William Coats of South Carolina

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The ancestry of William Coats of South Carolina not been determined at this time, but it is known that he was born in South Carolina. One of the difficulties in tracing his line is the fact that there were at least 17 William Coats' living in the colonies around that time. Linda Coate did quite a bit of research on them.

My fifth cousin, Charlotte Coats, has done extensive research on earlier generations that may be related to this line.

The photographs are of Wilson and Mary Phillips Coats of generation four below.

Generation One (Tentative)

COATS, Charles b ca. 1714

m ca. 1734 Sophia

  • Charles
  • William b bef 1740
  • James b ca. 1753
  • Notely b ca. 1755

This generation is tentative until additional documentation is found to support it. What is known is that Charles had a son William, a wife Sophia and land in Frederick County Maryland as detailed in a 14 Aug 1761 deed. Charles is listed in the 1776 Census as 62, without a wife, but with two sons James and Notely. Another possible son would be Charles. There is a Charles Coats on a 1757 Muster Roll that could be the son of Charles as the elder Charles would have been about 44 at the time.

Given the span of time between William and James it may be the case that Sophia was Charles second wife. If other children are found to fill the gap, it would be likely that she was the only wife.

Generation Two

COATS, William b ca. 1735 d 15 Dec 1784 Camden District, South Carolina

m 1757 Frances

William's wife and children are named in his will.

On 16 April 1791, 200 acres of land owned by William was sold on Kings Creek on the south side of the Enoree River to John Turner (Furnas), Sr. The deed is filed in Newberry County Records.

Generation Three

Children of William Coats and Frances

COATS, Barton b 1749

m Nettie

  • Barton b 1788
  • unknown b 1800

COATS, Wilson W. b ca. 1750 d Jun 1822 Bedford County, Tennessee

m 8 Feb 1790 Sumner County, Tennessee Catherine Celia Ruyle b 1770 Hampshire County, Virginia d 1868 Shelbyville, Sumner County, Tennessee

  • Sally m unknown Howard
  • Matilda m John Blessing
  • Polly m David Blessing
  • William b 20 Nov 1790 Sumner County, Tennessee d 26 Dec 1865 Pontotoc County, Mississippi m ca. 1828 Elizabeth Gideon b ca. 1805 South Carolina d Ponototoc County, Mississippi
  • Benjamin b 1795 Sumner County, Tennessee d 1862 California m 1819 Elizabeth b 1800 d 1870
  • Malinda b ca. 1798 Bedford County, Tennessee d before Oct 1853 Bedford County m Andrew Reed
  • Lovicey b 8 Feb 1800 d 15 Aug 1875 Bedford County, Tennessee m John Reed
  • Claiborne Wilson b 23 Jan 1807 Bedford County, Tennessee d 9 Dec 1896 Texas m Elizabeth Butcher b 1806 Kentucky d 8 May 1872 Texas
  • James b ca. 1810 Bedford County, Tennessee d 1 May 1893 Cabool, Texas County, Mississippi m Elizabeth Hart d before May 1893
  • Henry C. b 1812
  • Bailey W. b 1814 Bedford County, Tennessee d 1820 Bedford County
  • John B. b 1815
  • Elizabeth b 1816 m Milliam R. McFarlin

COATS, Benjamin Watts b 1752 Camden District, South Carolina d 11 Jun 1850 Smith County, Tennessee

m unknown

  • Benjamin F.
  • Nancy

m Elizabeth Brook

  • Jeremiah b Dec 1805 d 1879
  • Wilson
  • Elizabeth
  • Milberry

m Anna

  • Ann
  • Mary Polly b 1815 d 6 Apr 1889
  • Temperance b 1822 d 20 Jul 1885

COATS, William b abt 1754 Newberry, South Carolina d 13 Jun 1836 Coats' Prairie, Callaway County, Missouri

m 1791 Sumner County, Tennessee Nancy Baker b abt 1774 Sumner County, Tennessee d 23 Jul 1849 Coats' Prairie, Callaway County, Missouri

  • Sarah Mary b 21 May 1792 m Matthew Agee
  • James b 4 Jan 1794 m Mary Callaway, daughter of Joseph and Polly (Barrett) Callaway
  • Rachel b 30 Sep 1795 b 20 Sep 1795 d Dec 1876 m Robert Read
  • William b 11 Jun 1797
  • Nancy b 3 Feb 1799 d 18 Sep 1835 m 12 Dec 1822 Joseph P. Callaway, son of Joseph and Polly (Barrett) Callaway
  • John b 10 Nov 1800
  • Wilson b 10 Aug 1802
  • Anna b 2 Feb 1804 (possibly died young)
  • Laodocea b 25 Dec 1805 m Daniel Phillips
  • Benjamin b abt 1808 m Annie Delaney
  • Tabitha b 13 Dec 1810 d 2 Sep 1882 m 9 Apr 1824 William Callaway, son of of Joseph and Polly (Barrett) Callaway
  • Frances b 13 Sep 1812 m 15 Oct 1829 Samuel McLaughlin
  • Mahala b May 1814 m 18 Sep 1828 Francis Dodds
  • Hiram b 20 Feb 1816
  • Lemuel B. b 16 Oct 1817

At some point William moved to Sumner County, Tennessee for he was married there in 1791. Other records indicate that William was in Smith County. As Smith County was created out of Sumner County on 26 Oct 1799, it may be that William and his family lived in the portion of Sumner County that became Smith County.

