Leycester's Historical Antiquities

This is an excerpt from "Leyester's Historical Antiquities", pp. 248-260, published 1673 as found in Gilbert Cope's "Genealogy of the Dutton Family of Pennsylvania", published 1871.  The front and back matter and the footnotes are by Gilbert Cope.  Be sure to read the footnotes, they contain valuable information.

In several works, the early history of this family is treated of to a greater or less extent, but unfortunately they do not agree in all points, while some of them are so evidently deficient as to be unworthy of notice. The fullest account met with, is contained in a volume, entitled "Leycester's Historical Antiquities," published in 1673, by Peter Leycester, baronet1, in which the author treats of the history of Cheshire, England, and more particularly, of all the principal families and estates in that division of the county called Bucklow Hundred. As both he and his wife were descended from the Duttons, and the genealogy appears to have been carefully compiled from authentic histories, deeds, wills and ancient records of the family, it is probably nearly correct. It will be given as the text of the following pages.

The Town of Dutton

I find this town of Dutton,2 thrice named in Doomsday-book, as held then in the Conqueror's time by three persons. One Part Odard held immediately of the Earl of Chester, as it were in Capite: Another Part was held by William Fitz-Nigell, Baron of Halton, of the Earl, in like manner: Another Part did Osberne Son of Tezzon, Ancestor to the Boydells of Dodleston, hold also of the Earl of Chester.

Odard's Part seems to be the greatest Part, which one Ravene held before at the coming in of the Normans. The Baron of Halton's Part, and Osbern's Part, one Edward held before, and did then like wise hold Osbern's Part under the said Osbern. But both Osbern's Part , and the Baron of Halton's Part, at last came to the Posterity of Odard: For Osbern's Part was sold by his heir, Sir William Boylell, who released all his Seignory unto Thomas, son of Hugh Dutton of Dutton, in all the lands which the said Thomas held of him in Dutton, 15 Edw. 3, 1341.

As to the Baron of Halton's Part, John, Constable of Cheshire, Baron of Halton, gave to Adam de Dutton, (younger son of Hugh Dutton of Dutton, and Ancestor to Warburton of Arley,) those four Oxgangs of Land in Dutton, which Walter Heron held: This was about the end of the Reign of Henry the Second: And Sir Geffrey de Warburton releaseth all his Right unto Thomas, son of Hugh de Dutton aforesaid, in all those Lands in Dutton which the said Thomas held by Lease, from the said Sir Geffrey: Dated at Dutton, 28 Edw. 3, 1354. So that Thomas de Dutton was now invested in the whole Town of Dutton entirely.

This Township, in the ancient record of Doomsday-book, is written Duntune: Dun, In the old Saxon language, signifies A Hill, for, which we now use the word Down : So that Duntune signifies as much as A Town upon a Hill or Down; now contracted to Dutton.

From this Town did the ancient Family of the Duttons assume their Sir-name: For Odard being seated here in the Conqueror's time, his Posterity were sir-named de Dutton, from the place of their residence; where they have continued ever since to this present 1666, about 600 years: A family of great worth and antiquity, and as it were almost a constant succession of Knights; but now, alas! ready to change its name, being devolved by a daughter and heir unto the Lord Gerard of Gerards-Bromley in Staffrordshire.

The Mannor-house of Dutton is well seated, and hath great store of meadowing by the River side belonging to the Demain, which is accounted the largest and best Demain in within our County, comprehending 1400 Statute Acres by Survey. This House standeth upon a pleasant Prospect to the opposite Hills of the Forest; and bath in it an ancient Chappel, built first by Sir Thomas Dutton towards the end of Henry the Third's Reign; unto whom Roger de Lincoln then Prior of Norton, and the Convent there, did grant liberam Cantariam in Capellis suis de Dutton & Weston infra Limites Parochiarum nostrarum de Budworth & de Runcorne; id est, Free liberty of Reading Divine Service, or Singing the same; so as the Mother-Churches receive no detriment either in their greater or lesser Tythes. That of Weston is long since vanished; but this Chappel at Dutton yet reInains, and is now a Domestick Chappel within the Mannor-House, of Dutton, unto which Sir Piers Dutton, of Hatton, after be was adjudged next Heir Male to the Lands of Dutton by the Award of Henry the Eighth, did annex his new Buildings at Dutton, Anno Domini 1539, as appears by the Inscription round about the Hall of Dutton yet extant, adjoining those unto the Chappel, and so making it as one continued Building; before which time the old House stood a little distance from the Chappel aforesaid.

In the Demain of Dutton is also another Chappel of Ease, called Poosey-Chappel, within the Parish of Runcorne; but is now ruinate and in decay It is seated between the River and the Park-Pool within the Demain of Dutton, but not in the Township of Dutton; for all the town of Dutton is within Budworth Parish. It was called Pooseye from its situation, [Ey] in our old English-Saxon Tongue signifies a River or Brook; and because it stood close by the River and the Pool also, it was called Poo-sey Chappel, as it were, The Chappel by the River and the Pool. In our old Norman writing, and French way, I find it in Old Deeds written Pul-sey; but in our common Language anciently, as the Country People at this day, did call a Pool a Poo; and thence it was denominated Poo's-ey-Chappel. It was built in the Reign of Henry the Third; and the Prior and Convent of Norton, granted to Hugh, Son of Hugh de Dutton, that they would find a Chaplain to officiate at Poos-ey forever; and a lamp burning at the time of Divine Service, about 1236, 20 Hen. 3, which Chappel was constantly frequented by the neighborhood, until Robert Lord Kilmorey, and Dame Elinour his wife, came to live at Dutton, even in our days; who beautified the Domestick Chappel at Dutton with handsome Pews, and kept a Chaplain in his house constantly, whereunto all the Neighborhood resorted every Sunday: Then began Poos-ey Chappel to be neglected, and is now totally in decay, some part of the Structure yet remaining, 1666.

The Duttons of Dutton

Now followeth the Pedegree of the Duttons of Dutton, faithfully collected from the Evidences of that Family, and other good Records and Deeds:

I. Odard, or Udard, sometimes also written Hodard and Hudard, came Into England with William the Conqueror, and seated himself at Dutton; a good part whereof Hugh Lupus, Earl of Chester, gave unto him as before you have heard out of Doomsday-book. The ancient Roll of the Barons of Halton saith that with Hugh, Earl of Chester, came one Nigell, a nobleman and with Nigel came five brethren, to wit: Hudard, Edard, Wolmere, Horswyne, and Wolfaith, a Priest, to whom Nigell gave the Church of Runcorne; and unto Hudard, the same Nigell gave Weston and Great Aston, (now divided into two Townships, Aston Grange and Aston juxta Button,) pro uno Feodo Militis; and from this Hudard came all the Duttons. And in the Record of Doomsday, Odard held Aston under William Fitz-Nigell, Baron of Halton; and also Odard and Brictric held Weston under the said William, Anno Domini 1086. Whether those live Brethren aforenamed, were Brethren to Nigel, is a doubt; for then methinks he should have said Quinque Fratres sui: whereas lie says onely, cum isto Nigello Venerunt quinque Fratres, and so names them.3

This Hudard's, or Odard's Sword, is at this day, 1665, in the Custody of the Lady Elinour Vicountess Kilmorey, sole Daughter and Heir of Thomas Dutton, late of Dutton, Esquire, deceased; which Sword liath for many ages past been preserved, and passed from Heir to Heir as an Heir-loom, by the name of Hudard's Sword; and so at this day it is by Tradition received and called.

