Friday 4 Jul Cool. We went to a big barbecue at the high school grounds at Danville saw friends we hadn't seen for years delicious meat, beans & salad. About 800 people.
Saturday 5 Jul We cleaned 4 ducks & 2 fryers. Daddy finished shucking corn.
Sunday 6 Jul We went to church. No one came. We rested and napped in the P.M. chicken dinner, cherry pie Frank and Arthur R. fixed the telephone.
Monday 7 Jul We washed.
Tuesday 8 Jul We went to the garden party at the church. Lovely day, party very successful.
Wednesday 9 Jul Andy, Dorothy and their 3 kiddies came in the P.M. to help me paint. We played cards in the evening.
Thursday 10 Jul Anderson took some foot boards we had up in the barn down and he took the short boards around the bottom of the house and put the long one in their place and it looks 100% better we painted them grey Andy put a second coat on the front of the house and a first coat on the south side. Dorothy & Dad went to town for more paint. Dorothy's dad & stepmother came in the P.M., They all went home in the evening. Doris & Victor came in the evening.
Friday 11 Jul
Saturday 12 Jul
Sunday 13 Jul Beautiful day. Bunny and Archie flew to Butte, Montana. Eunice & Will, Marcia, Hal and Gail came in the morning also Fred Seidler and Will Patton we killed 3 lambs Eunice & Will took I, W.P.1, D & V 1/2. Eunice & Will took 22 fryers, 4 hens, 3 ducks. Doris took 2 chickens, 1 hen.
Monday 14 Jul We picked 12 chickens and I drew them. Daddy cut the feet off and cleaned the gizzards
Tuesday 15 Jul I ironed. Daddy took the chickens and a quarter of lamb to the locker in Pleasanton. I cleaned the livingroom.
Wednesday 16 Jul I fixed a box of things to send back to Sears.
Thursday 17 Jul We went to see Claudette Colbert and Fred McMurray in "The Egg & I." I worked on a bill to Sears.
Friday 18 Jul 88 deg. I finished the bill to Sears.
Saturday 19 Jul 90 deg. At 11 A.M.
Sunday 20 Jul 88 deg. We went to church. Vivian and Chuck [Edmonston] came in the P.M. We had duck for dinner.
Monday 21 Jul Cool. We killed and cleaned 14 ducks. 13 squabs, 2 hens for some folks who are coming tomorrow.
Tuesday 22 Jul Mr and Mrs, Gedfry Prager and Mrs. Metzger came and bought 6 ducks, 13 squabs, 4 hens and 4 fryers, also 13 dozen eggs. We killed 2 hens and 4 fryers while they were here.
Wednesday 23 Jul I went to a group meeting at Josephine Close's we had the largest attendance since I have been a member. Dad went to Pleasanton and sold the 8 ducks we had left.
Thursday 24 Jul I washed and ironed 4 lovely rose pattern feed sacks and cut some curtains for my dinning room out of them also a table cloth. I partly made them. We killed a lamb for a man
Friday 25 Jul We killed 10 fryers for Eunice, 7 squabs for Doris. Dad & I went to Pleasanton, took the man's lamb to the locker then went to Livermore. I got apiece of cloth for my table cloth.
Saturday 26 Jul Cool. Bunny & Archie came in the evening. We killed 10 fryers.
Sunday 27 Jul Beautiful cool day. Eunice, Will, Phyllis, Sherry, the Denharts, Beck, Doug and their girls, Doris, Victor, Bunny and Arch came. We had a barbecue of lamb. Alice Gettus & Sarah Young came in P.M. We made 1 1/2 gals of vanilla icecream.
Monday 28 Jul I crocheted, finished Doris D's placemats.
Tuesday 29 Jul Sent an ad to the Sacramento Bee. We washing a big washing. Sister [Margaret], Marian and Serena came in the P.M. Spent about an hour on their was home from Gene Mc????.
Wednesday 30 Jul We went to San Jose and bought Dad a new suit of clothes at Springs also a new hat. Victor helped us. We got our scale on way home, swell scale.
Thursday 31 Jul I ironed, crocheted. Dad cut the cockleburs out of the ???? and slept. Will and Eunice went on a convention trip to Portland & Seattle by train.
August 1947
Friday 1 Aug I cut Dad's hair, made butter. Dad churned. I watered the vegetables inn the berry patch and the garden fed the turkeys 3 times 1 for tomorrow.
Saturday 2 Aug We went up to Phoebe's and got six boxes of peaches and some string beans some cantaloupe & watermelon. Left home at 8 A.M. Arrived home 6 P.M. Lovely weather.
Sunday 3 Aug Stayed home. Delitha, Audry her little girl and Delitha's twins came. We canned 12 qts of Lovell peaches in the P.M.
Monday 4 Aug I prepared 5 qt. boxes of string beans and froze them. Canned 12 qts of peaches. We gave Mrs Simas 1 box and Alice Short 1 box. Dad went to town for jar caps and sugar (50 lbs).
Tuesday 5 Aug We canned 18 qts of Palores peaches today. We had a call from a freezer man from Oakland but didn't buy any.
Wednesday 6 Aug We finished canning the peaches. We canned 13 qts. of Lovells 12 qts. of Myers 59 in all. They look lovely. 34 qts. of Palores Clings.
Thursday 7 Aug We dressed 7 ducks 3 for Will & Mabel I for Doris and saved 3 for ourselves.
Friday 8 Aug We went to San Jose for Dad's new suit (double breasted) went from there to Danville to a social evening of the Grange.
Saturday 9 Aug I cut my hair short in the back and washed it.
Sunday 10 Aug We went to San Jose to see Marcia confirmed in the Lutheran church then went to Doris' Bunny and Archie were there we had a nice visit
Monday 11 Aug We prepared 7 boxes of corn and Dad took them down to the locker. I crocheted on Phyllis' place mats.
Tuesday 12 Aug I went to the woman's assoc. group at the church, we had a nice meeting. Alice Cotant's baby boy (John Oliver) was born today.
Wednesday 13 Aug I washed 14 chicken feed sacks, starched and ironed them. I am going to use 7 or 8 of them for drapes for the cabin windows.
Thursday 14 Aug I cut out the window curtains and partly made them. Dad & Geo. Wood [took] Corinne and Freckles to the butcher
Friday 15 Aug
Saturday 16 Aug Ruth's baby was born at 3:15 A.M. We prepared six boxes of corn for the locker.
Sunday 17 Aug Beck & Roberta came and Beck painted most of our house. Beautiful day.
Monday 18 Aug Cool. We prepared 9 boxes of corn for the locker gave some to Mr. Simas.
Tuesday 19 Aug Cooler, I cut and fitted some linoleum for my drain board and got part of it cemented on. We have 22 little ducks just hatched.