In 1817, the family moved to what became known as Coats' Prairie in Callaway County, Missouri. William farmed for a living, but his avocation was as a Baptist minister. He became the minister for the people around Coats' Prairie and organized most of the Baptist churches in the region.

William's wife and children are named in his will with the exception of Benjamin and Anna. The children's names and birth dates, including Benjamin and Anna also appear in a bible in the possession of Marcia Morten. There is also a biography of Rev. William and his family.

Generation Four

Children of William Coats and Nancy Baker

COATS, James b 4 Jan 1794 Sumner County, Tennessee

m Polly Callaway, daughter of Joseph and Polly (Barrett) Callaway

  • Matthias S.
  • Laura A.

COATS, William b 11 Jun 1797 Sumner County, Tennessee d ca. 1856

m 15 Apr 1817 Wilson County, Tennessee Patsey Tracy

  • Jimmerson
  • Mary R.
  • Elizabeth d May 21 1875
  • Lowery T. b. 24 Feb 1818 d June 27, 1875, Sedalia, Missouri
  • Timothy b 4 June 1819 d 9 Oct 1819
  • Benjamin W. b 21 Sep 1820 d Santa Fe, New Mexico
  • Thomas H. b 1 April 1822; d California
  • James M. b 17 May 1824 d Jackson, Mississippi
  • William b 21 Oct 1826 d Texas
  • Jasper N. b 2 Feb 1828, Cooper, Missouri d Henry, Missouri
  • Nancy b 28 Jan 1832 Callaway County, Missouri d 5 Feb 1903 Callaway County, Missouri

m 1837 Cena Callaway b ca. 1800 d 1847, daughter of Joseph and Polly (Barrett) Callaway

  • Demetrius Callaway b 3 Apr 1840
  • Ana Elizabeth b 12 Apr 1842
  • John J. b 13 Jun 1846

COATS, John b 10 Nov 1800 d 8 Sep 1848 Smith County, Tennessee

m Nancy Smith

  • John

COATS, Wilson b 10 Aug 1802 Smith County, Tennessee d 3 Jan 1886 Tassajara Section of Contra Costa County, California

m 25 Dec 1823 Callaway County, Missouri Mary Phillips b 16 Jan 1805 Tennessee d 27 Nov 1875 Contra Costa County, California

On 1 May 1849, after having caught "gold fever", Wilson, his son Felix, and two nephews made their way overland to California. It took them about five months to make the trip. In January of 1851, Wilson returned to Missouri via the Isthmus of Panama to bring the family back to California. When they arrived, they first tried to settle in Santa Clara County. Finding the land in the area taken up by Spanish land grants, they next traveled to Contra Costa County and camped near what is now Danville. They finally took up a homestead of 160 acres in Tassajara Valley, which was just to the North. They continued to live there until their deaths. At one time, Wilson was an associate judge in Contra Costa County.

The parents and children's names and birth dates appear in a bible in the possession of Marcia Sonnenberg. The daughter Mary most likely died young. Her name does not appear in the 1850 census with the rest of the younger children when she would have been six.

Wilson and Mary are buried in Section G of the Dublin Pioneer Cemetery, Dublin, California. The birth and death dates are from the grave stones. A biography of Wilson Coats was published in 1882.

COATS, Hiram b 20 Feb 1816 d 1857

m 17 Sep 1835 Permelia Walker

  • William B. b bef. 1843
  • Mary W. b bef. 1843
  • Tabitha A. bef 1843
  • Elizabeth F. aft 1843
  • John E. b aft. 1843
  • Francis W. b aft. 1843
  • Hiram L. b aft. 1843

Hiram and his children appear in the Callaway County, Missouri probate records - Vol F - 1855-1859 in a document dated 22 May 1857. The children's ages are specified as 14 or younger or older than 14.

COATS, Lemuel B. b 16 Oct 1817, Smith County, Tennessee d 10 Oct 1863 Portland, Missouri

m 6 Jul 1849 Elizabeth Maddox b 1826 Virginia

  • Hiram R. b 1850 Missouri
  • James F. b 1853 Arkansas
  • S. B. Coats (female) b 1857 Missouri

Elizabeth's birth date and the children's names and birth dates are from the 1860 Census. Lemuel was murdered along with his brothers-in-law in Portland.

Generation Five

Children of Wilson Coats and Mary Phillips

COATS, Therese Ettoline b 1 Nov 1824 Callaway County, California d 1853 Contra Costa County, California

m William Berry Nolen

COATS, Milam Bethel b 27 Aug 1826 Callaway County, Missouri d 19 Mar 1856 Stockton, Missouri

Milam bethel coats thumb

m 1848 Susan Mary Egbert, daughter of Del Egbert b 1830, Kentucky d 4 Sep 1908, Sutter County, California

  • Arthur Wilson b ca. 1851 Missouri d Yuba City, California
  • Arianne b 30 Jan 1853 Pleasanton, California d 27 Dec 1856, Missouri
  • Trusten Polk b 19 May 1856 Stockton, Missouri

After coming to California with his father and brother, Milam, who was a physician, practiced in Pleasonton. The family returned to Missouri in 1852 where Milam died five years later according to a Contra Costa County history.

Susan returned to Sutter County, California and married Daniel O'Banion. In the 1900 census Susan said she was the mother of four with two living. It doesn't appear that she had any children with Daniel.