II. Hugh, Son of Hodard, had those Lands which he held in Capite, or Immediately of the Earl of Chester, confirmed unto him by Randle the Second, sir-named de Gernoniis, Earl of Chester, about the latter end of Henry the First. These Lands, I conceive, were those which he held In Dutton.

III. Hugh de Dutton, Son of Hugh, Son of Hodard, had the. Lands which His father Hugh held of the Baron of Halton, confirmed unto him by William, son of Nigell, Constable to Randle the Second, and by William his son, on that day when the said William the Father, and William the son, did visit Hugh, the son of Hodard on his Death-bed at Kekwick; at which time Hugh, the son of Hodard, gave unto William the Father his Coat of Mail and his Charging-Horse; and Hugh, the son-of that Hugh, gave unto William the son, a Palfrey and a Sparrow-hawk. This was about the end of the Reign of King Henry the First. The Lands here confirmed. I conceive to be Weston and Kekwick, and perhaps some others.

This Hugh de Dutton had Issue, Hugh Dutton, son and Heir; Adam de Dutton,4 another son, from whom the Warburtons of Arley are descended; Geffrey de Dutton,5 another son, from whom the Duttons of Chedill in this county were propagated, who assumed the sir-name of Chedill, and continued to the Reign of Edward the Third, till Sir Roger de Chedill, (the last of that family,) dying I Edw. 3, 1327 left his Inheritance to be shared by his two daughters and heirs, Clemence and Agnes; and out of that family de Chedill, branched Hamon Dutton under Edward the First, younger son to Sir Geffrey Dutton Of Chedill, to whom his father gave Ashley, (13, Ed. 1, 1285,) which he purchased for him. The posterity of this Hamon assumed the sir-name of Ashley from the place of their residence, as was the manner of those ages; which Family of the Ashley's of Ashley continued to the end of Henry the Eighth; about which time Thomasin, daughter and heir of George Ashley of Ashley, Esquire, brought that Inheritance to Richard Brereton of Lea-Hall, not far from Middlewich, by marriage, who was a younger son of Sir William Brereton of Brereton in this county; in which name of Brereton of Ashley it continued but four descents, and was divided among the three sisters of Thomas Brereton, (the last Brereton of Ashley,) and their heirs, Anno Domini 1661. See more hereof above in Ashley.

IV. Hugh Dutton of Dutton, son of Hugh, married _____ daughter of Hamon Massy, Baron of Dunham-Massy, regnante Henrico Secundo; with whom her father gave in free marriage, Lands in Suttersby, in Lindsey in Lincolnshire; and had issue,* Hugh Dutton, eldest son, Thomas Dutton, John Dutton, Adam Dutton. He purchased Little Moldesworth for fifty Marks, from Robert, son of Mathew de Moldesworth, about 1259. Also Alice, wife of William Boydell of Dodleston.

*V. I do conceive here was another Hugh Dutton, son and heir of this Hugh; who married Muriel, daughter of Thomas to Dispenser, and he had Issue, Hugh, Thomas, John and Adam, as there followeth. And if so, some of these Acts may belong to that Hugh, which are ascribed to this Hugh.

This Hugh Dutton bought Preston nigh Dutton, of Henry de Nuers and Julian his wife, reddendo octo Solidos annuatim, ad Festum Saneti Martini; which Randle Blundevill, Earl of Chester, confirmed, about the Reign of King John. He purchased also the Town of Little Legh, in Fee-Farm, from Simon, son of Osberne, rendring the yearly rent of two Marks of silver at the feast of St. Martin; which rent is yet paid by his heirs to the Earl of Derby, as of his Mannor of Harden, Anno Domini 1666. And Roger Lacy, Constable of Cheshire, and Baron of Halton, acquitted this Hugh Dutton de Judice de Legha, that is, of finding a Judger to serve at Halton for Little Legh yearly, about the Reign of Richard the First, or beginning of King John’s Reign.

He purchased also, the Moiety of Barnton, from William, son of Henry, son of Serlo, which Robert tie Mesnilwarin held.

He had also the Magistracy, or rule and authority, over all the Letchers and Whores of all Cheshire, granted unto him and his heirs, by John, Constable of Cheshire, and Baron of Halton, as freely as the said John held the same of the Earl of Chester; saving the Right of the said John to him and his heirs: Which are the very words of the Deed, onely rendred by me in English. So that he holds it, as it were, under the Baron of Halton, who reserves his own Right by a Special Reservation.

This privilege over such loose persons, wits granted first unto Roger Lacy, Constable of Cheshire, under Richard the First, by Randle, sir-named Blundevill, Earl of Chester, in memory of his good service done to the Earl in raising the Siege of the Welsh-men, who had beset the Earl in his Castle of Rothelent in Flintshire; for the Constable having got a promiscuous rabble or such like persons together, and marching towards the said Castle, the Welsh, (supposing a great army to be coming,) raised their Siege and Fled: So saith the ancient Roll of the Barons of Halton. This Roll saith, that rabble consisted of Players, Fidlers and Shoe-makers. The Deed here toucheth Letchers and Whores. The privilege and custom used at this day by the Heirs of Dutton, is over the Minstrelsie and common Fidlers; none being suffered to play in this County without the Licence of the Lord of Dutton, who keeps a Court at Chester yearly, on Midsomer-day, for the same, where all the licenced Minstrels of Cheshire do appear, and renew their licences; So that the custom seems to have been altered to the Fidlers, as necessary attendants on revellers in Bawdy-houses and Taverns. And it is to be observed, that those Minstrels which are licenced by the heirs of Dutton of Dutton, within the County Palatine of Chester, or the County of the City of Chester, according to their ancient custom, are exempted out of the Statute of Rogues, 39 Eliz., cap. 4.

VI. Hugh Dutton, of Dutton, Son and Heir of Hugh, lived 1234, 18 Hen. 3. He purchased from Richard de Aston, son of Gilbert de Aston, Six Bovates of Land in Aston juxta Dutton, in the beginning of the Reign of Henry the Third; which land belongs to Dutton-Demain at this day, 1666. He also built Poosey Chappel about 20 Hen. 3, 1236, of which I have spoken before; which undoubtedly stood upon part of that land bought from Aston, for that Chappel is in Runcorne Parish.

This Hugh gave to John, his brother, the third part of all the Town of Bolinton in Maxfield Hundred, which Thomas le Dispenser gave in Free-marriage Hugoni Putri meo cum Muriela Matre mea; which Deed was made about the Year of Christ, 1234.

This Hugh de Dutton died without issue, and Thomas, his brother, succeeded Heir.

VII. Sir Thomas Dutton, of Dutton, Brother and Heir to Hugh, lived Anno Domini 1249, 33 Hen. 3, and 1268, 53 Hen. 3. He purchased Clatterwigge, a Hamlet in Little Legh juxta Barterton, from Hugh de Clatterwigge, about 1244, 29 Hen. 3. He built the chappel at the Manor-house of Dutton, towards the end of Henry the Third's Reign.