Wednesday 20 Aug Cold. I finished putting the linoleum on my drain board and it was an awful job, but fits fine and looks very nice.
Thursday 21 Aug I painted around the bottom of the house and trimmed the linoleum around the edges of the drain board. Got a bill ready for Sears.
Friday 22 Aug
Saturday 23 Aug Doris, Victor, Marcia, Hal & Gail came after dinner. Gave us a surprise. We dressed 6 ducks 11 squabs and 2 roasters.
Sunday 24 Aug Doris & Victor went fishing Marcia, Hal and Gail stayed home with us. Doris and Victor didn't get a fish but had a fine time on S.'s yacht.
Monday 25 Aug I ironed. Dad went to Pleasanton. He took 4 ducks and 6 boxes of corn to the locker.
Tuesday 26 Aug I sewed on green curtains for the cabin, but didn't get them finished.
Wednesday 27 Aug I went to a church group meeting at Pearl Roots, Ina R. was co hostess, a large attendance interesting meeting delicious refreshments. Dad picked pears & ???.
Thursday 28 Aug Dad went to Pleasanton and Livermore he changed the oil in the car and paid bills. I entertained Mrs Evelyn Alsford for a couple of hours in the P.M.
Friday 29 Aug We dressed three turkeys, five hens. I crocheted on Phyllis place mat and Doris tablecloth.
Saturday 30 Aug I cleaned my house. Dad raked the yard and I wet it down good and watered the garden.
Sunday 31 Aug Andy & Dorothy and kiddies came early and had breakfast with us Then we went to Eunice's' all the rest of the family came and we had a lovely time. Phyllis and Jim came up from L.A.
September 1947
Monday 1 Sep We stayed until evening today and came home. Jimmie, Phyllis & Sherry left early for their home in L.A.
Tuesday 2 Sep Warm. Andy and Dot took the children home to S.F. Dad went with them to see Aunt Jennie. I stayed home and made my red rose curtains and table cloth for my dinning room.
Wednesday 3 Sep Quite warm. We got up at 4 A.M. and went to the State Fair at Sacramento. We had lunch at the Governor's building with the Grangers from all over the State. We had a nice day , then went home.
Thursday 4 Sep Over 90 deg. I got up at 6 A.M. washed by dinning room and kitchen windows mopped my floors with my new (Fair) mop. Will & Mabel Patton, Ruth Sheradan & babies came in the P.M. Dad went with Will for meat. I was so tired and sleepy I couldn't enjoy their visit went to bed at 8:30
Friday 5 Sep Still warm. 92 deg. Today I rested only did what I had to but crocheted some.
Saturday 6 Sep 84 deg, Dad went to Pleasanton to see the man about fixing grandpa's grave. I stayed home crocheted and did Sat. work.
Sunday 7 Sep We went to church. Vivian, Frances Ann and Hansen kid came in the P.M.
Monday 8 Sep Warm. I made curtains for the granary guest room.
Tuesday 9 Sep Went to the big group at the church saw Heart of India, a movie. We went to Alice Short's on the way home.
Wednesday 10 Sep
Thursday 11 Sep 90 deg. We washed.
Friday 12 Sep 92 deg. We went to the Grange social meeting. Pot luck. I ironed my starch cloths.
Saturday 13 Sep 96 deg. We worked on the sewer all P.M. Eunice and Will came in the evening. I finished my ironing.
Sunday 14 Sep Will played golf at Diablo brought ice and we made ice cream and duck dinner. Chester & Evelyn came in the P.M. We churned 6 lbs of butter.
Monday 15 Sep
Tuesday 16 Sep Dad went to Danville took some butter and cream for the church preacher dinner.
Wednesday 17 Sep Cold. Mrs. A. Martin, Mrs J. De Chander [?] Mrs. Rowe came to get exhibits for the County Fair. We dressed 16 squabs I pullet in the A.M.
Thursday 18 Sep Cold. I baked a cake to take to the cake baking contest at the County Fair.
Friday 19 Sep Warm. We went to the Fair I took my cake but didn't win the prize of a beautiful gas stove. They only gave one prize. We stopped in to see Dor??? Jackson Kjellan's 3 week old (baby girl Kathleen)
Saturday 20 Sep
Sunday 21 Sep 94 deg, Doris M., Margaret H,[Heaton} Marion & Scotty, Bunny & Archie, Margaret & John Burnes and John Michael Jr., Victor and Bill H. went fishing.
Monday 22 Sep I sent Phyllis her 3rd placemat. I finished Dorty Pie's [Doris Denhart] set of placemats last week and sent them to her for her birthday which is today (by her mother)
Tuesday 23 Sep 78 deg. Dad went to Pleasanton and to Moeller's to see about him coming to get tour calf and Old Helen our cow to butcher.
Wednesday 24 Sep Cool nights & mornings. I went to church group at Charlotte Van Gordens, had a nice time well represented. We went to Josephine Danth's and got two blue ribbons we won on our cherries and carrots at the Fair
Thursday 25 Sep We canned 12 qts of tomatoes we bought from Carl Danth we have several more to can today. I made a cake for the Grange. 34 members came from San Jose.
Friday 26 Sep 86 deg. We went to Grange to see the Mt. Hamilton degree team do the initiation of 3rd & 4th degree of 75 new members. They put on a beautiful floor drill. Eunice, Will & Beck spent the night with us.
Saturday 27 Sep Autumn weather. Eunice, Will & Beck started early on a trip to Yosemite Valley for a week with the Coffee Man's convention.
Sunday 28 Sep 90 deg. We stayed home. Fenton Fisher, his mother Bernice Banks and her little boy and her boyfriend came in A.M.
Monday 29 Sep Same fall weather. I canned 6 qts. of applesauce finished one of Eunice's place mats, sorted our apple crop. Harold Mooler came for our calf and Helen, she brought $64.
Tuesday 30 Sep
October 1947
Wednesday 1 Oct
Thursday 2 Oct Will, Eunice & Beck came from the Yosemite.
Friday 3 Oct Fred Boyce came this P.M. Will & Beck went on home. Eunice stayed with us.
Saturday 4 Oct Eunice and Dad went to Mooler's to get the meat of the calf. I stayed home prepared for the barbecue tomorrow.
Sunday 5 Oct We had a barbecue. All came except Beck, Phyllis, Jimmy, Roberta & Hal Bunnie & Archie, Anderson Dorothy and kiddies came as surprise
Monday 6 Oct We washed and worked getting ready to go south with Eunice.
Tuesday 7 Oct I ironed.
Wednesday 8 Oct We went to Eunice's as our first lap of our trip South.
Thursday 9 Oct We left Eunice's 9:30 A.M. Drove to San Jose picked up Doris(M) went on to Paso Robles & called on Dave & Vivian [Rowe, Will's brother and sister-in-law] also on Agnes [Bennett nee Rowe,Will's sister] but she wasn't home we then went to Taft.
