John Patton of Pennsylvania

John Patton was of Scotch and Irish ancestry. He came from near Belfast, Ireland to America in the mid-1700's and settled in Allegheny City (Pittsburgh), Pennsylvania. I am indebted to the late Dr. David V. Agricola for his extensive research into the primary records in support of the antebellum Patton's on this page. His Web site contains this and several other Patton lines.

Generation One


m unknown

  • John b ca. 1750, Ireland

John is said to have emigrated from the vicinity of Belfast, Ireland to Allegheny City, Pennsylvania when his son was about 14 years old. It is also said that the younger John enlisted to fight in the Revolutionary War at a young age. This would put the emigration just a very few years before 1776.

Generation Two

Children of John Patton and unknown

PATTON, John b ca. 1750 Ireland

m Nancy Gouverneur

  • Charles b 1781
  • John b ca. 1787
  • Joseph b 1791-1800
  • Mary m John Twitty
  • Harriet
  • Thomas
  • Robert

According to a memorial, John "was carefully educated, and when quite young enlisted as a soldier in the Revolutionary army, and at the battle of Plattsburg was promoted for gallant conduct. After the war he settled in Lancaster Pa. and married Nancy Governeur, a great niece of the English commander Lord Nelson of Trafalgar fame." There was a Battle of Plattsburgh was during the War of 1812. During the Revoluntionary War, the Battle of Valcour Island took place in the area of Plattsburgh, which not officially established until 1785. A search of Burkes Peerage finds no mention of Gouvernuer in relation to Horatio Nelson and Nancy would be too old to be a great-niece.

The Pennsylvania Archives contains a muster roll for Col. Thomas Porter's battalion that lists Lieutenant John Patton as company commander. It was mustered 13 Aug 1776 in Lancaster.

Around 1800, the family moved to Kaskaska, Illinois and then later to the vicinity of Richwoods, Washington County, Missouri.

Generation Three

Children of John Patton and Nancy Gouverneur

PATTON, Charles b 1781 Lancaster, Pennsylvania d 2 May 1830 Franklin County, Missouri

m 1808 Missouri Susanna Rogers b after 1787

Susanna's family left Franklin County in 1809 and moved to Kentucky. The marriage date is not otherwise documented. An 1829 has her married to Charles. Susanna later married William Crow.

PATTON, John b ca. 1787 Lancaster, Pennsylvania d 1875/6 Franklin County, Missouri

m ca. 1809 Nancy Whitley b ca. 1790 Frankfort, Kentucky

There are two deeds for John purchasing two 80 acre tracts in Franklin County, Missouri, one in Sep 1821 and the other in Aug 1825. In the 1830 census he lived in Merrimac Township of Franklin County with seven sons, two daughters, and an elderly man between 70 and 80 who might have been John's father. Ten years later he was living in Galena Township, Franklin County near his son Joseph. No record of him was found in the 1850 census. In 1860, he was now in Prairie Township, Franklin County. Probate records of 1785/6 include the children listed above.

PATTON Joseph b 1791-1800

m ca. 1819 Elizabeth Hyde b 1801-10

Joseph and his family appear in the census records for Franklin County, Missouri in 1820, 1830 and 1840. The census record for 1840 show four sons and three daughters. There were two males 10-14, two males 15-19, one male 40-49, one female under 5, one female 5-9, one female 10-14, and one female 30-39.

Elizabeth appears to be the daughter of John and Elizabeth (Shook) Hyde of North Carolina. Three siblings are known: John, Sarah, and Catherine. Sarah and Catherine were married in Crawford County. If Joseph and Elizabeth were married there, it occured prior ot marriages being recorded by the county.

Joseph and Elizabeth died sometime prior to 1850. Most of the rest family moved to California.

A Robert A. Patton from Franklin County enlisted in the Missouri First Calvary Regiment Volunteers in 1846 to fight in the Mexican American War.