He married Philippa, Daughter and Heir of Vivian do Sandon, or Standon, by whom he had lands in Staffordshire; and had issue, Hugh Dutton, Son and Heir; Thomas, another son, to whom his, father gave Great Rownall and Little Rownall in Staffordshire, by the consent of Philippa, his wife. But I conceive this younger son Thomas died without issue, because I find Philippa in her Widowhood granting these two Mannors of Rownall to Sir Robert Dutton her other son, and to Agnes, his wife, daughter of William de Mere, in Staffordshire: Margaret, a daughter, married William Venables, son and heir of Roger Venables, of Kinderton, 38 Hen. 3, 1253. And Katharine married John, son of Vrian de Sancto Petro. So I find it in an old Pedegree.

This Sir Thomas was Sheriff of Cheshire 1268, 53 Hen. 3. He died in the beginning or the Reign of Edward the First.

Philippa was living a widow 1290 and 1294.

VIII. Sir Hugh Dutton, of Dutton Knight, Son and. Heir of Sir Thomas, bound himself to the Abbot of Vale-Royal, to make a Foot-Bridge at Acton, and to find a Boat and Ferry-man at Acton Ford, about 1286. The same is now made it County Bridge.

He also was bound to William Gerard his Squire in una Roba Armigerorum annuatim ad totam vitam suam ad Festum Natalis Domini, 13 Edw. I, 1285.

He purchased Barterton, and married Joan, daughter of Sir Vrian de Sancto Petro, vulgo Sampier; I have no authority for this but an old Pedegree; and had Issue Hugh Dutton, son and heir; and William Dutton, who married Maud, daughter and co-heir to Sir Richard Stockport, of Stockport, 1305; which William, with others, was Indicted 35 Edw. 1, for taking away the said Maud by force from Dunham-Alassy, being then in the custody of Hamon Massy; whom they took out of her chamber into the court, stripping her of all her clothes, save her smock, saith the Record: Robert Dutton, Parson of Eccleston, 1320. Also Margaret, a daughter. This Sir Hugh died 22 Edw. 1, 1294. Joan his Lady survived; she was living 1298.

IX. Sir Hugh Dutton, of Dutton Knight, son and heir of Sir Hugh, born the eighth day of December, 5 Edw. 1, 1276, at Dutton and Baptized at Great Budworth the day following. He sued the Prior of Norton, before Adam Burum and Nicolas Gruchundelee, Commissaries of the Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry, at the Visitation of the Arch-Deanery of Chester, Anno Domini 1315, for not finding a Chaplain and Lamp at Poosey Chappel, according to the original Grant, which he there produced; And John Olton, then Prior, confessed the same, and was ordered to find them. This Priory was of the Order of St. Augustine.

He married Joan, daughter of Sir Robert Holland, of Holland in Lancashire, and had Issue Thomas Dutton, son and heir; William, Parson of Thornton, 22, Edw. 3; Geffrey Dutton, another son; Robert Dutton, another son. This Sir Hugh was made, Steward of Halton, 24 Decembris, 20 Edw. 2, and died 1 Edw. 3, 1326, at the age of fifty years.6

Joan, his widow, afterwards married Edmund Talbot, of Bashall; and after, to Sir John Ratcliff, of Urdeshall, in Lancashire, living 11 Edw. 3, & 20 Edw. 3.

X. Sir Thomas Dutton, of Dutton, Knight, Son and Heir of Sir Hugh and Joan, was fifteen years old on Whitsunday, 1329. 3 Edw. 3. He purchased those lands in, Dutton, which formerly belonged to Halton-Fee; and also those lands in Dutton, which formerly belonged to Boydell of Dodleston; and so made the Township of Dutton entirely his own; as I have more particularly shewed before.

This Thomas, was made Seneschal, Governor, and Receiver of the Castle and Honour of Halton, in Cheshire, by William Clinton, Earl of Huntington; and also of all his Lands and Mannors in Cheshire and Lancashire, quamdiu bene se gesserit which the Earl farmed unto him for 440 marks yearly; Dated at Maxstock, 19 Edw. 3.

It seems he was indicted, for that he and others came with armed power, (when King Edward the Third, was out of England,) within the verge of the lodging of Lionell the King's son, Protector of England and assaulted the Mannor of Geaumes, nigh Reading in Wiltshire, and there slew Michael Poynings, the uncle, and Thomas le Clerke of Shipton, and others, and committed a rape on Margery the wife of one Nicolas de la Beche, for which the King pardoned him; and he found Sir Bernard Brocas, Sir Hugh Berewyk, Philip Durdanyt, and John Haydoke, his sureties in the Chancery for his good abearing, 20 Edw. 3, 1352.

He was by several Commissions, employed for the apprehending of certain Malefactors, Robbers and Disturbers of the Peace in this County. One is directed unto him by the name of Thomas Dutton, Equitator in Foresta de Mara, and to Richard Done, Forester of the same Forest, 14 Edw. 3. Anno Domini 1379, 3 Rich. 2, William Eltonhed, Prior of the Hermit-Fryars of the Order of St. Augustine at Warrington in Lancashire, and the Convent there, grant to Sir Thomas Dutton, Knight, a perpetual Chantry; to wit, That a sufficient Fryar of the Convent of Warrington, shall be especially elected to pray for the salvation of Sir Thomas, his children, and of Philippa his wife, and her parents; and for the soul of Dame Ellen, late wife of the said Sir Thomas, their children and parents when they shall die, at the Great Altar of their Church yearly for ever; and that their names be written down in their Martyrology: Whereunto the Prior and Convent were bound under a penalty of 3s. 4d., to be levied by the Provincial Prior upon omission of such Form of Service; and if for a week or a fortnight it were omitted, then must they double the time omitted in manner aforesaid: if neglected for six Months, then upon pain of suspension if for a year, then upon excommunication, until the time omitted be made up: Whereunto are witnesses, Thomas, Abbot of St. Werburge of Chester, Stephen, Abbot of Vale-Royal, Richard, Prior of Norton, and Roger, Prior of Berkenhed.

This was confirmed by Henry de Towesdale, Provincial Prior of the Hermit-Fryars of the Order of St. Augustine in England with a special Injunction, That the said persons be yearly twice commemorated before the whole Convent; once at the first entrance of the Prior of Warrington into the Convocation-house yearly; the other time, on the election-day of a Fellow-Prior for a Provincial Convocation. Dated at Warrington, on Sunday next after the Feast of St. Martin, Anno Supradicto.

This Sir Thomas sealed usually with his Coat of Arms and Crest, to wit, Quarterly, a Fret In the second and third; over which, upon the Dexter-Angle of the Escocheon, a Helmet, and thereon a Plume of Feathers.

Anno Domini 1344, Robert Monning of Tatenhale, grants to Thomas de Dutton and his heirs, all the Magistracy of the Minstrels, cum omnibus pertinentiis, prout in Charta Originali plenius continetur. I conceive he was but a Feoffee.

This Thomas was Sheriff of Cheshire, 30 & 33 Edw. 3, and was a Knight, 35 Edw. 3. He married two Wifes: The first was Ellen, one of the Daughters and Heirs of Sir Peter Thornton of Thornton, the eldest Daughter, by whom he had Issue Sir Peter Dutton, who died without Issue 35 Edw. 3. Thomas Dutton, another Son, died also without Issue: Lawrence Dutton succeeded Heir to his Father: Edmund Dutton, another Son: Henry Dutton, fifth Son: and William Dutton, another Son.