Friday 10 Oct We left Taft (lovely Auto Court Delux) went thru the desert (Joshua trees) on to Riverside and called on Mary L. Reid at Woodcraft Home then on to Pomona and called on Richard Williams stayed at A.C.
Saturday 11 Oct We went to see Roberta at U.S.C. Visited her Fraternity Home and studio then on to Phyllis' Jimmy took us all for a ride to see their lovely lot location.
Sunday 12 Oct We spent nite with Phyllis Eunice went with Roberta we had a delicious turkey (we took down) dinner. Eunice took Roberta back in evening.
Monday 13 Oct Doris & Phyllis went to L.A. shopping. Eunice and Sherry took us to Long Beach we called on Allan Williams ate ???? in the park went to Ray Beebee's then back to Phyllis'.
Tuesday 14 Oct We left Phyllis about 9 A.M. (after Eunice took Sherry to School) we went to Santa Monica called on Mary & Chas they went with us to see Will Rogers place, then we went on up the coast to Pismo stayed in nice Auto Camp Ocean view.
Wednesday 15 Oct We left camp about 9 A.M. Went 12 miles to San Luis Obispo spent a couple of hours at Kate Van Gorden's (with Kate and Ethel). Had lunch at Moro -no clams- went on to San Simon saw John Evans on to Ed's, saw Ed & Helen on to Lucia stayed in Auto Camp at foot of Harlan's Mt.
Thursday 16 Oct Left early ate breakfast at high toned hotel paid $1.70 for 3 small hot cakes. We went on to San Jose left Doris then on to Eunice's. Will, Eunice, Beck & I went to show.
Friday 17 Oct I mended Beck's sport coat and then we went home found Fred and everything OK. Dad had the Asthma all the trip except in Desert.
Saturday 18 Oct Dad went to Livermore & Pleasanton got the oil changed in the car. I washed and prepared to go to Middletown.
Sunday 19 Oct We stayed home. I washed all day, ironed and prepared to go to Middletown tomorrow.
Monday 20 Oct We left home 9:30 A.M. stopped to see Margaret Baldwin and Mrs Clark then came on thru Martinez across ferry on to Middletown we went to Harbin Springs looking for an apartment then found one in a 2 story house in Middletown upstairs. We arrived here 4 P.M.
Tuesday 21 Oct I wrote cards & crocheted on placemats. Sky overcast in A.M. sunny in P.M.
Wednesday 22 Oct We went with Mrs. Schaeffer, our landlord to look at a little place to buy. 4 room unfinished house on a lovely lot between two streets. Weather not so good for Dad's asthma.
Thursday 23 Oct Another cold over cast sky. Looks like rain.
Friday 24 Oct A beautiful bright sunny day no clouds or fog. We took a ride over thru coyote valley and got a nice box of tomatoes. Nice lady cute boy 2 years, sweet baby girl 2 months old.
Saturday 25 Oct Another beautiful day.
Sunday 26 Oct Lovely day. Bunny and Archie came early we took our baked duck and apple pie and drove out in the country and ate it under a large oak near a Grange Hall. We all enjoyed the day so much.
Monday 27 Oct We started for Upper Lake got to Lower Lake the car gave us trouble we got it fixed then it was to late so we came home.
Tuesday 28 Oct It began raining before six o'clock in the morning and rained most all day.
Wednesday 29 Oct We packed up bade Mr. and Mrs. Schaefer goodbye and started home on to Santa Rosa where we arrived Wilson Finley's home about 1 P.M. We went with Alice to Santa Rosa called on her two daughters Helen & Ruth.
Thursday 30 Oct Abby Grant & Lulu came to Wilson's in the P.M. and we went home with them and spent the night in their beautiful old house.
Friday 31 Oct We took Abbie & Lulu and went to Santa Rosa to call on Bell then back to Abbie's for another night stay enjoyed it all so much. Hadn't seen them for years.
November 1947
Saturday 1 Nov We bade Grant, Abbie and Lulu goodbye and started home we called on Janie Barnett in Napa (not at home). We arrived home about 2 P.M. churned 4 ??? Got 11 lbs of butter.
Sunday 2 Nov Eunice and Will came we had a nice visit, didn't go to church. Dad and Eunice took Fred Boyce to Livermore to the bus.
Monday 3 Nov Will & Eunice drove to Manteca and Modesto came back had dinner with us and went home in the evening. We had a nice visit.
Tuesday 4 Nov Dad went to Danville. I stayed home and wrote letters and crocheted.
Wednesday 5 Nov First frost of the season but beautiful sunshiney day.
Thursday 6 Nov
Friday 7 Nov
Saturday 8 Nov
Sunday 9 Nov We stayed home. We rested no one came.
Monday 10 Nov I washed a bid washing. Dad hung most of the clothes out.
Tuesday 11 Nov Crocheted on the girls placemat ironed in the evening
Wednesday 12 Nov I was busy all day getting ready for Bazaar. Made quince and apple jelly. Bunny and Archie start back to Ohio tomorrow on the train.
Thursday 13 Nov We held our church bazaar this P.M. Very successful. I made over 10.00 dollars. I spent the P.M. down there but didn't work just visited with old friends saw many.
Friday 14 Nov We went to Grange social night pot luck dinner had a nice time it started raining as soon as we arrived home, and rained the rest of the night. Cleaned 2 hens & 2 ducks.
Saturday 15 Nov Tom & Sue and Joe and Della Bowles came and spent the weekend with us they arrived about 2 P.M. Rain is over. B & A arrived ????
Sunday 16 Nov Eunice, Will, Beck Doris M, Victor, Marcia & Gail came. Tom, Sue, Joe & Della went to Palo Alto and home in the P.M. Eunice, Will & Beck came for breakfast.
Monday 17 Nov I worked piecing blocks for Phyllis' quilt. Churned.
Tuesday 18 Nov
Wednesday 19 Nov
Thursday 20 Nov
Friday 21 Nov
Saturday 22 Nov Will and Mabel P. came. Will & Dad killed a lamb four gobblers 3 hens.
Sunday 23 Nov We all worked all day getting the gobblers and hens cleaned. Will & Mabel were so good to help us.
Monday 24 Nov
Tuesday 25 Nov
Wednesday 26 Nov
Thursday 27 Nov
Friday 28 Nov
Saturday 29 Nov
Sunday 30 Nov
December 1947
Monday 1 Dec
Tuesday 2 Dec
Wednesday 3 Dec Bunny & Archie arrived home from Ohio today. Andrew Anderson came for a turkey hen.
Thursday 4 Dec
Friday 5 Dec
Saturday 6 Dec Sarah Young came for an hour or so. Bunny and Archie came.
Sunday 7 Dec We stayed home from church. Bunny and I worked on Christmas things. I cut my thumb cleaning some squabs.