COATS, Felix Grundy b 9 Aug 1828 Callaway County, Missouri d 10 Jun 1916 Contra Costa County, California

Felix coats thumb

m 23 Feb 1860 Contra Costa County, California Leona Pearlee Doggett b 5 Mar 1841 Benton County Arkansas d 25 Dec 1893 Contra Costa County

Felix on horse

As mentioned above, Felix came to California in 1849. After a few years at gold mining, he homesteaded 160 acres next to his father's in 1851, eventually enlarging it to 550 acres which was used to grow grain and raise cattle. At one point, Felix acted as a school trustee. In 1915, Felix dictated his memories of his trip to California and his early days there.

An 1880 U. S. census record lists Felix Coats, Leona and their children (except Jennie who hadn't been born) living in Green Valley, Contra Costa County. Felix occupation was as a farmer. Also in the household was Leona's mother Elizabeth Daggett [sic] aged 61.

Felix and Leona are buried in Section G of the Dublin Pioneer Cemetery, Dublin, California. The birth and death dates are from the grave stones. Felix is described as 6 feet tall, with light blue eyes and gray hair in the 1892 voter registration for Contra Costa County. At least two biographies of Felix Grundy have been written: one in 1882 and another in 1904.

For an extensive genealogy of the Doggett line see Jim Doggett's page. He has additional information on Leona's ancestry which he doesn't have online at this point.

COATS, William Lafayette b 26 Dec 1830 Calloway County, Missouri d Mar 1917 Inyo County, California

William lafayette coats thumb

William came to California with his father and brother Felix in 1849. William had moved to Inyo County by 1880 as he appears in the census for Bishops Creek, Inyo County in the household of Schuyler Williams. He gave his occupation as prospector. In the 1900 census, William was living with his brother Lemuel in the same county. There are three public land records for him in the county: two in 1891 and one in 1896. After prospecting, William pursued sheep ranching. It doesn't appear that he married.

William is buried in the West Line Cemetery, Bishop, California. An obituary appeared for him in the Inyo Register on 22 Mar 1917.

COATS, John Russell b 4 May 1833 Calloway County, Missouri d 5 Nov 1904 Quicksilver, California

John russell coats thumb

m Susan Preston b 16 Sep 1849 Missouri d 15 Sep 1927 San Francisco, California

John and Susan's birth and death dates are from their gravestones in the Middletown Cemetery, Middletown, California. John came to California with his family in 1849 or a year or two afterwards.

An 1880 U. S. census record lists a J. R. Coats age 47 and wife Susan age 30 living in Sycamore, Contra Costa County. John's occupation was as a Butcher. Their children were Etta aged 13, Russell aged 11, Fannie aged 9, Eddie aged 7, Willie aged 4, and Roy aged 2. A Samuel Lyle aged 17 was listed as part of the household as a laborer. Susan's father's birth place is given as Tennessee and her mother's as Virginia.

An 1882 voter register has him in Lake County. John's nephew Bethel mentions visiting Middletown in 1885 and again in 1888. John's obituary has him living in Quicksilver when he died, which is about four miles southwest of Middletown. The Quicksilver post office closed in 1911. John died of pneumonia. Susan may have lived with her son William after her husband's death. William is buried in Colma, California which is where most San Franciscan's are buried. There are no active cemeteries in San Francisco.

COATS, Lemuel Allen b 19 Nov 1836 Miller County Missouri d 14 Feb 1918 Los Angeles County, California

Lemuel allen coats thumb

m 10 Sep 1865 Sarah Merinda Agee b 28 Feb 1849 Calloway County, Missouri d 30 Mar 1925 Los Angeles County, California

Lemuel allen coats 300

Lemeul was born in Missouri and came to California when his father brought the rest of the family. At some point afterwards, he made his way to Oregon where he married Sarah and they had their first child. Sarah was the daughter of Isaac and Cordilly (Thorton) Agee. A few years later they reunited with Lemuel's family in Contra Costa County living next to his parents. In 1880, his father was living with them so perhaps he took over his father's ranch. Wilson was 77 at the time.

Sarah marinda agee 300

It's possible that Lemuel went into business running a livery stable as an L. A. Coats was running a livery stable in the Ocean View and Yockum Ferry area of Alameda County in 1875 according to a business directory. He is shown again in 1878, this time along with a Mr. Hewitt as his partner.

In September 1885, the family moved to Fresno. The family photo shown below was taken there. It's not known how long they lived there. By 1900, they were living in Inyo County with another brother: William Lafayette Coats. After a stay of several years, they moved one last time to Santa Monica, California, a few blocks from the beach. After Lemuel's death, Sarah continued to live there with some of her grown children. Others lived nearby. Lemuel and Sarah are buried in the Woodlawn Cemetery in Santa Monica.

James marhall coats thumb

COATS, James Marshall b 12 Apr 1839 d 1895, Alameda, California d 1872

m Fannie McKenzie b 26 Oct 1842, Missouri d 11 August 1938, Alameda County, California

  • May b 18 Aug 1871, California d 3 Feb 1894, Oakland, California

James was a lawyer in San Francisco, California. James and Fannie had one daughter who was killed in a street car accident in Oakland, California. May was a school teacher. The family is buried in the Mountain View Cemetery in Oakland, California

Frances rosana coats thumb

COATS, Frances Rosana b 31 Aug 1841 Miller County, Missouri d 24 Dec 1871 Contra Costa County, California

Frances was still at home with her parents and listed as single in the 1870 census. She is buried in Section G of the Dublin Pioneer Cemetery, Dublin, California. Her gravestone has a death date of 22 Dec 1870. The former is from a family bible.