His second wife was Philippa the widow of Sir Peter Thornton; she was (as I conceive) a later wife to Sir Peter Thornton, not mother of the Co-heirs.

This Sir Thomas Dutton died 4. Rich. 2, 1381, aged Sixty-six years: Philippa his widow died 13 Rich. 2.1389.

Edmund Dutton, younger Son of Sir Thomas, married Joan Daughter and Heir of Henry Minshull de Church-Minshull by whom he had the Mannors of Church-Minshull and Aston-Mondram; and had Issue Sir Peter Dutton, who became Heir to his Uncle Sir Lawrence Dutton of Dutton: Hugh Dutton, second Son of whom the Duttons of Hatton nigh Warton in Cheshire, whose Posterity afterwards, in process of time, became Heirs of Dutton Lands under Henry the Eighth: Lawrence Dutton another Son and Thomas Dutton, another Son: Agnes de Dutton, a Daughter, married William Leycester of Nether-Tabley, 1398. 22 Rich. 2; and Ellen, another Daughter.

This Edmund died before his Brother Sir Lawrence; and Joan his widow afterwards married William de Hooton, and had Issue by him. Joan died 11 Rich. 2. 1387, at which time Peter Dutton, her Son and Heir was twenty Years old.

XI. Sir Lawrence Dutton of Dutton Knight, son and Heir to Sir Thomas, had two wifes, Alice and Margaret; but who was father to either of them, I find not. He had no issue by either, leaving his Inheritance to descend to Peter Dutton, eldest son of Edmund Dutton his younger Brother.

Sir Lawrence was a Knight 44 Edw. 3, and Sheriff of Cheshire 44, 45, 46 Edw. 3, and also 1 Rich. 2.

He had four parts of the seven of Thornton's Estate. One part he had as Son and Heir to Ellen, eldest Daughter and co-heir of Sir Peter de Thornton: He purchased the part of Elizabeth, late wife of Roger Venables, of Golborne, (Daughter and Heir of Margaret, wife of William de Golborne, which Margaret was another of the Daughters and Heirs of Sir Peter de Thornton,) 12 Rich. 2. Another part he purchased from Matthew de Weverharn, Son and Heir of Hugh de Weverham, and Emme his wife, another of the Daughters and Heirs of Sir Peter de Thornton, 14 Rich. 2, 1391. The part of Katharine, who was out-lawed for Felony, Thomas Dutton, his father, had formerly bought of the Prince. Mary, another Daughter and coheir had the Mannor of Helsby; she died without Issue. Maud, another Daughter and co-heir, married Henry Beeston, of Beeston. Elizabeth, another Daughter and co-heir, married Hamon Fitton, of Bollin, and had Issue Joan, Daughter and Heir, mother of William Venables, of Bollin.

Sir Lawrence had Licence from the Earl of Chester, to carry away the Chappel of Kingsley, formerly belonging to Sir Peter de Thornton, being within the boundary of the Forest; 45 Edw. 3.

He sealed constantly with his Escocheon of arms, Quarterly, a Fret in the second and third Quarters; inscribed about the seal, ¾ Sigil. Laurentii De Dutton Militis. Which very seal was extant 1665, in possession of the Lady Kilmorey.

He made his will at Dutton, on Sunday, being the day after the conversion of St. Paul, or 26 Januarii, Anno Domini 1392. 16 Rich. 2, wherein he bequeaths his body to be buried at Norton, and gives his black horse before his body to the Convent of Norton for a Heriot; also sixteen torches, and five tapers, about his body on the burialday, with sixteen poor men in Gowns to carry the lights; also ten Marks to the poor, and thirty pounds to sufficient Chaplains to celebrate for his soul the next year, two in the Parish Church of Budworth, and four others in the Chappel of Dutton:--Also to Agnes and Ellen, daughters of Edmund Dutton, forty pounds for their marriages;--and makes Margaret his wife, and his Cosin Hugh Dutton, his Executors, and the Abbot of Chester Overseer of his Will.

This will was proved the tenth day of February following before William Neuhagh then Archdeacon of Chester.

So that Sir Lawrence died 1392. 16 Rich. 2, aged fifty-three years. Margaret his widow married afterwards Sir William Brereton of Brereton, 21 Rich. 2.

XII. Sir Peter Dutton of Dutton Knight, Son and Heir of Edmund Dutton, which Edmund was younger brother and next Heir to Sir Lawrence Dutton of Dutton. This Sir Peter married Elizabeth, daughter of Sir William Butler of Beusy, Lord of Warrington; and had issue, Sir Thomas de Dutton, who married Alice, daughter of Sir John Stanley, but died without issue about 9 Hen. 6, in the life-time of his father: Alice, his widow, after married John Wolton, 11 Hen. 6, ut per inquisitionem post mortem Johannis de Dutton, 24 Hen. 6. John Dutton, second son, who suceeeded Heir to his father; Richard Dutton, another son, living 1440 & 1451, which Richard had issue, Lawrence Dutton, senior, 16 Hen. 7, who, died without issue; Parnell, daughter of Sir Peter, married Hugh Venables, Baron of Kinderton; after to Richard Booth, 29 Hen 1451. Elizabeth another daughter, married John Done, Son and Heir of John Done of Utkinton the elder, 12, Hen. 4, 1410. Ellen, another daughter, married Griffith Hanmere, Son, and Heir of John Hanmere, Esquire, 3 Hen. 6, 1424. And Sibill, another daughter, married Geffrey Starky, Son of Randle Starky of Stretton in Cheshire.

Sir Peter Dutton was a Knight, 7 Hen. 4, and also 5 Hen. 4. The King granted him a pardon for taking part with Henry Percy the Son, sir-named Hotspur; dated at Cirencester, 3 Novembris, 5 Hen. 4, 1403. He was made Lieutenant or Deputy in the office of the Seneschaley of the County of Chester, by Elizabeth, Countess of Salisbury, while they both should live, and to be of Council with her; for which service she gave him two marks Annual Rent, which he ought to pay her for his Lands of Little Legh, held of her Castle of Harden, during the term aforesaid; 1408, 10 Hen. 4.

Great Contention fell between this Sir Peter Dutton, and Sir William Athurton of Athurton in Lancashire; insomuch that they made In roads and Invasions one upon the other; And the said Sir Piers Dutton and his Adherents; to wit, Sir Rafe Bostock of Bostock, Richard Warbuton of Budworth, Thomas Warbuton of Halton, John Done of Utkinton Junior, John Manely of Manley, Hugh Dutton of Hatton the elder, William Leycester of Nether-Tabley, Sir Peter Legh of Clifton, (ancestor to Legh of Lyme), and John Carington of Carington, were all sued by Sir William Athurton, for taking away forty of his Oxen and forty Cows, out of his Closes at Athurton, and for beating of his Servants. But this Variance was composed between them by the Award of John, Duke of Bedford, Earl of Richmond and Kendall, Constable of England, and Regent of the Kingdom in the absence of Henry the Fifth; Dated 9 Aprilis, 7 Hen. 5. 1419. Restitution being awarded on both sides: The Horses and Saddles taken by Sir William Athurton, to be restored to Sir Piers Dutton; and the Cattel taken by Sir Piers, to be restored to the said Sir William. Sir Peter de Dutton was made Parcarius de Northwood, or Governor of Northwood Park In Over Whitley, during his Life, with all the Fees thereof, 1 Hen. 6. 1423: Out of which he had Orders from William Harrington, Chief Steward of Halton under Henry, Archbishop of Canterbury, and other Feoffees of King Henry the Fifth, to deliver one Oak for the Repair of Witton Bridge, then in decay; and another for the Repair of Farnworth Chappel; Dated 9 Hen. 6.

