John England of Maryland

England Home in Logan, Ohio

The first colonial ancestor, John England, is believed to have come to America during the 1740's and settled in Maryland. Later generations moved to Ohio. The photograph above is of the England house in Logan, Ohio.

All marriages that are followed by (mb) have been taken from copies of entries of the marriage books for Perry and Hocking Counties, Ohio. These copies as well as other valuable information were supplied to me by Nita Combs

Generation One

ENGLAND, Nathan of England

m Sarah Hargrave

Generation Two

ENGLAND, John d 30 Nov 1799

m 1748 Mary Townsend, daughter of Dr. Andrew Townsend of Baltimore, Maryland

m Mariam (this name is mentioned in several deeds as John's wife)

m 1767 Goochland, Virginia Mary Webster, daughter of Benjamin Webster and Mary Byrd (no firm evidence that the John England of this marriage is the same John discussed here)

  • John b 1769
  • Samuel b ca. 1770
  • Amos b 1771 m 1806 Rebecca Glisan
  • Andrew b 1773 m 1801 Catherine Bucky
  • Elisabeth b 1775 m 1811 Greenbury Shipley
  • Sarah b 1776 m 1823 William Brenner
  • Hannah b 1777 m 1802 Jacob Brower
  • Mary b 1778 m 1799 William Ervin
  • Isaac b 1779
  • Nathan b 1780 m 1821 Harriet Root

John's wife, Mary and his ten children are mentioned in his will of Feb 1801.

Generation Three

ENGLAND, Samuel b ca. 1770 d aft. 1850 Hocking County, Ohio

m 10 Dec 1800 Chester County, Maryland Charlotte Townsend b abt 1780 Ireland, daughter of George Townsend and Anne Montgomery

  • John b 1802 Maryland
  • Deborah b 1804
  • Mary(Margaret) b ca. 1805 d bef. 1850 Perry County, Ohio m 7 Jun 1827 Perry County, Ohio Caleb Obgurn
  • Titus b 1807
  • Thomas b 30 Aug 1809
  • Samuel b 10 Jun 1813
  • Amos b 1815 - a possible marriage 5 Jun 1835 Fairfield County, Ohio Rebecca Hufman
  • Nathan Roberts b 1 Oct 1817
  • Abner G. b 1823
  • Peter b 1825

Generation Four

Children of Samuel England and Charlotte Townsend

ENGLAND, John b 1802 Frederick County, Maryland d. aft. 1863 Fairfield County, Ohio

m 19 Sep 1822 Perry County, Ohio (mb) Rachel Starkey b 1804 Pennsylvania

  • Peter Augustus b 16 Jan 1824 Perry County, Ohio
  • Charity b 1827 Perry County, Ohio
  • Isaac b 1831 Hocking County, Ohio
  • Jesse b 1832 Hocking County, Ohio
  • Rebecca b 1834 Hocking County, Ohio
  • Deborah b 1836 Perry County, Ohio
  • Nathan b 1 Apr 1838 Hocking County, Ohio d 20 Jan 1923 Lancaster, Ohio m 22 Oct 1861 Fairfield County, Ohio Eliza Fisher
  • William Joseph b 17 Jul 1840 Hocking County, Ohio d 26 Jul 1916 Grant County, Indiana m 10 Jun 1869 Howard County, Indiana Naomi Carpenter
  • Rachel b 1843 Ohio
  • Levi b Feb 1846 Fairfield County, Ohio m ca. 1870 Mahlia
  • Noah b 1849 Fairfield County, Ohio

ENGLAND, Titus b 1807 Perry County, Ohio;

m 1 Jan 1829 Hocking County, Ohio Katherine Bussard b Pennsylvania

m 27 Sep 1840 Mary Ann Waltz

  • unknown

ENGLAND, Thomas b 30 Aug 1809 Perry County, Ohio d 16 Oct 1882 Hocking County, Ohio

m 18 Feb 1834 Perry County, Ohio (mb) Susan Roth b 17 Dec 1805 York County, Pennsylvania d 26 Feb 1884 Hocking County, Ohio

  • Sarah b 6 Aug 1832
  • Isaac Perry b 2 Mar 1835
  • Rebecca b 1 Nov 1836 m 2 Nov 1854 Hocking County, Ohio (mb) Anthony Bumgardner
  • Mary Elizabeth b 24 May 1839 m 14 Apr 1859 Hocking County, Ohio (mb) George W. Adcock.
  • Amos H. b 11 Apr 1842
  • (Harriet) Matilda b 27 May 1845 m 27 Sep 1865 Hocking County, Ohio (mb) Alvin Arnold (the name Harriet does not appear in the marriage record)
  • Abner b 30 Aug 1848

Thomas england signature

This signature was found on a deed that had been in the possession of Nathan R. England. I have no evidence that it belongs to the Thomas England above although it's unlikely that there were any other Thomas England's in Hocking County in 1867.