Monday 8 Dec Dad went to Danville with butter and cream for the annual church dinner that night.
Tuesday 9 Dec I went to a lovely christmas party and meeting of the large group of Woman's Assn. Afterward we went to Livermore. I washed a big washing in A.M.
Wednesday 10 Dec I tacked on Phyllis' quilt also put it in the quilting frames. I ironed my clothes in the evening. Thumb sore.
Thursday 11 Dec I talked all day on Phyllis' quilt. I hope to finish it tomorrow.
Friday 12 Dec I finished Phyllis' quilt and it is lovely.
Saturday 13 Dec Bunny and Archie came and surprised us he said they would but we doubted it but we enjoyed their visit.
Sunday 14 Dec Eunice and Will came in the A.M. We had a nice visit. The men finished the telephone so it can be used.
Monday 15 Dec I worked on Christmas things.
Tuesday 16 Dec Getting ready for Christmas.
Wednesday 17 Dec We cleaned four turkeys to send to town.
Thursday 18 Dec Dad took 2 gobblers & 2 hens to the butcher's in Livermore and got $41.70 for them
Friday 19 Dec We dressed 2 turkeys. 1 for Jennie.
Saturday 20 Dec
Sunday 21 Dec We stayed home busy no company. I put up the Crèche in the evening.
Monday 22 Dec I am making aprons and clothespin bags cleaning turkeys Rodge Podvia came for his turkey.
Tuesday 23 Dec Phyllis and Jim came up to her mothers. Mr & Mrs L. C. Anderson came for theirs and Phoebe Halvison's turkey. Mr and Mrs. Markay came for hers, More's & E. Clarks.
Wednesday 24 Dec All of Eunice's family and Betty and Peter came up for dinner they hung up the kiddies stockings and put the kiddies to bed. Then we all had our Christmas presents.
Thursday 25 Dec The Morton's and the Clyde's and Will and Mabel Patton came quite early. They had spent Christmas at Heaton's. We had a grand big gobbler and all the fixings - everyone well.
Friday 26 Dec Bunny and Archie, Doris & Victor and Phyllis & Jim spent last night with us went away this A.M. The men put up my fluorescent light in the dinning room.
Saturday 27 Dec I made a nice apron for Alice cleaned my house and made butter Daddy churned.
Sunday 28 Dec We went to Church. Had a very fine sermon church beautifully decorated. We went to see Alice S. after. Lovely day
Monday 29 Dec
Tuesday 30 Dec
Wednesday 31 Dec


December 1948
Sunday 26 Dec We went to Livermore to the Presbyterian Church to see our baby Ellen christened. Lenor and Geo Wills were God parents Will and Eunice spent last night with us and we all spent the day with Phyllis
Monday 27 Dec Bethel went to Livermore. I stayed home and crocheted.
Tuesday 28 Dec We bought a new Firestone deep freeze refrigerator. It is an upright one with three drawers and a quick freeze chamber.
Wednesday 29 Dec Phyllis brought Mary Ellen out to stay a few days. I did a big washing. I was just getting thru when they arrived. We cleaned five hens to take down to Eunice tomorrow.
Thursday 30 Dec Our fifty seventh anniversary. Phyllis took us and Mollie to Palo Alto to Doris D's. Eunice me us and took us to Dinah's Shack to a smorgasbord lunch then back by Daisy Wears.
Friday 31 Dec Dad went to town and got our meat out of the locker. We sat up until 12 oclock to listen to the horns etc and excitement over the radio to welcome the new year. I ironed.


January 1949
Saturday 1 Jan Mollie and I cleaned house. I made two squash pies. We looked for the Pattons. Vivian came over for a while. Pattons didn't come.
Sunday 2 Jan Walter & Beatrice & Kirk came and took us up to ????? To see sister who is quite ill. We had a lovely dinner and nice day. The Pattons came while we were gone. Icy north wind sunny
Monday 3 Jan Mollie went to Chester's home. I went with Dad to Livermore to take Mollie and visit with Phyllis we stayed for dinner and went to the show with Phyllis to see (Good Sam) with Gary Cooper & Ann Sheridan. Good show wind still blowing
Tuesday 4 Jan We stayed home all day. I crocheted. Wind over still sunny very cold
Wednesday 5 Jan Coldest day 18 degrees.
Thursday 6 Jan 26 degrees We helped a sheep to have her lambs 2 both died. We lost two other lambs, twins. Weather is so cold and ewes are thin.
Friday 7 Jan 26 degrees Dad was going out to Livermore but his car battery went dead so he had to stay home. Mr Brown came out brought a new battery fixed it but to late to go to town.
Saturday 8 Jan 24 degrees icy wind cold Another north wind worse than the last one. Dad went to Livermore to have the auto fixed, new battery. We called on the Wood family - came home, crossed bridge the car stopping.
Sunday 9 Jan 24 degrees Icy north wind howling Will & Eunice, Jim and Phyllis and Sharon & Ellen came and we had a nice visit regardless of the wind.
Monday 10 Jan
Tuesday 11 Jan
Wednesday 12 Jan
Thursday 13 Jan
Friday 14 Jan One of our old sheep died 3 lambs born.
Saturday 15 Jan I cleaned my house. Phyllis came over in the P.M. with some people - couple with 2 little boys. Dad went to town to take a treatment with Chiropractor.
Sunday 16 Jan 26 degrees We went over to Phyllis' and they took us to see Doris' [Morton] family at San Jose. We had a lovely day lovely moonlight coming home.
Monday 17 Jan I crocheted & wrote letters
Tuesday 18 Jan
Wednesday 19 Jan
Thursday 20 Jan Fred Seidler came in the evening and stayed all night. We were ready for bed when he arrived.
Friday 21 Jan Fred papered the 2 walls of the porch with figured (heavy) building paper.
Saturday 22 Jan
Sunday 23 Jan We stayed home and Rasmus Alberg and Viola Sebert [?] called us in the P.M.
Monday 24 Jan
Tuesday 25 Jan Will [Patton] and Mable come in the morning and stayed all night and brought my nice broom cabinet he made for me.
Wednesday 26 Jan Went to Dottie Woods for Church Group meeting.
Thursday 27 Jan Went to Dr.Schriber for penicillin shot.
Friday 28 Jan
Saturday 29 Jan Went to Dr, Schriber for Penicillin shot
Sunday 30 Jan Went to Alice Short in the evening.
Monday 31 Jan Went to Dr. Schrider for penicillin shot
February 1949
Tuesday 1 Feb Feeding cattle in Nevada by aeroplane.
Wednesday 2 Feb Dad killed five hens and five squabs and I cleaned them while he did the chores.
Thursday 3 Feb We killed five more hens and a yearling lamb. I cleaned the hens and helped with the lamb.