Sir Peter died 12 Hen. 6, 1433, aged Sixty-six years

XIII. John Dutton of Dutton Esquire, Son and Heir or Sir Peter, married Margaret Daughter of Sir John Savage of Clifton, 6 Hen. 5, 1418, and had Issue Thomas Dutton, Son and Heir; Roger Dutton, another Son, afterwards Lord of Dutton; John Dutton, slain with his Brother Sir Thomas Dutton at Blore-Heath, 1459, Stow. Robert Dutton, another Son, died without Issue; Margaret married Hugh Son and Heir of Raufe Egerton, 21 Hen. 6, 1443. Maud married Sir William Booth of Dunham-Massy, 21 Hen. 6, 1443. Agnes married Richard Wynnington, of Wynnington nigh Northwich, (Son and Heir of Robert Wynnington, Son and Heir of Sir Richard Wynnington) 25 Hen. 6, 1446. Ellen married Edward Son and Heir of Richard Longford of Lancashire Esq.: 28 Hen. 6, 1450. Elizabeth married John Merbury Son and Heir of James Merbury, of Merbury nigh Comberbach, Esquire, 1458.

This John Dutton of Dutton died 24 Hen. 6, 1445, aged forty two Years: Margaret his Wife survived and was living 1450.

XIV. Sir Thomas Dutton of Dutton Knight, Son and Heir of John and Margaret, married Anne Daughter of James Lord Audley, and had Issue Peter eldest Son, slain with his father at the Battel of Blore-Heath, as Tradition hath it: John Dutton, second Son, who succeeded Heir to his Father: Anne married Sir Thomas Molineaux of Sefton in Lancashire: Isabel married Sir Christopher Sotheworth of Sotheworth in Lancashire: Elizabeth married Raufe Bostock of Bostock in Davenham, Parish in Cheshire, Esq. by whom. he had Issue Anne Daughter and Heir, married to Sir John Savage of Clifton in Cheshire, juxta Halton; which Elizabeth, after the death of Raufe Bostock, married Thomas Seriven of Frodsley in. Shropshire, and she died Anno Domini 1516, 5 die Februarii, 8 Hen. 8, Margaret, another Daughter of Sir Thomas Dutton, married Thomas Aston of Aston juxta Sutton, Esquire, 7 Edw. 4. 1467. Afterwards she Married Raufe Vernon of Haslington in Cheshire, Esquire; and Elinour, another Daughter, married Richard Cholmondley of Cholmondley in Broxton Hundred, Esq.

This Sir Thomas was slain at the Battel of Blore-Heath in Staffordshire, September 23, 38 Hen. 6, 1459, Stow in his Annals; and in the thirty-eighth year of his age. Anne, his widow, afterwards married Hugh Done of Olton in Cheshire; and she died 19 Hen. 7, 1503.

XV. John Dutton, of Dutton, Esquire, Son and Heir of Sir Thomas and Anne, was made Steward to the Prior of Norton for his Life, of all the Lands and Tenements belonging to that Priory, Robert Leftwich being then Abbot of Norton; and for which the said John Dutton had three Pound yearly for his Fee: Dated at Norton, in September, 38 Hen. 6, 1459.

He married Margaret, Daughter of Richard, and Sister to Sir Thomas Molineaux of Sefton in Lancashire; but died without Issue, 13 Edw. 4, 1473, leaving Roger Dutton his Uncle to succeed in his Estate; Margaret his widow, married William Buckley of Eaton, junior, 15 Edw. 4.

XVI. Roger Dutton of Dutton Esquire (younger Brother to Sir Thomas, and Heir to his Nephew John Dutton) married Joan Daughter of Sir Richard Aston of Aston juxta Sutton, and had Issue Lawrence Dutton Son and Heir.

This Roger died 14 Hen. 7, 1499. Joan his widow afterwards married Sir Richard Strangewaies.

XVII. Lawrence Dutton of Dutton Esquire, 14. Hen. 7, Son and Heir of Roger and Joan, married Joan Daughter of Robert Duckenfield of Duckenfield in Cheshire Esq.; but died without any Lawful Issue, Anno Domini 1526, aged fifty Years.

He had a Bastard-Son called John Dutton, to whom, he gave the Messuage in Preston nigh Daresbery, called the New Mannor, for his Life; 1526. He had also two Bastard-Daughters, Isabel and Joan.

Upon the failing of Issue Male of this Line of Dutton, there fell great Controversie and suits of Law concerning this fair Inheritance of Dutton, between Sir Piers Dutton of Hatton in Broxton Hundred, as next Heir Male, on the one part; and the Daughters and Co-heirs of Sir Thomas Dutton of Dutton, and their Heirs, on the other part. At last it was composed and ended by the Award of King Henry the Eighth, Dated the sixteenth day of May, 26 Hen. 8, 1534, and Confirmed by Act of Parliament 27 Hen. 8, after seven Years Suit, and above.

The Lands allotted to the Co-heirs were the Lordships of Church-Minshull, Aston in Mondrum, and Kekwick; and all the lands which the Ancestors of Dutton held in Kingsley, Norley, Chorleton, Codynton, Pulton-Lancelyn, Bradley, Budworth in le Frith, Milneton, Barnton, Over-Whitley, Aston nigh Moldesworth, Hellesby, Frodsham, and in the City of Chester.

The Lands allotted to Sir Piers Dutton of Hatton, and now adjudged the next Heir Male, were, the Mannor of Dutton, the Advowry of the Minstrels in Cheshire, the Advowson of Poosey Chappel the Lordships of Weston, Preston, Barterton, Little Legh, Nesse in Wirrall, Little Moldesworth, Acton, and Harpesford; and all the Lands which the Ancestors of Dutton held in Weston, Clifton, Preston, Barterton, Legh, Nesse, Little Moldesworth, Acton, Harpesford, Stony Dunham, Michbarrow, Stoke, Picton, Arrowe, North-wich, Halton, Thelwall, Oneston, Middle-wich, Stanthorne, and Over-Runcoriie.

And now before we proceed to the next Lord of Dutton, we must look back to the first Ancestor of this Sir Piers Dutton of Hatton, which branched out of the family of Dutton of Dutton, and bring that line to this Sir Piers Dutton, and then proceed

So then we find Hugh Dutton, the first Dutton of Hatton, in Right of Petronill7 his wife, Daughter and Heir of Peter de Hatton juxta Warton, branching out under Richard the Second. This Hugh was a younger son of Edmund Dutton, which Edmund was a younger son of Sir Thomas Dutton of Dutton. [X.]