ENGLAND, Nathan Roberts b 1 Oct 1817 Perry County, Ohio d 25 Feb 1883 Logan, Hocking County, Ohio

m 20 Feb 1842 Hocking County, Ohio (mb) Nancy M. Bartlett b 5 May 1815 Plymouth, Massachusetts d Logan, Ohio 24 Jan 1883

  • Samuel Bartlett b 1 Apr 1843
  • Mary C. b 1848 m 29 Oct 1867 Hocking County, Ohio (mb) Eli Chute
  • Amanda b Apr 1850
  • Charles Abner
  • Margaret A. m 29 Oct 1867 Hocking County, Ohio (mb) Lewis T. Wolfe
  • Elizabeth E. d 14 Jul 1919 Logan, Ohio m William P. Meyers

Elizabeth e england signature

An interesting letter was written to Nathan in 1881 that indicates the writing style and manner of the time. Nathan's children are mentioned in his will. He was a census taker in 1860 for Hocking County from which this signature was taken. Nathan came to Hocking County when he was about 17. Shortly thereafter he took up school teaching which he continued for 25 years. Nancy's signature is from a small pamphlet of scripture parables which she must of had before her marriage.

Nrenglandsignature Nancy bartlett signature

ENGLAND, Abner G. b 1823 d Jan. 1858

m 21 Nov 1842 Hocking County, Ohio Matilda M. Nelson

  • William Nelson b 11 Feb 1845 d 26 Feb 1901 Hocking County, Ohio m 21 Feb 1869 Hocking County, Ohio (mb) Mary M. Wolfe b 1849 Haydenville, Ohio

m 22 Mar 1849 Hocking County, Ohio (mb) Mary E. Brian

  • Elizabeth Almira b Apr. 1850 m 2 Apr 1868 Hocking County, Ohio (mb) Harrisin (Harrison) Pugh
  • Dorothy Jane
  • Isaac Perry
  • Abner G.

The names of Abner's second wife and his "minor" children appear in an 1858 probate record. The attribution of Dorothy, Isaac, and Abner G. Jr. to Mary as their mother is supposition at this point. When the distribution of the estate was made in 1868, Abner's name did not appear. The following signature is from a 1856 receipt.

Signature of abner g england

Generation Five

Children of John England and Rachael Starkey

ENGLAND, Peter Augustus b 16 Jan 1824 Perry County, Ohio d 1 Jul 1902 Pickerington, Fairfield County, Ohio

m 13 Sep 1849 Hocking County, Ohio (mb) Sarah Stone b 6 Jun 1832 Fayette County, Pennsylvania d 12 May 1914 Pickerington, Fairfield County, Ohio

  • Rachel Rebecca b 24 Feb 1860 Hocking County, Ohio d 21 Apr 1931 Logan, Hocking County, Ohio m Joseph Runion Kemper

Children of Nathan Roberts England and Nancy Bartlett

ENGLAND, Samuel Bartlett b 1 Apr 1843 Hocking County, Ohio d 18 Jun 1880

m 29 Sep 1868 Hocking County, Ohio (mb) Helena Theresa Wolf b 1851 Hocking County, Ohio d 1903

  • Alice
  • William Robert b 24 Jul 1875 d aft. 1942
  • Mary M. d 1880
  • Effie E. d 1880
  • Waldo Wolf d 1880
  • Joseph d 1880

Samuel and four of his children died of typhoid fever in 1880 according to a biography of Samuel in 'The History of Hockingport Valley'. In 1942 William Robert England registered his birth. The certificate gives the full names and ages of his parents at the time of his birth. It also states that two of his sibling were alive at the time of the filing and that one had died previously. He was only five at the death of his siblings and father so he not have remembered them all. The following is from a receipt that Samuel signed in 1873 as guardian for Isaac Perry England, his first cousin.