Generation Six

Children of Milam Coats and Susan Mary Egbert

COATS, Arthur Wilson b 1851, Missouri, d 27 Feb 1912, Sutter County, California

Arthur appears in various records in Sutter, Lake, and Mendocino Counties. In 1910 an Arthur Wilson Coats appears in the San Francisco directory. One entry has him in real estate and another in cigars. He is buried in the same plot as his brother, Trusten, in Yuba City. A plaque on his stone says "My Husband". No record of a wife has been found.

COATS, Trusten Polk b 19 May 1856 Stockton (or Jefferson City), Missouri d 17 August 1932 Yuba City, California

m 4 Oct 1883 Marysville, California Laura Jane Kirk, b 4 Nov 1861, California d 27 Jul 1954, Sacramento County, Californiaa.

Children of Felix Coats and Leona Doggett

Felix coats and family crop

COATS, William Berry Nolan b 4 June 1862 Contra Costa County, California d 29 Dec 1923

m 12 Nov 1882 Catherine Delitha Drennan b 25 Jun 1865, Illinois d 21 Sep 1941, Contra Costa County, California

William is described as 6 feet tall with blue eyes and dark hair in the 1892 voter registration for Contra Costa County. There is a William Coats in the 1894 Husted Directory listing William as a laborer in the Ocean view, Yockum Ferry area of Alameda County. In 1920, William and Catherine were living in Napa County, California.

William and Catherine are buried is St. Helena, California with some of their children and grandchildren.


COATS, James Longstreet b 12 Jun 1866 Contra Costa County, California d 16 Sep 1934

m 11 Aug 1895 Fanny Maude Williams b 31 Jan 1870 d 20 Jun 1936

  • Vivian b 9 Jan 1901, California

Fanny was the stepdaughter of Levi Maxcy, who owned a ranch adjacent to the Coats' place. James took over the ranch after he married Fanny. Due to his asthma, James had to give up ranching and became a government gauger (of distilled spirits). James is described as 6 feet tall with blue eyes and light hair in the 1892 voter registration for Contra Costa County. According to his brother Bethel, James entered the University of the Pacific in 1884 and graduated in 1887. At that time, it was known as California Wesleyan College and was located in San Jose. James is buried in Section G of the Dublin Pioneer Cemetery.

COATS, Bethel Sims b 16 April 1868 Contra Costa County, California d 30 May 1951 same

m 30 Dec 1891 Phoebe Ellen Bowles b 9 Apr 1873 San Luis Obispo County, California d 13 July 1962 San Jose, California

Eunice bernice doris rowe

Bethel most likely took his entire primary education at the original Tassajara School. While at the school, Bethel started a journal. His first entry was about the school. He graduated in 1885 and started attending Livermore College the next year.

Phoebe's family moved to the county in 1887 at which time Phoebe started attending the Tassajara school. Bethel had already graduated, but may have met her there through his sisters who were still attending or at the school dance at the new school house in 1889 which he took the trouble to record in his journal. He certainly would have met her when he worked for her father in October of that year.

Bethel took over his father's ranch which he increased to 1200 acres and ran it off and on. He would sometimes rent out the ranch to others. For example, from an 1896 journal entry: "Rented our place to Ella and Charley Worth in the fall and went to the coast for a year or more"

Before and after he married, Bethel liked to travel. Here's an entry from his journal for 1901:

Got a wagon and started out camping with whole family, Eunice, Bernice & Doris. Started July 1st, back Oct. 1st. Went through Santa Rosa, Geysers, Lake County, Adam’s Springs, Sacramento, Lake Tahoe, Mercer’s Cave, and Big Trees of Calaveras Grove.

That's a good part of Northern California by wagon! The next year they covered a good part of Southern California in the same manner.

Went camping in the fall. Started Sept. 27th, got back Nov. 13th and visited Watsonville, San Simeon, Kings County, Fresno County, Madera County.

Two years later they went to the World's fair:

Phoebe and I went to the World’s Fair [in St. Louis]. Started Sept. 30th and got back Jan 29th 1905. Stopped in Los Angeles, San Luis Obispo, Watsonville and Livermore.

In 1906, Bethel bought a house in San Jose and moved the family there so that the girls (pictured above) could get a better education. Having three children didn't stop them from traveling. In 1907 they took a six week trip to Yosemite and San Simeon, which was recorded by Phoebe's cousin Margaret. Two years later, they sold their first house and bought another one in the same city. In 1912, they bought a candy store, which they ran for about three years. Bethel also kept an orchard for about four years.

When their children had grown, Bethel and Phoebe returned to the ranch in Tassajara. Bethel died in 1951. Phoebe continued living there for a few years before moving back to San Joes to live with her daughter Eunice in San Jose until she died in 1962 at the age of 89. She wrote a diary later in life. While the ranch is largely intact under the current owner, all the original ranch buildings are gone as can be seen in there current photographs.

Bethel and Phoebe are buried in Section F of the Dublin Pioneer Cemetery, Dublin, California. The birth and death dates are from the grave stones. Bethel is described as 5 feet 11 inches tall with gray eyes and brown hair in the 1892 voter registration for Contra Costa County. A biography of Bethel was written in 1926.