Friday 4 Feb I finished the 12th row on my crocheted table cloth only 8 more to go. We both went to Livermore. Dad finished paying for the Deep freezer. I played with Ellen.
Saturday 5 Feb Jimmie [Ingram] brought the children over and we cared for them while J. & P, went to the play at the San Jose State school in San Jose. I quick froze six hens & the squabs.
Sunday 6 Feb Went to Berta's announcement party at Eunice's. Jimmie and Phyllis took us. rained hard coming home.
Monday 7 Feb Stayed home and rested. I finished half of the 13th row on my crocheted table cloth.
Tuesday 8 Feb Went to Mollers and bought a calf.
Wednesday 9 Feb Crocheted
Thursday 10 Feb Crocheted
Friday 11 Feb Went to Livermore stopped at Phyllis's.
Saturday 12 Feb Went to Mollers and got the calf, came back by Danville
Sunday 13 Feb Eunice and Will came, took us to see Phyllis and Jimmie and the little ones.
Monday 14 Feb Washed and ironed
Tuesday 15 Feb I cut up the hind quarter of veal wrapped & labeled it.
Wednesday 16 Feb I prepared the fore quarter of calf for the freezer. Bud Hendrix came to work.
Thursday 17 Feb
Friday 18 Feb Etta Rowe came and spent the day with us. Dad went to Livermore in the P.M. Phyllis' birthday.
Saturday 19 Feb I cleaned house all day.
Sunday 20 Feb All the family came except Archie and Hal . Chuck Wells came with Roberta
Monday 21 Feb Washed & Ironed [Bethel's handwriting]
Tuesday 22 Feb Evelyn came and stayed all night [Bethel's handwriting]
Wednesday 23 Feb Went to Danville to Church Group meeting [Bethel's handwriting]
Thursday 24 Feb
Friday 25 Feb
Saturday 26 Feb Went out to see Phyllis [Bethel's handwriting]
Sunday 27 Feb Went to church in the morning. Eunice, Will, Phyllis, Jimmie and the little ones came in afternoon. [Bethel's handwriting]
Monday 28 Feb
March 1949
Tuesday 1 Mar Went to Livermore to Dr. Hobbs Mother [Phoebe] worked in yard
Wednesday 2 Mar rained Mother crocheted [Bethel's handwriting]
Thursday 3 Mar Bert, Margaret, Joe, Della, Phyllis and the little ones came. [Bethel's handwriting]
Friday 4 Mar Denice calved [Bethel's handwriting]
Saturday 5 Mar Mother Leona Coats birthday 108th birthday [Bethel's handwriting]
Sunday 6 Mar We went to church. Vivian [Edmonston] came while we were away. Lovely day no rain.
Monday 7 Mar I crocheted all day
Tuesday 8 Mar Marcia, Hal & Gail came before noon to stay all night. I went to the large group meeting at the church, we had lecture & moving pictures.
Wednesday 9 Mar Marcia, Hal & Gail went home in the P.M.
Thursday 10 Mar Alan & Betty Searls and two kiddies Janet and David came for dinner. Phyllis and Jimmie and children brought the children to stay with us while they went to S.F., got them in the evening.
Friday 11 Mar I crocheted all day & finished the 17th row on the table cloth. One on the 18th row. I made four large ones and 8 small ones.
Saturday 12 Mar
Sunday 13 Mar Went to church. Bob McPherson passed away [Bethel's handwriting}
Monday 14 Mar Washed & Ironed [Bethel's handwriting]
Tuesday 15 Mar Took examination for Drivers license [Bethel's handwriting]
Wednesday 16 Mar
Thursday 17 Mar
Friday 18 Mar
Saturday 19 Mar Will and Mabel Patton came. We had a nice evening playing cards.
Sunday 20 Mar We stayed home as Will and Mabel were here.
Monday 21 Mar
Tuesday 22 Mar I woke this morning with a very sore knee. Return of old trouble.
Wednesday 23 Mar I went to Mrs. Claunch home near Clayton to the church group. My knee seemed better today.
Thursday 24 Mar
Friday 25 Mar
Saturday 26 Mar
Sunday 27 Mar We went to Church to hear Allen Searls preach his last sermon here he is moving to Bellflower. We went to Searls reception in the P.M.
Monday 28 Mar
Tuesday 29 Mar Dad and I went to chiropractor in the evening.
Wednesday 30 Mar I went to Livermore to chiropractor had an exray of my colon
Thursday 31 Mar I took a chiropractor treatment for my knee at Dr. Horbs [?] in Livermore by Dr. Wright, colon washout and deep heat on my knee
April 1949
Friday 1 Apr I crocheted all day. Donald Martinelli stopped in to see us, had lunch, said his mother was better
Saturday 2 Apr I finished my crocheting Doris's tablecloth, except the outside edge. Went to Livermore. Dad set duck eggs. I decided not to finish course of treatment. Price was to high.
Sunday 3 Apr Phyllis & family went to Palo Alto to see her family. We stayed home.
Monday 4 Apr Louise & Taylor Lenox came. Eunice, Phyllis and Ellen came. Eunice stayed with us. We got the sheep sheared.
Tuesday 5 Apr Taylor drove Louise, Eunice Dad & I to the top of Mt. Diablo. Phyllis, Jimmy, Sherry & Ellen came to dinner/ Will & Phyllis & Roberta came in the evening.
Wednesday 6 Apr Louise, Taylor, Will, Eunice & Berta all left us. Frank came and plowed our corn ground.
Thursday 7 Apr Dad and I went with Phyllis to Hayward to see Jennie.
Friday 8 Apr I crocheted on the edge of the tablecloth.
Saturday 9 Apr My birthday. I crocheted all day.
Sunday 10 Apr We went to church. Dr. Vercyle (interim pastor). Mabel, Will & Sally Pilman came in the P.M. to see about us going with them for a trip.
Monday 11 Apr Monday I finished my tablecloth and washed it about nine P.M.
Tuesday 12 Apr I got up early and ironed Doris' tablecloth I just finished crocheting. It looks lovely. I went to our large church group in the P.M.
Wednesday 13 Apr We went to Mattie Wiedeman's funeral in Hayward also called on Jennie.
Thursday 14 Apr Phyllis took Dad and I to Stockton to see Fred Boise about staying here while we go east with will and Mabel. We had a nice day but no definite answer from Fred.
Friday 15 Apr
Saturday 16 Apr Phyllis and Jimmie took us to Eunice's and Will & Eunice and Dad and I went to Mr. & Mrs. Stevick's 60th anniversary
Sunday 17 Apr All the rest of the family came to Eunice's and we had a swell visit. Margaret and Betty Silen came in P.M. I gave Doris her tablecloth. I recd my H.BM. Mixer.
Monday 18 Apr I did a big washing. Foggy damp day, clothes didn't dry.