Signature of samuel bartlett england

ENGLAND, Amanda b Apr 1850

m 5 Apr 1882 Hocking County, Ohio (mb) John Wesley Williams

  • Francis E. b 19 Sep 1893 d 1979
  • Florance b ca. 1887 m 18 April 1908 Hocking County, Ohio Issac Rutter
  • Dorcas m Burr Knapp
  • Willie

ENGLAND, Charles Abner b Hockingport, Athens County, Ohio d 15 May 1936 Hocking County, Ohio

m 5 Apr 1882 Hocking County, Ohio (mb) Mary Caroline Graham d after 1936

Marie england signature

  • Blanche Beatrice b 17 Feb 1884 Logan, Ohio d 13 August 1962 Logan, Ohio. She never married. Blanche was County Clerk for Hocking County.

Blanche england signature

  • Josephine m 15 Sep 1914 Hocking County, Ohio (mb) Philip S. Hansel, son of George W. Hansel and Eliza Fry
  • Charles Parker
  • Edna

Charles appears in the photograph at the right, not a man fond of having his picture taken.

C and m england signatures

Children of Thomas England and Susanna Roth

ENGLAND, Sarah b 6 Aug 1832 Perry County, Ohio d Jan 1923 Fairfield County, Ohio, buried Sugar Grove, Gairfield County

m 15 Feb 1855 Hocking County, Ohio (mb) Andrew J. Dyson b 1832 Logan, Hocking County, Ohio d Dec 1919

  • William b 1855 Logan, Ohio m(1) unknown m(2) Sid Wolfe
  • Alice A. b 1857 Logan, Ohio m Hocking County Henry Frank McClanahan
  • Mary Ann b 3 Jun 1859 Logan, Ohio d 19 Jul 1924 Fairfield County, Ohio m 15 Aug 1880 Hocking County, Ohio Charles (Charley) Fisher b 25 Mar 1850 Logan, Ohio, son of Charles and Margaret Fisher of Germany

ENGLAND, Isaac Perry b 2 Mar 1836 Hocking County, Ohio d 11 Dec 1915 Basil, Ohio

m 12 Dec 1861 Hocking County, Ohio (mb) Elizabeth Ann Durr, daughter of Henry and Mary Durr

  • Katherine b 2 Mar 1863 Hocking County, Ohio d ca. 1913
  • Ulysses Grant b 28 Feb 1866 Logan, Hocking County, Ohio
  • Amos Henry b 8 Nov 1869 Hocking County, Ohio
  • Thomas Townsend b 8 Mar 1872 d ca. 1942
  • Mary Etta b 19 Jun 1875 d ca. 1949 m Robert King
  • Nathan R. England b 8 Feb 1881 d ca. 1935
  • Walter Emmet b 26 Nov 1883 d ca. 1945

Generation Six

Children of Charles England and Mary Graham

ENGLAND, Charles Parker b 30 Jan 1898 Hocking County, Ohio d 3 Jun 1957

m Lilian Vinola Kumler b 20 July 1905 d Feb 1984

  • Phyllis Jane b private m Deward Wolfe

Children of Isaac England and Elizabeth Ann Durr

ENGLAND, Amos Henry b 8 Nov 1869 Green Township Hocking, County, Ohio d 29 Dec 1929 Chauncey, Athens County, Ohio

m 9 Aug 1893 Athens County, Ohio Ella Stalder, daughter of Casper Stalder and Mary Coates

  • Naomi England b 1894 Chauncey, Ohio d 1958 Athens, Ohio m Elmer Finsterwald
  • Ruth Brown b 17 May 1897

ENGLAND, Ulysses Grant b 28 Feb 1866 Logan, Hocking County, Ohio d 27 Oct 1944 Columbus Ohio. Buried in New Lexingtion, Perry County, Ohio

m unknown

m Minnie L. Macken b 30 July 1870, daughter of Edward Macken and Catherine Kessler

  • 3 daughters

Generation Seven

Children of Amos England and Ella Stadler

ENGLAND, Ruth Brown b 17 May 1897 Chauncey, Ohio d 11 Feb 1987 The Plains, Athens County, Ohio

m 29 May 1918 Chauncey, Ohio Erle (Benjamin) Bridgewater, son of Esau Bridgewater and Sarah Slater

  • Erle Henry b private Chauncey, Ohio m 7 May 1941 Virginia Adrienne McQuade Athens, Ohio
  • Dow England b 20 May 1922 Akron, Ohio d May 1997 Columbus, Ohio m 16 Jan 1945 Chauncey, Ohio Eileen Kasler