COATS, Susan Ella b 13 Sep 1872 Contra Costa, California d 23 May 1928

m 11 Sep 1895 Charles Worth b Nov 1873, Kentucky d 26 Jul 1906, Alameda County, California

  • Hazel Leona Worth b 26 Sep 1896, California d 15 Jan 1985, Reno, Nevada

m 1910 E. Sieler

m unknown Box

Susan attended the original Tassajara school. There is very little information on her second and third husbands.

After the death of her father, Hazel went to live with her maternal grandfather and aunt in southern Contra Costa County. A divorced Hazel Worth is found in 1930 living in San Francisco.

COATS, May b 27 May 1877 Contra Costa County, California d 12 Jan 1944 San Francisco, California

m 1 Sep 1909 Marion E. Horton b c. 1868 d 17 May 1916 Alameda County, California

  • William Stanley b c. 1898
  • Marion Undine b c. 1899 (daughter)

May got her early schooling at the original Tassajara school. According to her brother, Bethel, May started attending the University of the Pacific in January 1897. The university was located in San Jose at that time.

In 1910, the family lived in Contra Costa County where Marion farmed. The children's birth dates are from that census. Both were baptized into the Presbyterian Church in Livermore on 11 Apr 1909. Those records are the source for their middle names.

After Marion's death, May continued to live in San Francisco working as a sales clerk. At one point, she worked at Emporium. In 1940, she was living with her brother Bethel at the ranch.

COATS, Jennie Ethel b 25 Dec 1880 Contra Costa County, California d 28 Dec 1949 San Francisco, California

m 20 Nov 1912 Thomas Henry White b 8 May 1877 California d 1 Sep 1946, San Francisco, California

Along with her siblings, Jennie attended the original Tassajara school. She and her sister May started attending the University of the Pacific in January 1897. Thomas was a San Francisco police officer for over twenty years. They lived at 1264 13th Avenue in San Francisco among other locations in the city. The 1920 and 1930 census showed no children. Tom's death is recorded in Phoebe Coats diary. Jennie moved to the Friedlan Rest Home two weeks later.

Children of John Russell Coats and Susan Preston

John russell coats family thumb

COATS, Etta b 19 Jul 1866 Contra Costa County d 9 Dec 1957 Los Angeles, California

m 18 Oct 1885 William L. Lynn b 29 Mar 1860 Wisconsin d 11 Jul 1952 Fresno, California

  • Genevieve b 1888

Etta and William's birth and death dates and locations are from the California Death Index. Their marriage is listed in the Lake County marriage book 2, page 249. Before their marriage, William was a clerk living in Lake County (1880 census). By 1910 the family had moved to Washington. That year they lived on a farm in Snohomish County. Ten years later William was a Bookkeeper in Tacoma. In 1930, they appear in Seattle where William was a merchant in books and stationary. Genevieve was with her parents in 1910 but not in 1920.

COATS, Russell Wilson b 1869

Russell's appears in the 1890 voter register for Lake County. In 1910, Russell was living with his brother William in San Francisco.

COATS, Fannie Amanda b 14 Oct 1870 Contra Costa County, California d 17 Jan 1883 Lake County, California

Fannie is buried in the Middletown Cemetery. Her gravestone lists her parents as J. R. and S. C. Coats.

COATS, Edmund L. b 18 Jan 1873 Contra Costa County, California d 23 Oct 1926 Chico, California

m 25 Dec 1901 Clydia C. Parson b 1874 Iowa d 23 Nov 1919 Oakland, California

Edmund and Clydia birth and death dates are from their gravestones. Edmund's is in the Hartley Cemetery and Clydia's in the Middleton Cemetery, both in Lake County, California. Their marriage is from Lake County marriage book 4, page 116.

The 1900 census shows Edmund as a miner in Lake County. The 1910 census shows him following the same occupation in Grass Valley County, California. No children appear in either census.

COATS, William Preston b c. 1876 Contra Costa County, California d 4 Mar 1933 San Francisco, California

m 3 Nov 1898 Maud Shreve b c. 1879 California

  • Bernice b c. 1899
  • Preston Shreve b 8 Apr 1901 California d 23 May 1953 San Francisco

William and Maud's marriage is listed in the Lake County marriage book 3, page 418. The 1910 census finds the family in San Francisco where William was a teamster. Both Bernice and Preston were still at home. In 1920 he was a watchman at an iron works with the family still intact. In 1930 he was a shop man for the Street Railway. By this time, Bernice had moved out. Preston was still with them.

COATS, Curtis LeRoy b 10 Feb 1878 Contra Costa County d 11 Nov 1962 New Orleans, Orlans, Louisiana

m 16 Oct 1899 Alameda County, California Leta C. Harbin b Mar 1879 California d 24 Nov 1935 San Francisco, California

  • Lorin Leroy b 26 Jun 1900 Lake County, California d 19 Feb 1946 San Francisco, California
  • John R b 23 Nov 1905 Lake County, California d 15 Feb 1915 San Francisco, California

m 30 Dec 1938 San Mateo, California Alice Roslind Haas b 17 Feb 1882 Haasville, Louisiana d 18 Jun 1963

A Roy Coats is listed as the son of John in the 1880 census. The full name is from a photograph of him. He went by Leroy in the 1900 census records. Leroy and Leta were still living in Lake County at that time. The census records them as being married less than one year. Leroy was working as a miner. By 1920 Leta and Leroy were divorced with Leta and her son living in San Francisco. She worked as a milliner. They lived at 229 24th Street.