Tuesday 19 Apr I killed weeds and ironed.
Wednesday 20 Apr I finished ironing. Killed more weeds
Thursday 21 Apr Dad and I drove up to Hickman to see Anna but she was in Santa Cruz but we saw Nelson, Geo. Sam and Sy_el. Then stopped at Serena's to see sister (mine not so good) saw Marian.
Friday 22 Apr We went to a tea party at Phyllis'. Had a nice time in P.M. Dad took the wool to Livermore. Killed weeds in A.M.
Saturday 23 Apr We went to San Jose. Doris & Victor drove us over to Santa Cruz to see Anna & Ann to see if Anna would stay here will we went East.
Sunday 24 Apr Phoebe, Raymond and family came and we all drove to the top of Mt. Diablo
Monday 25 Apr I mad out a bill to Sears/
Tuesday 26 Apr Dad went to town . I sent the bill.
Wednesday 27 Apr I went with our church group to Mrs. Clark's daughter's beautiful home in the Berkeley hills.
Thursday 28 Apr
Friday 29 Apr I sewed some on my clothes to get them ready to go East.
Saturday 30 Apr Dad cleaned the back yard of weeds. I cleaned house and killed weeds. Bunny and Archie came in the evening.
May 1949
Sunday 1 May Eunice, Will, Beck, Blake, Doris, Victor, Gail, Jimmy , Phyllis, Sharon, Ellen, Bunny and Archie, also Andy, Dot, (her girlfriend) Nancy, Bob & Chas came.
Monday 2 May Dad went to the butcher's for the meat from our calf, took it Fiorio's to be cut and wrapped, and put in their locker. Dad went to see Jennie and went to employment agency and found a man & wife to stay while we go on a trip.
Tuesday 3 May
Wednesday 4 May We left home 5:30 P.M. went to Phyllis' then on to San Jose to Pattons found Doris waiting for us.
Thursday 5 May We left Will's at 6 a.m. went thru Gilroy, Hollister and over Tehachapi pass to Mojave where we found a nice cabin in White's Auto Motel after driving 320 miles. Mohave being a railroad town where they made up trains at night, we spent the night dozing between naps. We forgot one of our pillows & left it there.
Friday 6 May We left 6:45 a.m. went to Las Vegas a distance of 129 . We passed thru nothing but desert with Joshua trees all in bloom and Yucca lilies not blooming.
Saturday 7 May We left camp at 9:15 a.m. as Will had to have his car repaired. We went thru Henderson and stopped and called on Corinne Jourdin then went on to Boulder (Hoover) Dam, went thru the Dam then we went on to Virginia River where we spent the night in two comfortable cottages.
Sunday 8 May We left camp about eight oclock went 70 miles to St. George, Utah where we stopped for church at a Presbyterian church. After church we went to Conoce Court and had most delicious Mother's Day dinner. Then drove forty four miles to Allred's Motor Court. we engaged a cabin there. went thru Zion National Park (one mile distant) The most beautiful scenery we had ever seen.
Monday 9 May We left camp 7 a.m. drove 90 miles to Brice National Park thru sparsely settled country uninteresting to Jacob's Lake to poor accommodations, no running water Chic Sales toilets. Snow piles on all sides. Brice is very beautiful but much smaller and you look down into it instead of up to the towering peaks as of Zion.
Tuesday 10 May We went 44 miles to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Bright Angel Lodge. I walked to the end of Bright Angel trail to To Bright Angel Point. The rest of the party couldn't make it. I saw the most stupendous sight I ever saw, not as beautiful as Zion but so vast, 25 miles across and 75 miles long, only I couldn't see it all. We back tracked to Jacob's Lake and ate our lunch then we went on to Flagstaff thru beautiful red bluffs almost as beautiful as the Grand Canyon.
Wednesday 11 May Will had two tire blow outs yesterday so we stopped to buy two new tires at Flagstaff, then dtove to Petrified Forest and then on to Painted Desert from there to Navajo where we had splendid accommodations. The scenery was very interesting.
Thursday 12 May We left camp 7:30 and drove thru rough Indian country into New Mexico. The Indian were of the Navajo and Laguna tribes. The scenery consisted of high rooky bluffs on each side of a sort of valley or desert plain. We found a most satisfactory cabin in Hilcrest Motor Court in Albuquerque New Mexico about five thirty.
Friday 13 May We left camp at eight oclock as Will had to change one tire. Scenery about the same as yesterday. We stopped at several Indian trading posts and bought some Indian Pottery. We arrived at Amarillo, Texas about four P.M. and Will changed oil in his car.
Saturday 14 May We left early about 6-45. We passed thru beautiful scenery of grain fields and wooded spaces. The rain has gone before us until about 4 P.M. when it started to pour down. Our windshield [wipers] wouldn't work so we stopped and found 2 cabins in Poplar Motor Court. We passed a terrible wreck, two cars side swiped each other just before we stopped. It rained all night.
Sunday 15 May Still pouring, thunder and lightning. It began to stop at nine so we started out for Tulsa-later-The rain soon stopped we traveled thru beautiful green fields and wooded country to the White Oak Motor Court where they had beautiful iris. We ate our dinner in the restaurant and went over to our cabin we played cards a while and went to bed.
Monday 16 May We started out about 7:30. The sky was cloudy but no rain, lovely to ride in. We went thru Springfield and several other towns to Rolla to Louise and Taylor's then Margaret and Bert came over there. We arrived in Rolla about 1 P.M., ate lunch at the restaurant.
Tuesday 17 May Margaret, Bert and I was bed in the A.M. and I ironed in the P.M. and enjoyed the rest of the day visiting. Louise and Taylor came and spent the evening.
Wednesday 18 May We all went out to the girl's (Uncle Will's) old home. We took our lunch and spread it on the grass in the cemetery (a lovely spot) where Uncle Will, Aunt Ella, their little son Caleb, Aunt Mollie (Patton) Bowles and several others were buried. The cemetery was on Uncle Will's home place. Aunt Mollie was mother's sister married to my father's nephew. Bert and Margaret had a delicious chicken dinner to celebrate their 39th anniversary and Bert's birthday.
Thursday 19 May We had a great day at home then in the the evening the ladies prepared a delicious lunch and we all went to Meramec Spring. A lovely spring bubbling up under a limestone cliff and formed quite a river. It was a lovely blue and looked as if milk had been poured in to it. We barbecued weenies on a little grill in the park and had a lovely time.
Friday 20 May We came over to Louise's and she gave us a delicious dinner and invited her son David Taylor the 4th, his wife and son (David Taylor the 5th). In the evening we went to the movies. Taylor took all thru his fine plant where he makes ice cream, butter and ice for wholesale and retail trade. David Taylor the 5th was 13 months old and a darling. Margaret Anne came late in the evening for the week end.