1. This Hugh had Issue John Dutton, Son and Heir; Lawrence Dutton, another Son; Randle, Rector of Christleton nigh Chester; also Hugh, another Son. Elizabeth, a Daughter, married Richard Manley of Manley. Hugh Dutton of Hatton was Sheriff of Cheshire 10 Hen. 5, 1422, and had a second wife, namely, Emme the widow of Hugh Venables of Golborne, and Daughter of Nicholas Warren of Pointon, 16 Hen. 6,--John Booth of Twamlow's Book of his own Collections.

2 John Dutton of Hatton, 19 Hen. 6, Son and Heir of Hugh and Parnell, was Mayor of Chester 30 Hen. 6, and married Margaret Daughter of William Athurton of Athurton in Lancashire, and had Issue Peter, Son and Heir; Richard8 another Son; Geffrey, another Son: Cicely married John Byrd of Broxton: Ellen married one Gilibrand.

3. Peter Dutton of Hatton Esquire, Son and heir of John, married Elizabeth eldest daughter and one of the Heirs of Robert Grosveuour of Houlme In Allostock, Esquire, 1464, and had Issue Peter Dutton junior, Rafe, Richard, and Randle.

4. Peter Dutton of Hatton Esquire, Son and Heir of Peter, married Elizabeth Daughter of Sir Robert Fouleshurst of Crew in Cheshire, and had Issue Sir Piers Dutton, who was adjudged next Heir Male to all Dutton Lands, 26 Hen. 8. Elizabeth married Sir George Calveley of Lea nigh Eaton-boat: Elinour married Randle Brereton of Malpas: Jane married George Leech of Carden.

This Peter died about 20 Hen. 7, for Elizabeth his widow married Thomas Leycester of Tabley Esquire, 22 Hen. 7, 1506, and she was the third wife of the said Thomas Leycester.

XVIII. Sir Piers Dutton of Hatton and Dutton both, Son and Heir of Peter Dutton of Hatton Esquire, was a Knight 19 Hen. 8, and adjudged next Heir Male to Lawrence Dutton Esquire, [XVII.] 26 Hen. 8, 1534. He is the eighteenth Lord of Dutton since the Conquest, and the fifteenth Person in Lineal Descent from Odard. He built the Hall and New Buildings of Dutton-House, which he joyned to the Chappel, Anno 1539, before which time the House stood a little more remote from the Chappel.9 He had two Wifes. Elinour Daughter of Thomas Legh of Adlington was his first Wife, by whom he had Issue Peter Dutton, eldest Son, who died without Issue; Hugh Dutton, second Son; Rafe Dutton, third Son, to whom his Father gave all Hatton Lands, from whom the Duttons of Hatton10 yet in being, 1666, are propagated; Katharine, a Daughter, married Sir Roger Pilston of Emrads: afterwards she married Richard Grosvenour, younger Son of the Grosvenours of Eaton-boat: Elizabeth married William Manley of Manley; afterwards she married Thomas Brown of Nether-Lee: Anne married to Hamnet Massy of Sale in Cheshire; after to Edward Barlow of Barlow in Lancashire: Margery married John Booth, younger Son of Sir William Booth of Dunham-Massy; Margaret married Raufe Sherman; Mary married Mathew Ellis of Overly; Alice died unmarried. See the Inquisition post mortem proedicti Petri Dutton Militis, 37 Hen. 8, which names the Daughters; but their Husbands I had out of the Herald's Books.

Sir Piers married to his second Wife Julian Daughter of William Poyns of Worthokiton in Essex, Esquire; who with her husband built the Hall of Dutton, and the new Chambers there, 1539, as appears by the Inscription round about the Hall of Dutton, within the Hall.

He was Sheriff of Cheshire 34 Hen. 8, and died 37 Hen. 8, 1546, and had a Bastard-Son called John Dutton, and a Bastard-Daughter, called Elizabeth, as appears by the Office taken after his death.

Hugh Dutton, Second Son and Heir to Sir Piers, married Jane Daughter of Sir William Booth of Dunham-Massy 12 Hen. 8, and had Issue John Dutton, Son and Heir; and Anne, married to Cristopher Son and Heir of Thomas Holford of Holford nigh Nether-Tabley in Cheshire, Esquire. This Hugh died in the Life-time of Sir Piers his Father, and Jane his widow married Thomas Holford aforesaid.

XIX. John Dutton of Dutton Esquire squire, Son and heir of Hugh, and Grandson to Sir Piers, married Elinour Daughter of Sir Hugh Calveley of Lea nigh Eaton-boat, and had Issue Peter, eldest Son, who married Elizabeth Daughter and Heir of Richard Massy of Aldford in Cheshire, 27 Eliz. 1585, and died the thirtieth day of May, 35 Eliz. 1593, without Issue Male of his Body then living, in the Lifetime of his Father: See John Dutton's Office, 7 Jacobi. Also John Dutton, second Son; and Hugh, third Son; both died without Issue: Thomas, fourth Son, succeeded Heir to his Father: Lawrence, Raufe, Adam, Geffrey, and George, all five died without Issue: Jane died unmarried: Anne married one Hersey; and Elinour died unmarried.

This John had also John Dutton Bastard-Son, who was after Gardiner at Dutton, and died 1664. And Elizabeth a Bastard-Daughter, married Mr. Marshall, Chaplain to the Lord Gerard of Gerards-Bromley in Staffordshire, Mother to the two famous Women-Actors now at London, called The two Marshals.

The same John sued Raufe Dutton of Hatton, his Uncle, for all Hatton Lands, as Heir at Law: But this Suit was composed by the award of Robert Earl of Leycester, the fifth day of July, 14 Eliz., 1572, wherein he gave to John Dutton the Lands of Claverton, and in Honbridge in the City of Chester, and in Littleton in Cheshire, and the Lands in Harden and Mancote in Flintshire, and also 500 Marks to be paid by Raufe Dutton to the said John: And all the rest of Hatton Lands he continued and gave to Raufe Dutton.

John Dutton of Dutton died the thirtieth day of January, 6 Jacobi,1608, at Dutton, aged seventy Years. See the Office taken, 7 Jacobi.

XX. Thomas Dutton of Dutton Esquire, Son and heir of John, married Thomasin Daughter. of Roger A nderton, younger Brother of Anderton of Anderton in Lancashire, and widow to John Singleton of Stany in Lancashire; by whom he had Issue John Dutton, who married Elizabeth eldest Daughter and Co-heir of Sir Thomas Egerton, late Son of Sir Thomas Egerton Lord Chancellor of England 3 Jacobi, 1605. But this John died without Issue the ninth day of February, 6 Jacobi, 1608, at Tarvin in the Life-time of Thomas his father: Also Elinour, a Daughter, who became sole Heir to her Father.

This Thomas Dutton of Dutton was Sheriff of Cheshire 1611, 9 Jacobi, and died 1614, 12 Jacobi; aged forty-six Years: EIinour his Heir being then aged eighteen Years.

Thomasin his widow afterwards married Sir Anthony St. John, elder Brother to the Earl of Bolingbroke; but had no Issue by him. She was second Wife to Sir Anthony, and he was third Husband to her.