Roy moved to San Mateo and worked at various jobs. He joined the Christian Science church where he became First Reader. There, he met his second wife, who was the Second Reader. He adopted Alice's youngest daughter: Carol. In 1930, after Carol graduated from high school, the family moved to New Orleans. Roy became a Christian Science teacher and denominational spokesman for Louisiana. He's listed as a Christian Science practitioner in several New Orleans city directories

COATS, Susan Mabel b 1 Jun 1880 Contra Costa County, California d 23 Jan unknown year Lake County, California

Susan's gravestone lists her parents as J. R. and S. C. Coats.

COATS, Zoe b 12 Jan1883 Lake County, California d 28 Feb 1959 Los Angeles, California

Zoe's birth and death dates and death location are from the California Death Index. It is assumed she never married given she is listed by her maiden name in the index. She is listed in the 1900 census as living with her sister Etta in Washington. In the 1920 census she was living in San Francisco and worked as a pharmacist. Ten years later, she was following the same occupation in Fresno, California. In both census, she is listed as single.

COATS, Grover C. b 30 Dec 1884 Lake County, California d 18 Jan 1967 Los Angeles, California

m 1905 Lillia H. unknown

In 1910, Grover and Lillia where living in San Francisco. Grover had just joined the police force two years earlier. In 1917, he was promoted to corporal, in 1921 to sergeant, and in 1924 to lieutenant. The 1930 census find Grover divorced and one of many lodgers at 456 Post Street. In 1933, Grover was promoted to Captain.

COATS, Cecil Lynn b 16 Jul 1890 Lake County, California d 19 Oct 1957 Fresno, California

m Audrey

m 1923 Echo M.

  • Jacqueline b c. 1925

Cecil's birth and death dates and death location are from the California death index. In 1920, the family was living in Seattle, Washington (1920 census). Cecil was a salesman and Audrey was in advertising. The birth states for Cecil's parents in this record are the same ones used by all the children. According to the 1930 census Cecil had remarried and was living at 508 North G Street in Madera, California where Cecil worked as a salesman for a pipe company. The second wife's name is a best guess from the 1930 census. It may be an abbreviation. The record also indicates that Cecil was a veteran, most likely from World War I.

Children of Lemuel Allen Coats and Sarah Merinda Agee

Lemuel allen coats family thumb

COATS, Franklin James b 29 Jul 1867 Yamhill County, Oregon

James franklin coats 300

Frank is listed as James F. in some places and Frank J. in others. Frank was the only one of his siblings born in Oregon. Shortly after his birth, the family moved to Contra Costa County in California where they lived for about 15 years. In 1900, he and his brother John were listed as lodgers in Benton, Mono County, California where they worked as cattle herders. They were also listed in the same census with their parents in Bishop. Ten years later, he was living with his parents in Santa Monica, California. He continued to do so for at least ten years. In 1922, Frank and his sister, Mary, were sharing a residence very near their mother and then several blocks away in 1925. Frank worked as a house mover. No records have been found for him after 1925.

COATS, Melissa Edna b 9 Apr 1874 Contra Costa County, California d 19 May 1962 Los Angeles, California

Melissa edna coats 300

Edna was born in Contra Costa County after her parents moved there from Oregon. From there she moved with the family to Inyo County by 1900 and then to Santa Monica by 1910. In 1922, she was living on her own in the same city and was employed as a nurse. She moved to Pasadena in the early 1930's and finally settled at 10036 Breidt Ave, Los Angles at least until 1954.

COATS, Charles Allan b 29 Dec 1875 Alameda County, California d 12 Feb 1952 Los Angeles County, California

m ca. 1908 Mary Matilda Goins b 11 Jan 1884 Kentucky d 12 Jan 1955 Los Angeles County, California

Charles allen coats 300

Charles was born on his parent's farm in Alameda County, California. By 1900, his family had moved to Bishop, but he remained behind and was living with his cousin Bethel in Contra Costa County, California. Charles then followed his family to Bishop. After only a few years, Charles moved to Visalia in Tulare County where he worked as a house painter. There he married Mary prior to 1910.

Mary was born in Kentucky to William and Nacissa (Watkins) Goins. Her mother died in 1899 in Kentucky. After about a year, her family moved to Visalia, possibly following her eldest brother Christopher Columbus Goins.

Charles allen and mary coats crop

They then moved to Santa Monica, in Los Angeles County where they were living with his parents in 1918. He was employed as a farm laborer. They continued to live there for several years. By 1924, they moved to 1452 1/2 Third Street, Santa Monica where they lived until Charles' death. Charles returned to working as a house painter and Mary became hotel manager of The Donald. After Charles' death, Mary moved next door to her sister-in-law Edna.

COATS, John Paul b 25 Jan 1878 Contra Costa, California d 5 Feb 1965 Bishop, California

m ca. 1915 Dora Chamberlain b 1 Jan 1879 Inyo County, California d 10 Feb 1976 Bishop, California

John paul and dora coats 300

John was born in Contra Costa County and moved several times with his parents and siblings. He was in Bishop, Inyo County in 1900. John then moved with his parents to Santa Monica between 1904 and 1910. He finally returned to Bishop. He is mentioned in his uncle's obituary as living in there in 1917. John was a farmer.

Dora is the daughter of James and Addie S. Chamberlain. She first married Edgar Ray Yaney in 1898. They had a daughter, Elma Rae, in 1899. Edgar died in 1907 and is buried in the West Line cemetery. Elma married a William Archer Crosby. She is buried in the same cemetery.

John and Dora are also buried in West Line Cemetery in Bishop.