Saturday 21 May Louise had a delicious dinner and had her son Bill and his wife Kay come so we could meet them. They were all so lovely and we enjoyed meeting them so much. Margaret Anne attends Columbia University. We all went to Meramec Spring instead of May 19th.
Sunday 22 May Taylor and Louise took Margaret Ann back to Columbia and took us along to meet their daughter Merrietta. Their two daughters are adorable young ladies. Margaret Ann, the youngest, is two or three inches taller than Marietta. Marietta is graduating next month. We came back to Margaret's that evening. The day was beautiful but after we went to bed we had a thunder storm and nice shower which they needed badly.
Monday 23 May We all got up bright and early with Bill's wife Kay & Margaret's friend Mrs. Miller (eight in all) and drove one hundred fifteen miles to Big Spring said to be the largest spring in America with a maximum flow of 840 million gallons of water per day. We visited the Round Spring quite a large volume of water pouring out of a large round sink on the side of a hill near the road. On our way down and we went five miles out of our way to see Allie's Spring [Allie Springs] on way home it was quite large and had been used to run an old flour mill.
Tuesday 24 May I washed, ironed & packed to go to Villa Ridge tomorrow. We hate to have to separate from these dear ones.
Wednesday 25 May Margaret, Bert, Louise, Dad and I started for Meramec Caverns about nine A.M. We arrived OK and met Will, Mable, Lucy and Lloyd and all had a lovely lunch both partys had brought. After lunch we all went thru the Mermamec Cavern which is five floors high and is considered next to Carlsbad in importance only Carlsbad is larger. We then separated and we went home with Lucy & Lloyd. The others went back to their homes.
Thursday 26 May Will and Lloyd took us to Frank Patton, Grace Ave. St. Louis where Frank & Bertha made us very welcome.
Friday 27 May We visited with Bertha until Frank got home in the evening from his work. Then he took us for a nice ride around his big city to see the sights.
Saturday 28 May Lucy Bennetsen came and took us out for a nice lunch and then drove us to her home in Kirkwood where we had a nice quiet visit with her. Her daughter had gone on a picnic so we didn't get to see her. Lucy brought us back to Frank's and he and Bertha took us to see Jimmy Stewart at one of the big Movie Theatres.
Sunday 29 May Frank and Bertha brought Bethel and I also one of their grandson's Maurins' boy Bud up to Lucy's again. She had a delicious chicken dinner and we all had a nice day.
Monday 30 May Memorial Day. We attended a reunion of Will Patton's High School graduating class of 1898. We met most of their neighbors, had a delicious pot luck lunch and enjoyable time. Franks family and some others came over to Lucy's for a while. Will and Mable went home with some relatives of his mother's who were at the picnic.
Tuesday 31 May I washed my hair. We visited all day. Will and Mable came back in the P.M. and we all went to spend the evening with an old friend of Will's, Mrs. Mary Cauldwell. A sweet little old lady.
June 1949
Wednesday 1 Jun Were awakened at 4 A.M. by quite a thunder storm which lasted two or three hours then it stopped raining so I washed a few under ware pieces etc. Tho it looked like more rain they all got dry so I ironed what needed it and packed every thing ready to go tomorrow to K. C.
Thursday 2 Jun We arose bright and early to go to Kansas City to visit Cousin Harry Jennett. Lucy took us to Washington Mo. to catch the train. It was one of the new stream lined, the Missouri Pacific "Eagle". It only stopped at a few stations and would have been nice if it hadn't been full of smoke. Harry took us to a nice restaurant for dinner. Lucy made us a nice lunch to eat on the train. We enjoyed it.
Friday 3 Jun We visited with Harry. He took us to the restaurant for breakfast and lunch. He took us to the movie in the evening to see (Ma & Pa Kettle). Had a lunch at Harry's when we returned. I forgot to mention yesterday that Joe and Harry met us at the train in Joe's machine and Joe came back this evening and drove us to the theatre. We enjoyed seeing them so much. Joe has grown quite gray.
Saturday 4 Jun Harry phoned Edna that we were there and I talked with her and she said they would be right in for us so they came and we went home with them. Edna's home looked very natural, hadn't changed a particle since we were there in 1923. Ed still draws rain water from their cistern on their back porch. They are very dear folks and we enjoyed our visit with them very much.
Sunday 5 Jun We expected Harry & Joe's familys to come over, so we stayed home and visited all day and Harry & Joe didn't come as Harry didn't feel well. We were sorry we didn't go to church.
Saturday 11 Jun Ed & Edna took us
Sunday 12 Jun Edna made a nice lunch and we went to Swope Park, a large park of over fifteen hundred acres. A man by the name of Swope deeded twelve hundred acres to the city years ago and they bought a few hundred acres more. It has a large zoo so we took it all in and enjoyed it. We took Harry with us which made it more enjoyable too. As soon as we arrived home we had to go to a barbecue party at Harry Barries. They had a lovely dinner.
Tuesday 14 Jun I made Ed one of his favorite pies, a dried apricot pie. Then we took our lunch and went to Excelsior Springs, quite a noted health resort. We made our coffee on the barbecue pit and ate our lunch at one of the tables and started out to see the place and did it rain but as all the Mo. folks do we just let it rain and put news papers over our heads and went to see everything. Had a great time.
Wednesday 15 Jun Ed and Edna brought us back to Harry's. It was Edna's birthday so I made a birthday cake for here. We brought all the fixings for dinner and her birthday cake & apricot pie to eat dinner with Harry but he got hungry early so had eaten so we were disappointed but we ate it there and enjoyed it. I brought some of the nice fresh vegetables from Ed's nice garden so I cooked all of Harry's meals but one
Thursday 16 Jun Bethel bought a nice fryer chicken and I fried it and made Harry a nice chicken dinner at noon. Mr. & Mrs. Hertzell, dear friends of Harry's invited us three to dinner in the evening at the Blue Bird restaurant. We enjoyed it very much. We afterward met her very sweet daughter.
Friday 17 Jun Will and Mable came back from their trip, arrived 2 P.M. We were sure glad to see them as it means we will soon be on our way home. We got dinner at Harry's and Bethel, Will and Mable went to watch them bowl at the bowling alley a while. I stayed and visited with Harry.
Saturday 18 Jun Will, Mabel, Bethel & I went over to Kansas City, Kansas to have lunch with Nelson & Ruth Wood. Nelson is Lucy Wood's (Will's sister) son. We had a most delicious luncheon. We remained there until three o'clock and then went over to Edna's as Will wanted to see Ed & Edna. We stayed over night with them.