Generation Four

Children of Charles Patton and Susanna Rogers

PATTON, Emily b 1809-1810 d 1849

m 2 Sep 1828 Franklin County, Missouri Judge David Sterigere b Pennsylvania d 24 Sep 1843, Franklin County, Missouri

  • W b ca. 1839
  • Mary Ellen b 2 May 1839, Missouri d 25 May 1915

Emily's (spelled Emely and Emly) and David's (spelled Stereger and Stenger) marriage appears on page 30 of the Franklin County Marriage Book. A W. Steringer, aged 11, was living with Emily's mother in 1850.

David was a lawyer. He served in the Missouri general assembly and was the 9th judicial district judge.

PATTON, William Nelson b 1811 d 1857 Franklin County, Missouri

m Margaret Jones Spencer d Jul 1851

William Patton was a successful Doctor and had amassed a small fortune. When news of the California gold reached Missouri, William very much wanted to try his luck, but his responsibilities at home prevented him. Instead, he 'grubstaked' three of his neighbors, one of which was George Hearst. In return the prospective miners agreed to give William a percentage of their earnings during the first three years. William never heard from any of his nominees. George Hearst made his fortune from the Comstock silver mine and not his mining efforts in California.

PATTON, Eliza Ann b ca. 1812 d bef. 1848

m 22 July 1835 Franklin County, Missouri John Russell Twitty b bef. 1848

  • Davidson
  • John Albert b 1837, Missouri
  • Charles F b 1839, Missouri
  • Harrison Russell b 1842, Missouri
  • Emily A. b 1843, Missouri

John and Eliza marriage appears on page 89 of the Franklin County Marriage Book A. John and Eliza died early and left his children as orphans. There is an Aug 1848 Franklin County probate record naming Ambrose M Twitty guardian for John Albert, Harrison R., Madison, and Russel N. Twitty. A July 1851 record names Ambrose guardian for Allen Twitty. Finally, a Sep 1854 record names him guardian for Emily Twitty. John and Harrison appear in the household of A. M. Twitty in the 1850 census for Franklin County.

In 1860 Emily, Charles, and John appear in the household of their maternal grandmother. Their grandmother had remarried to William Crow.

PATTON, Harriet b 1818 d ca. 1880

m 3 May 1842 Crawford County, Missouri Dr. Jesse Malone

m Benjamin Ruggles

  • five children

PATTON, Franklin b 1820 Washington County, Missouri d 1895

m 29 Jan 1852 Ponotee County, Mississippi Martha Alexandria McCord

  • Charles
  • Susan
  • Frank
  • Idlette
  • Bettie
  • Joseph
  • John

Franklin received his doctor of divinity from Western Theological Seminary in Allegheny, Pennsylvania. The history for the First Presbyterian Church of Cape Girardeau, Missouri tells us that Rev. Patton became its full time minister in 1857.

PATTON, Rebecca b 1825 d 1912

m Peyton Johnson

Children of JohnPatton and Nancy Whitley

PATTON, Thomas W. b 1813 Missouri d bef. 1875/6

m 5 Dec 1835 Washington County, Missouri Elinor (Ellen T) Lupton b 1814 England

  • Eliza J. b 1836
  • Risdon b 1841
  • Mary H. 1842
  • Wellington M. b 1844
  • Thomas W. b 1845
  • Martha A. b 1849
  • Ellen A. b 1851
  • Missouri b 1853
  • William F. b 1856
  • Nancy J. b 1859

Thomas and Elinor appear in the 1840 and 1850 censuses for Washington County, Missouri and in the 1860 census for Crawford County, Missouri. Thomas and much of his family appear to have died prior to the 1875/6 probate of his father's estate as the proceeds are distributed to three heirs.