COATS, Mary Cordelia b 5 Feb 1880 Contra Costa County, California d 9 Jan 1965 Los Angeles County, California

The census for 1920 shows Mary as single and living with her mother in Santa Monica, California.

COATS, Thomas Agee b 5 Dec 1881 Contra Costa County, California d 16 Jun 1952 Bishop, California

Thomas agee coats 300

Thomas was the youngest son in the family. While still very young, he moved with his family to Fresno, Bishop, and finally Santa Monica. When he registered for the draft, he was living in Taft in Kern County working in oil well drilling. By 1930, he was living back in Los Angeles County in the city of Signal Hill following the same profession. It's most likely he moved back to Bishop at some point as he is buried there in the West Line Cemetery.

COATS, Annie Laurie b 14 Feb 1883 Contra Costa County, Calfornia d 23 Feb 1922 Los Angeles County, California

Annie and elmer shepherd 300

m 1910 Elmer Shepherd b 9 Oct 1873 Illinois d 21 Oct 1958 Los Angeles County, California

Shepherd children 300

Annie was born in Contra Costa County and moved with her family to Fresno, Bishop, and then Santa Monica. In 1910 she married Elmer and they lived in South Pasadena. They lived there at least until 1916. By 1920, she and her children were living with her mother. She died two years later of influenza. At the time, she was living with her husband at 1740 22nd Street In 1924, Elmer was living several blocks away.

George died at 14. Charles was working as a groom and living at a riding academy in 1930. He appears to have remained in Los Angeles as he died there in 1970. No additional information has been found for him.

Annie, Elmer, and George are buried in the Woodlawn Cemetery in Santa Monica.

Generation Seven

Children of Trusten Polk Coats and Laura Jane Kirk

COATS, Milam Grover b 13 Dec 1885, California d 7 Aug 1948, San Francisco, California

m 1909 Glenora A. Lewis b 1891, California d 11 Feb 1933, San Francisco, California

  • Milam L b 24 Nov 1915, California d 14 Dec 1983, Riverside County, California
  • Glen Lewis b 20 Nov 1919 d 17 Sep 1941, England

COATS, Mary Jane b 18 Feb 1887, California d 25 Aug 1973, Sacramento, California

m 1910 Clive Berry Kelly b 11 Jan 1884, Missouri, d 8 Jun 1978, Wheatland, California

Mary and Clive lived in various locations in Sutter County after their marriage until their deaths. Clive wan an assessor for the State Board of Equalization. No records have been found for any children.

COATS, Arthur William b 29 Oct 1888, O'Banion Corners, California d 8 Aug 1965, Yuba County, California

m 9 Apr 1913 Woodland, California Assumption Fabiola Lang b 18 May 1888, California d 20 Dec 1984, Yuba City, California

  • Arthur William b private
  • Jane Claire b private
  • Wilson Francis b private
  • Robert Trusten b private
  • Wallace James b private
  • Lauren Jerome b 6 Jun 1926 San Francisco, California d 7 Jul 1941

Arthur and Assumption are buried in the Sutter Cemetery, Sutter, California

COATS, Trusten Polk b 8 Oct 1898, California d 30 Jul 1972, Stanislaus County, California

m 1922 Manilla Evelyn Reissinger b 26 Jun 1898, California d 23 Sep 1980, Stanislaus County, California

  • Gordon Allen b 3 Apr 1925, California d 10 Dec 2011

COATS, Laura Ruth b 26 Aug 1903, California d 14 Aug 1981, Wheatland, California

m 1927 James Chester Metcalf b 30 Oct 1903, Calfornia d 12 Feb 1966, Yuba County, California

  • Marilyn b 1932
  • James b 1935

Children of William Berry Nolan Coats and Catherine Drennan

COATS, Wilson Riley b 14 Sep 1883, California d 21 Apr 1939 Alameda County, California

Wilson had a cattle ranch in the old town of Niles, which is now part of Fremont, California. He first showed up there in 1904, but was back with his parents in 1910. From 1914 to 1930, he appears in the voter rolls for Niles as a Republican. It was presumably on his ranch where he was thrown from a horse that ultimately resulted in his death. He buried with his parents in St. Helena, California. Wilson never married.

COATS, Florence Irene b 13 Oct 1885, Alameda County, California d 21 Nov 1944 Alameda County, California

m 28 Aug 1908 Contra Costa County, California Joseph Tunis Edeline b 17 Dec 1874, Hoopa, Humboldt, California d 22 Mar 1962, Alameda County, California

  • Delitha O. b 23 May 1909, Humboldt, California d 5 Jan 1990, Sparks, Nevada

Joe and Florence's birth and death dates are from the California Death Index and the marriage from the Contra Costa Marriage Book. Joe is mentioned in Phoebe Coats' diary. His middle name is from his WW1 draft card. Joe and Florence are buried in the Dublin cemetery with many Coats relatives.

COATS, Alice b 2 Feb 1891, California d 2 Sep 1929, Lake County, California

m 1908 Edward Alvin McIntire b 27 Aug 1888, California d 27 Feb 1954, Alameda County, California

  • Alvin Wilson b 21 Aug 1908, California d 14 Aug 1960, San Francisco, California m Grace L. Everett
  • Mildred Catherine b 21 Aug 1910, California d 19 May 1991, Monterey, California m Leonard Gehringer

m 1918 Ernest Elton Stice b 25 Sep 1889, California d 24 Aug 1937 Napa County, California

  • Norman Elton b 2 Jul 1919, California d 21 Jul 1997, San Bernadino County, California m Mary Bryant
  • Mervin Nolan b 8 Mar 1921, Napa County, California d 5 Feb 1953, Humbolt County, California m Betty J. Smith

After her divorce from Edward, Alice's son and daughter went to live with her parents. Alice, Ernest, and their son Mervin are buried with Alice's parents in St. Helena.