Sunday 19 Jun We left Edna's about nine o'clock and went back to K. C. and out to the Unity Temple to a Sunday morning service. Then we came back to Harry's and ate our lunch their. Joe & Helen invited us to their house for Sunday dinner so we went out there and had a delicious dinner. After dinner, Harvey and family came and spent the evening and we went back to Harry's for the night
Monday 20 Jun Left Harry's at 2701 Forest, Kansas City, Mo. eight oclock traveled thru between corn fields and wheat fields nd thru small towns for 387 miles to Oakley, Kansas. We spent the night at a motor court.
Tuesday 21 Jun Let the motor court 7 am drove 200 miles to Colorado Springs arrived about three PM. We telephoned Mary V. K. and she invited us to have dinner with her so we got us a cabin, cleaned up and went to see them. Met Ross (her husband), Jean 13 and Judy five years old. They were all so sweet & friendly we enjoyed our little visit with them. They had tickets to the Shrine Circus and it was their last night so they had to go.
Wednesday 22 Jun We left the motorcourt about 7 am went thru the Garden of the Gods then about nine a.m. we left Colorado Springs and traveled 262 miles thru green rolling hills of pasture land with herford cattle we arrived at Wheatland , a small town in Wyoming we had a nice modern cabin.
Thursday 23 Jun We left our motel room at 7-20 and traveled thru pasture, covered with small sage brush, with sweet clover blooming on each side of the highway, with several large colonys of bees placed here and there out in the fields. In the P.M. our scenery changed, there were beautiful colored bluffs on our right side, almost as beautiful as the Grand Canyon. On our left were beautiful wooded mountains some with large spots of snow. On each side of the highway between the highway and mountains were beautiful fields of sweet clover or alfalfa and an awful crooked river. We traveled 407 miles to an auto court of log cabins and rustic furniture. Leeks lodge on a large lake.
Friday 24 Jun We left camp about eight A.M. And drove fifteen miles to the South entrance to Yellow Stone Park we signed up and went on to Old Faithful Inn to see if we could get a cabin they advised us to go on to Canyon Tourist Lodge as it would even up our trip so we did and got nice cabin. We drove around and saw all we could today.
Saturday 25 Jun We left Canyon Tourist Lodge at 8-15 a.m. and went 21 miles to Lower Falls then on to Mammoth Hot Springs stopped to see all the wonderful geysers etc then went on to Old Faithful Inn Tourist Lodge where we secured a cabin then we drove around the park and watched all the principle geysers in action even saw Castle geyser that only shoots once in every 36 hours and lasts for 40 minutes. The Daisy that only shoots every two hours we enjoyed very much.
Sunday 26 Jun Left camp about 7 P.M. We waited fifteen minutes to watch Old Faithful in action for the last time, in fact every geyser seemed all over the park to be in action for our special benefit. Being early the atmosphere was heavier and they looked more beautiful than ever. The day was clear and beautiful tho it did sprinkle a little in the early morning. We came out of the park thru the West entrance and drove for miles and miles with high forest of pines on either side then thru a valley with high mountains on either wide. We spent the night at Bidwell Auto Court in Pocatello, Idaho.
Monday 27 Jun We had the nicest apartment and best nights sleep since we left home. We went from the apartment to call on Alice(Nixon)Cotant and her two little boys, we enjoyed seeing her so much in her lovely new home. The we came on to Salt Lake City to visit Ruth & Sheridan McGarry and little boy Sherian & girl Cheryl. They took us for a nice ride and picnic up Parley Canyon about fourteen miles away. Bethel and I spent the night with Mrs."Pet" Dovell's a friend of Mabel's, she was very sweet and we enjoyed Mr. & Mrs. Dovell both very much.
Tuesday 28 Jun We got up early and Will called for us and brought us to Ruth's where we had breakfast. Will wasn't feeling very well so he rested. The rest of us with Sheridan at the wheel went for a ride around the city visited the cemetery went thru the capitol building saw many interesting places. We spent the night with Mrs. Dovell again.
Wednesday 29 Jun Will came for us again but Mrs Dovell had made breakfast for us so we had to eat it with her. She was very sweet to us. We bade Mr. & Mrs. Dovell goodbye and went to Ruth's and Will & Mabel went to see a doctor at a clinic. He told Will there was nothing the matter with him that a few days rest wouldn't rectify Just go a little slower. We started for home about 3 P.M.
Thursday 30 Jun We camped in a Motor court in the little town of Wells about 150 miles from S.L.City last night and got up bright and early and was on our way by 6-15 a.m. Will has a very bad cold developed yesterday. We traveled over a wonderful road but dry desolate scenery as yesterday. We arrived in Reno and went to Elizabeth Lourenze [?] (Mabel''s daughter) and we went to a picnic with them in the evening had nice time
July 1949
Friday 1 Jul We left Elizabeth's about 9-15 a.m. Elizabeth and Edward have two daughters, Ann and Janet. They are two very nice little girls. Edward took a lot of pictures of us was the cause of our late start. Mabel stayed in Salt Lake City with Ruth. We miss her. We came by Truckee, Donor Lake, Sacramento, Stockton and stopped at Phyllis' in Livermore and Jim brought us home.
Saturday 2 Jul I arose at 5-15 and cleaned house all day until 11P.M. Then didn't get through.
Sunday 3 Jul Eunice & Will were on a trip to Vancouver and were called home on account of a strike in S.F. They got back this morning. So they with Phyllis, Jimmy and the children also Doris, Marcia, Hal and Gail came and had dinner with us. They were all very glad to have us back home safe & well and we were awful glad to see them. Eunice, Phyllis, Sherry, Dad and I went for cherries.
Monday 4 Jul Eunice & Will & Sharon spent the night with us last night so we (Eunice) made some potato salad & stuffed eggs and took to Phyllis who had a picnic lunch in her back yard. Then Will and Jimmy went to the Fair in Pleasanton then went back to Phyllis‘ put the children to bed in the care of a sitter and we four went to the Cavalcade at the Fair in the evening. Eunice and Will went home.
Tuesday 5 Jul I wrote an article about our trip for the Danville and Livermore papers. Dad went to Livermore.


Janurary 1954
Friday 1 Jan Sarg. Howard Wilson and family moved into my home.
Saturday 2 Jan I helped and mended. Phyllis and I went to Wood's open house.
Sunday 3 Jan We went to church for the early service at Livermore then we all went to Palo Alto to see Jack and Doris and get Sharon. Came home by Eunice and Will's. Spent an hour or so with them then back to Livermore where we found their dog Dutchess had torn up five pillows we had planned to recover next day. My, what a mess.
Monday 4 Jan Phyllis went to Oakland for the ticking. Jewel Sweet and daughter went too. Ellen, Bill, and I went as far as the cemetery. We cleaned the weeds out of and around our plot and planted some flowers. We went back to Phyllis'. I made to ticks and changed two pillows.
Tuesday 5 Jan I made five more ticks and one small one. We salvaged all of the feather we could out of Duthchess' mess. I came home in the evening.