XXI. Elinour, sole Daughter and Heir of Thomas Dutton, married Gilbert Gerard, Son and Heir of Thomas Gerard, Lord Gerard of Gerards-Bromley in Staffordshire, 7 Jacobi, 1609, she being then but thirteen Years old: Gilbert was afterwards Sir Gilbert Gerard Knight of the Bath, 30 Maii 1610, at the Creation of Henry, eldest Son of King James, into the Title of Prince of Wales and Earl of Chester: And after the death of Thomas Lord Gerard his Father, he was then Gilbert Lord Gerard 1618, and had Issue Dutton Lord Gerard; and Thomas who died in his Infancy:11 Also Alice, eldest Daughter, born in Chester 12 Junii, and Baptized 18 Junii, 1613. She married Roger Owen, Son and Heir of Sir William Owen of Cundor in Shopshire, who died 1660, and Alice his Wife after married Henry Heylyn of Oxfordshire, 1663, nephew to Dr. Peter Heylyn. Frances, second Daughter, married Robert Nedham, Son and Heir of Robert Viscount Kilmorey, by whom he had only one child, called Elinor, which died young, 1643. Frances, was Buried at Great Budworth, 25 Maii 1636. She died in Child-bed: And Elizabeth, third Daughter, born at Gerards-Bromley in Staffordshire, Anno Christi 1620. married Peter Leycester of Nether-Tabley in Cheshire, Esquire, 6 Novembris, 1642, afterwards Sir Peter Leycester Baronet 1660, the Author of this Book.

After the Death of Gilbert Lord Gerard who died 1622, Elinour his Lady married Robert Nedham of Shenton in Shropshire, Viscount Kilmorey in Ireland: She was second Wife of Robert, and had Issue by him Charles Nedham, afterwards Lord Kilmorey, who died at London 1660. George, second Son, died at Chester without Issue 1644. Thomas Nedham third Son, now living 1669. Arthur, another Son, died an infant, over-laid by his nurse: Anne died in her Infancy: Elinour first married Peter Warburton, Heir to Arley Estate, 1638. She was then but eleven years old: But Peter dying without Issue, and under Age, of the Small Pox, at Oxford, Anno 1641, she married afterwards John Lord Byron of Newstede in Nottinghamshire, Anno 1644, then Governor of Chester, who died in France, without any Issue by her, Anno, 1652. This Elinour (a Person of such comely Carriage and Presence, Handsomness, sweet Disposition, Honour, and general Repute in the World, that she hath scarce left her Equal behind) died at Chester the twenty sixth day of January, 1663, about the Age of thirty six Years, and was Buried in Trinity Church in that City. Susan, third Daughter, married Richard Scriven of Frodsley in Shropshire, Esquire, 1652. She died in August 1667, at Frodsley. Katharine, the fourth Daughter, died unmarried at Dutton, 11 Martii being Sunday, 1665. Mary, fifth Daughter, now living, and unmarried 1669. Penelope, sixth Daughter, married Randall Egerton of Betley In Staffordshire, Esquire, 1653. Dorothy seventh Daughter, died unmarried at London in June, 1669. And Elizabeth, youngest Daughter, now living, and unmarried, 1669.

Robert Viscount Kilmorey, died at Dutton 12 Septembris, 1653. So that the Lady Elinour Kilmorey survived both her Husbands; in whose Custody Hudard's Sword, as Tradition hath it, now remains, whereof I made mention in the beginning. This Lady Elinour died at Dutton the twelfth day of March, 1655, aged sixty-nine Years; and her Daughter Katharine also dying at Dutton the day before, were both Interred at Great Budworth together on the Fryday following, being the sixteenth day of March, 1665. So ended the Family of Dutton of Dutton.


The foregoing account of the Duttons of Dutton, in Cheshire, England, is taken from "Leycester's Historical Antiquities," pp. 248-260. The quaint spelling in the original has been preserved, but the author's many references to other authorities have been omitted. It may be noticed that he gives the names of Rafe and Rauge for Ralph, and Piers for Peter; while the spelling of many other names varies from the more modern style.

1 A copy of this work may be seen In the Mercantile Library. of Philadelphia, Pa. I am indebted to William John Potts, of Camden, N. J., for a transcript of the Dutton pedigree.

2The Township of Dutton Iies about five miles East of Frodsharn, on the river Wever in Cheshire

3The Warburtons claim consanguinity with the ancient blood-royal of England, being descended from Rollo, the first Duke of Normandy, through William, Earl of Eu, who married a niece of William the Conqueror.

Richard, Duke of Normandy, (grand-son of Rollo) sur-named sans-peur, had Issue (besides his son Richard who succeeded him, his daughter Emma, Queen of England, and other children) two younger sons, Godfrey and William. To Godfrey, his father gave the earldoms of Eu and Brion. On His decease the latter earldom became the heritage of his posterity, branching out into the now extinct houses of the Earls of Clare and Pembroke, while William, the younger brother, succeeded him In the earldom of Eu. He had (besides others) his successor, Robert, father of William, who married a sister of Hugh Lupus, Earl of Avranches, (afterwards Earl of Chester) named Jeanne, and niece of William the Conqueror.

There was Issue of this marriage (besides William's successor in the earldom of Eu and another child) six sons, named Nigel, Geffry, Odard or Huddard, Edard, Horswin and Wlofaith.

These six brothers accompanied their uncle, Hugh Lupus, into England, in the train of William the Conqueror, their great-uncle; and on the establishment of the Norman power had various estates and honors conferred upon them. Nigel was created Baron of Halton and constable of Cheshire; Geffry was Lord of Stopfort; Odard, Lord of Dutton; Edard, Lord of Haselwell; Horswin, Lord of Shrigley; and Wlofaith, Lord of Halton. Odard, the third son, was the ancestor of the Duttons, now extinct in the male line; the Barons of Chedill, also extinct, and the Warburtons.--Burke's Landed Gentry, p. 1508.

Odard, son of Yvron, viscount of Constantine, (whose name is written In most records of later date, Hodard or Hudard) was the Immediate ancestor of the ancient and numerous family of Dutton of Dutton.--Lysons' Magna Britannia, Vol. II.

Leycester mentions the fact that William, Earl of Eu, married a sister to Hugh Lupus, and gives the paternal ancestry of the latter, but says nothing of their relationship to either William the Conqueror, or the six brothers above named. He says elsewhere that Sir George Warburton denied him the perusal of the Warburton papers, which may account for the lack of Information on this point.

4Adam de Dutton, by his marriage with Agnes Fitzalured, (dau. and heir of Roger Fitzalured,) became proprietor of the manor of Warburton, as mesne Lord, in the time of Henry II. One half he gave to the canons of Warburton, for the soul of his son John, (who was buried there,) among other reasons. The other half he gave to the Knights Hospitallers who re-granted the same in 1187. Adam had issue : I. Geoffry, his eldest son and successor; II. John, buried at Warbuton. III. Agatha. The elder son, Sir Geoffry Dutton, resided principally at Button. He obtained Aston, near Budworth. In which Arley lies. The name of the lady he married does not appear, but Lysons suggests that Alice, the dau. of John Lacy, constable of Chester, Baron of Halton, may have been his wife; which said Alice, many heralds have given as a wife to Adam, His father. This conjecture receives it strong confirmation from a family Deed, by which John Lacy gives the manor of Clifton to Geoffry Dutton, with the expression, sciloxt de oxore desponsata. Adam de Dutton, as well as his cousin, the Baron of Halton, had emulated each other in donations to religious establishments, and in this generation the representatives of both families, John de Lacy and Geofry Dutton, followed up the zeal of their fathers and raised the banner of the Cross. Sir Geoffry before his departure, consigned by deed, a portion of his estates to his friend Herbert tie Orseby. The crest of Warburton is born to commemorate an exploit performed by this Geoffry. In the Harlelan MSS. 139, 1). 68, is a transcript from all ancient family record, taken by Lawrence Bostoke, in 1572, in which this exploit is thus alluded to: this galfrid lived 1214; he was servynge his Prynce and vanquyshed a Sarrazin in combate, the begynnynge to seale with the Sarrazin’s head.