Children of James Coats and Fanny Williams

COATS, Vivian b 9 Jan 1901 Contra Costa County, California d 16 Nov 1987, San Francisco

m 26 Nov 1932 Reno, Nevada Charles Ninian Edmonston b 25 Jan 1903 d Mar 1979

  • Charles Ninian b 21 Mar 1936 d 8 Oct 1991
  • Frances Ann b private

Vivian wrote an autobiography From the Ox Team to the Moon that can be found at the Sutro Branch of the California State Library, San Francisco.

Children of Bethel Coats and Phoebe Bowles

COATS, Bernice Eloise b 16 Feb 1895 d 8 Sep 1963

m 1934-5 Archibald Isaac Clyde b 2 May 1898 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania d 16 Nov 1980 Sonoma County, California

  • None

The 1920 census has Bernice living at the Stanford University on Clay Street in San Francisco. This would have been the nursing school. The 1930 census describes Bernice as a graduate nurse (R.N?) at a doctor's office and living on California Street, San Francisco. Both census records have her single. After marrying the couple move to Sausalito in Marin County.

Archibald (Archie) was a butcher. He served in the United States Navy during World War I. Both Bernice and Archie are buried at the Golden Gate National Cemetery in San Bruno, California. Bernice was known as Bunny to her family.

COATS, Doris Thelma b 18 Apr 1899 d 17 Aug 1982

m 26 Oct 1921 Contra Costa County, California Victor Morton b 17 Jun 1892 d 14 Dec 1973

  • Victor Julian b 26 Dec 1922 d Jul 1945 - Victor was shot down while flying a TBM near Kure, Japan
  • Marcia Bernice b private

Generation Eight

Children of Doris Thelma Coats and Victor Morton

MORTON, Marcia Bernice b private

m 7 Oct 1945 Harold Henry Sonnenberg

  • Gail Diane
  • Bruce Alan

California Death Index and family Bible

California Death Index

The 1910 census gave 0 years of marriage implying they were married within the year.

California Birth Index, 1905-1995. Mother's maiden name given as Couts. Listed as Elmer A Sheppard. The same birth date was given on the death certificate with the name Charles E. Shepherd.

California Birth Index, 1905-1995. Mother's maiden name given as Coates. Only A given as a middle initial.

California Death Index, 1940-1997. Listed as Charles E. Shepherd born 6 Feb 1913 in California. Social Security Number: 549123977.

California Death Index 1940-1997. Listed as Mary C. Coats, mother's maiden name Agee. Born 5 Feb 1889, California

Family bible.

California Death Index 1940-1997

California Death Index 1940-1997. Listed as Thomas Agee Coats, mother's maiden name Agee. Born 5 Dec 1883, California

Death Certificate issued by the State of California

Anna Laurie Shepherd of 1740 22nd Street, Santa Monica
Died: 2:30 PM, 23 Feb 1922
Cause of Death: Influenza
Buried: Woodlawn Cemetery, Santa Monica, 25 Feb 1922
Husband: Elmer Shepherd, born 14 Feb 1884

California Death Index 1930-1939
"Shepherd George A - 1 15 - 70 - 5 28 34 - 34 - - 26390" 15 is the age, 70 is for Los Angeles County, and 26390 the file number
The file number was very difficult to read. The last digit may be an 8.

The birth date is from a bible record.
The location is based on the census records.

Annie: block 2, lot 87, grave A
Elmer: block 8, lot 128, grave A
George: block 9, lot 127, grave A

Lemuel: block 7, lot 184, grave F
Sarah: block 7, lot 184, grave D
There is no grave E

John Russell Coats, an aged and highly respected resident of this vicinity, died at the family home at Quicksilver after an illness of only a few days' duration. Deceased was a native of Missouri, aged 71 years, 6 months and 1 day. He was one of the earliest settlers in this section and one time was an extensive property owner hereabout.

Clear Lake Press, 19 November 1904

Paid Nature's Last Debt
Well Known Citizens of Ripe Years Pass Into Eternity
William L.[Lafayette] Coats

William Coats, died at the Elmhurst Sanitarium Monday night about 8 o'clock. He was stricken by paralysis recently, and had been in the sanitarium since the early part of last week.

Mr. Coats came to California in 1850, with an ox team, by way of El Paso. Tuolumne county, Mariposa and Solano County were among his places of residence in the State. It is understood he was Sheriff of one of the mid-California counties at one time. He lived here for thirty years or more, and made sheep-raising his business during part of that time.

He was at one time the owner of mountain lands now including Andrews Camp. During that period some damage was done to the property by high water, and the suit he brought against the Hillside Water Company for damages, alleging the bursting of the company's dam at South Lake, and was a case of great local interest at the time.

So far as positively known here, he is survived by but one brother, Lemuel L.[should be A] Coats, of Santa Monica, father of John P. Coats, of Bishop. His age is stated to have been 86 years, 2 months, 23 days.

The Inyo Register, Bishop, Inyo County, California, March 22, 1917

Transcribed by Pat Houser for Inyo County GenWeb, December 29, 2004