PATTON, Wellington b ca. 1816 Missouri d 1856

m Judith b ca. 1824

  • Mary A. b ca. 1846
  • Nancy b ca. 1848
  • Elusis b ca. 1849 d bef. Oct 1855
  • Newton H. b 15 Jan 1851
  • Frances b 1854
  • Wellington b ca. 1855 d bef. 1875

On 1 Oct 1840, Wellington purchased 40 acres of land from the government in Franklin County. In 1850, he and his family appear in the census for the same county. He died between 27 Oct 1855 when he signed his will and 15 Sep 1856 when it was filed with the Franklin County probate court.

Elusis wasn't mentioned in the will as one of his children so it is presumed she had died previously. Wellington Jr. was listed as the last in the list. All others were listed in a descending order of age. That would put Wellington Jr's. birth after that of Frances and before Oct 1855. He most likely died prior to 1875 as he isn't mentioned in his grandfather's probate record as a descendant.

PATTON, Joseph b 1818

Joseph was living with his brother Montgomery in 1850. In 1868, he sold his share in his father's estate to his brother John.

PATTON, Montgomery b 1833 Missouri d 25 Oct 1905 Higginsville, Lafayette, Missouri

m 3 March 1850 St. Francois County, Missouri Sarah Bowren

  • John b 1852
  • Paul b 1853
  • Waren Clark b 1858
  • Charles b 1860
  • Mary Frances b 1863
  • Victoria Alberta b 1866
  • Samuel b 1869

The family is first seen in the 1850 census in Madison County, Missouri. From 1860 to at least 1880, they were in Ironton, Iron County. In 1900, the widower Montgomery was living in West Plains in Howell County. Mongomery spent his final years in the Confederate Veterans Home as he died there. Presumably, he fought in the Civil War on the Confederate side.

PATTON, Minerva b Aug 1825 d after 1900

m 14 Oct 1847 Franklin County, Missouri Robert Lewis b 1816 North Carolina

  • Laura 1849
  • Henry 1850

m William T. Senter b 1812

  • John W. b 10 Dec 1859, Missouri d 31 Aug 1938 m Adeline Maupen
  • Martin S. b 1863, Missouri

The 1850 census has Minerva and Robert in Richwood Township, Washington County, Missouri. The probate records for Minerva's father in 1875/6 gives her name as Minerva Center. She is listed in an 1867 Missouri state census with her children John and Martin. Her husband William is not listed. The 1880 census shows her as widowed and her two sons John and Martin living with her. In the 1900 census she was living with Martin who was single. She may have died prior to 1910 because Martin was living with his brother as shown in the 1910 census.

PATTON, John W. b ca. 1828 Missouri d after 1891

m 10 Nov 1870 Franklin County, Missouri Emma Henrietta Casey d bef. 1880

  • John b 1874
  • Henrietta b 1876

John was still living with his parents in 1860 and appeared to be single. By 1880, he was a widower with two small children. According to a letter he was alive in 1891.

PATTON, Nancy b ca. 1828

m unk. Senter

Nancy first appears in the 1850 census with her family. The only other mention of her was in the 1875/6 probate records where she is listed as Nancy Center. A marriage record has not been found. It is thought she may have married the brother of her sister Minerva listed as Minerva Center in her father's probate records. There is a census record for her and a William Senter. Marriages of sisters of one family to brothers of another was not uncommon at the time.

Children of Joseph Patton and Elizabeth Hyde

PATTON, Warren Hyde b 9 May 1826 Franklin County, Missouri d 17 Feb 1891, Santa Clara County, California

m 29 Jan 1860, San Jose, California Sarah O. Chappell b 6 Feb 1843, Missouri d 3 Jan 1929, Butte County, California

It's not certain when Warren first came to California. He may have come with his brother John in 1849. There is a W. Patton in Calveras County in 1852 working as a teamster. His future wife's family had lived there in 1850. In 1857, he became the assessor for Santa Clara County. He married in San Jose in January of 1860 and was living in San Jose in June.

In 1870, Warren and his family were living in the Gilroy area. The census shows him living on the same farm as his brother John. It also indicates he had real estate of his own. By 1880, he was back in San Jose running a farm.