Sir Geoffry had a son and heir, Sir Geoffry Dutton, Knt., (Generally styled, D’nus Galfridus filius Galfridi de Dutton,) to whom the premonstratensian canons re-granted the other half of Warburton, in 1271. He also obtained the mediety of Lymme from the Boydells, by grant. To one of his Deeds there is this seal, viz. a man's arm in a manche or loose sleeve, with a fleur-de-lis In his hand; written about, Sigillum Galfridi De Dutton, in a roundlet, not in an escochcon. His second wife was Isabella. Sir Geoffry had Issue I. Peter, his heir; II. Thomas, to whom he granted Thelwall, in 1258-59 and, III. Margaret, wife first of Robert de Denbigh, and secondly, of Nicholas de Leycester.--Burke's Landed Gentry p. 1508.

This Geoffrey Dutton, son of Adam, lived at this Town of Budworth: for in the Deed of the purchase of Claterwigge, a Hamlet In Little Legh, by Sir Thomas Dutton, of Dutton, one of the witnesses subscribed was,--Sir Geffrey, of Budworth son of Adam de Dutton. And I have seen him styled Geffrey de Budworth, in many other Deeds; and so was Geffrey, his son, often so styled, who lived there also. But Peter Dutton, son of the later Geffrey, removing his habitation unto Warburton, towards the end of Edward the First, his son Peter was styled de Warburton, according to the manner of those Ages, under Edward the Second; from which time downwards, his posterity hath wholly retained the Sir-name of Warburton, even to this day. But his succeeding Heirs, afterwards, disliking the seat at Warburton, either for the inundation of the water, or for some other cause, removed their seat to Arley, in Aston, near to this Budworth, about the beginning of Henry the Seventh’s Reign; which house of Arley was build by Peter Warburton, Esquire, who died Anno Domini 1495; where they have ever since continued, to this day, as their Chief Mansion House.--Leycesters Hist. Antiq., p. 226.

5 Burke says that Geffrey Dutton, brother of Adam, married a daughter of Hanion Massy. Leycester says that Hamon Massy the Third, had Issue by Agatha, his wife, (amongst others) a daughter Agnes, with whom her Father gave half of Bolinton in Free-Marriage to Geffrey Dutton, of Chedill, son of Geffrey Dutton. 6 Hancock, a younger son of Sir Hugh Dutton, who died in 1320, settled In Denbighshire. Edward Dutton, Alderman of Chester in 1613, proved his descent from the said Hancock.

Richard, his son, was also alderman of Chester, and had a son of his own name, but we have not been able to trace their posterity to the present time.-- Lysons' Magna Britannia, Vol. II

7Burke says this Hugh Dutton married Petronella, daughter of Ralph Vernon of Hatton In Cheshire, Esq. 8 Richard Dutton, 2nd son of John Dutton of Hatton, had Issue Ralph Dutton, who had two sons William and Richard. This Richard, who was an alderman and J. P. of the city of Chester, was removed by parliament for having been in arms against the Commonwealth.

William Dutton, eldest son and heir of Richard Dutton, lived at Chester and had issue by his wife Agnes, daughter of John Conway of Flintshire, several children whereof the 2nd son Thomas purchased the Manor of Sherborne in Gloucestershire. This Thomas was the father of William Dutton, Esq, who was sheriff of Gloucestershire. John Dutton,.Esq., of Sherborne, son of William, one of the Knights for that county to sit In parliament, 1640, but being frightened thence by the tumults that came up to the parliament doors, as other royalists were, he conveyed himself privately to Oxford and sate there. He was a learned and prudent, man, and as one of the richest, so one of the meekest men in England. He was active in making the defence and drawing up the articles of Oxon when the garrison was to be surrendered to the parliament; for which and his steady loyalty he was forced to pay a round sum In Goldsmith's Hall, London. He left two daughters. Elizabeth and Lucy, but no son, and his estate passed to a nephew. Lucy married Thomas Pope, Earl of Downe, and their only daughter Elizabeth married Sir Francis Henry Lee of Ditchley.

Sir Ralph Dutton, brother of John of Sherborne, was gentleman extraordinary to King Charles 1, and high sheriff of Gloucestershire in 1630. His estate was sequestered during the great rebellion and he was obliged to fly the country. He sailed for France but was driven back by storms and died on Burnt Island In 1646, He left several sons, the eldest of which, William, succeeded after the rebellion to the estate of his uncle John Dutton, and several of the other sons left the country. The family, however, was continued in England by William Dutton, Esq., and after him came his brother Sir Ralph Dutton who was created a baronet 22 June, 1678 and who was succeeded by his eldest son Sir John Dutton. Sir Ralph's daughter Anne married James Naper, Esq., and their son James Lenox Naper inherited the estate of his uncle John Dutton, (who died In 1743 without issue,) and assumed the name of Dutton. This James dying in 1776 left issue James Dutton, M. P. for Gloucestershire, who was elevated to the peerage 20 May 1781, by the title of Baron Sherborne, He died in 1820 and was succeeded by his eldest son John Dutton who now wears the title.--Burke's Landed Gentry &c.

Lysons states that the Duttons of Sherborne, as also the Duttons of Claughton in the East Riding of Yorkshire, who are supposed to have been long extinct, were descended from Richard Dutton, uncle of Sir Piers Dutton of Hatton. He should probably have said great uncle.

9 The remains of Dutton-Hall, once the splendid mansion of the ancient family of Dutton, are now converted into a farm house; the hall appears to have been spacious and handsome with an enriched wooden roof; it is now converted into several rooms and divided into two or three floors. Over the principal door are the arms of Dutton quartering Hatton, and this inscription In text hand:

Sir Peyrs Dutton Knyght Lorde of Dutton, and my Lady Dame Julian his wife made this hall and buylding in the yere of our Lord God a M C C C C C I I I who thanketh God of all.

Lysons' Magna Britannia, Vol II, P. 457.

The date here given is Incorrect.

10Ralph Dutton, a younger son of Sir Piers Dutton above mentioned, continued the male line of Dutton, of Hatton, extinct by the death of Peter Dutton, Esq., in 1686. Ibid. P. 361.

We have been Informed that the Rev. Edward Dutton, curate of Harthill, who died in 1773, was of a younger branch of the Duttons of Hatton and that he supposed himself to be the last male heir of that family. Ibid. p. 835.

11 James Duke Of Hamilton having married Elizabeth only daughter and heir of Digby the last Lord Gerard, descended from Gilbert Lord Gerard, who married Elinor daughter and sole heir of Thomas Dutton of Dutton, was In 1711 created Baron Dutton of Dutton in Cheshire which title has descended to the present Duke, whose son the Marquis of Douglas was in 1806 called by summons to the house of Peers in right of his father's barony of Dutton.--Lysons' Magna Britannia, VOL II. P. 852.