Warren was active in politics and the county government. He started the first Democratic Club in the county in Gilroy. In addition to his early work as the county assessor, Warren served two terms as a county supervisor from March 1870 to March 1874. A possible reason for the move to Gilroy was to run for supervisor for the district.

In May 1873, Warren made a trip east with his brother-in-law, Thomas Hawkins. They first traveled to Missouri to find it still showed the ravages of the Civil War. From there, they visited several cities on the east coast and Chicago on their return.

When Warren died, Sarah continued to live in the area if not at the same farm with her son Alfred and daughter Kate. By 1903, she was living in Los Angles with Kate. She finally moved north to live with her son Alfred in Butte where she died. Warren and Sarah are buried in the Oak Hill Memorial Park in San Jose.

PATTON, John Quincy b 6 May 1829, Missouri d 8 Apr 1899, Santa Clara County, California

m 16 May 1859, Crawford County, Missouri Margaret Jane Hawkins b 5 Mar 1843, Missouri d 18 June 1927, Gilroy, California

Wrp10dec13 20

John first came to California in 1849 as part of the gold rush and then returned to Missouri in 1858. A J. Q. Patton appears in the 1850 census for Yuba City, California. Three years later, he listed as one of the early settlers of San Ysidro or Old Gilroy.

The year after his return to Missouri, he became a partner with his sister Catherine's husband Thomas Hawkins in a store. He married Thomas' sister Margaret. Their first child was born there.

On 16 January 1860, John again went west, this time with his new family. He captained a wagon train organized by his brother-in-law, Thomas Hawkins. The other members of the company were Thomas' parents and siblings.

When they arrived, they settled in San Ysidro. John may have purchased land when he first came to the area. If so, they may have taken up residence there. They later moved to Hollister.

In October 1868, the San Justo Homstead Association held its first meeting. John's brother-in-law, Thomas Hawkins, was a member. If John was also a member, this may be why he moved. In any case, he wasn't there long.

The family returned to the Gilroy area in 1870 and purchased a farm on Day Road. Margaret's parents lived on the next farm. John's brother Warren lived on the same farm as the Hawkins.

After John's death, Margaret continued to live on the farm with her children Mary and Nicholas. When Margaret died, Nicholas ran the farm. Margaret move to Gilroy. The house was still standing and occupied in Dec 2013.

John and Margaret are buried the Gavilan Hills Memorial Park and Catholic Cemetery in Gilroy.

PATTON, Mary A b Jun 1837, Franklin County, Missouri d 29 Jan 1915, San Jose, California

m 24 Oct 1855, California Wesley Gallimore b ca. 1822, North Carolina d 1 Jul 1889, Santa Clara County, California

Mary was most likely born in Franklin County as her parents were living there in 1830 and 1840. After her parent's death in the 1840's, Mary and her sister Catherine went to live with their aunt, Sarah (Hyde) Lacy, in St. Louis.

Mary had an uncle, Thomas Pate Shore, who was married to Mary's mother's sister, Isabelle Hyde. After reading letters from his son telling of life in California, Thomas decided to move his family there. He organized a company, mainly of family members, to make the trip and Mary decided to accompany them. The wagon train left in late 1851 or early 1852. It took the northern to Sacramento where it split up. Mary and her uncle's family settled in Fremont Township, Santa Clara County prior to 5 October 1852.

Wesley was the son of Jessee and Susannah (Wilbern) Gallimore and was educated as a minister in the Presbyterian church. He had a brother Franklin. The family had moved to Lafayette County, Missouri by 1850. Wesley and his brother continued to California, arriving 28 September 1850 in Fremont Township. The next spring, Wesley was put in charge of the first school in the township. He also assisted Cornelius Yager in the organization of the California Presbytery on 4 April 1851. In the same year, he became the county assessor. He held the position a second time in 1854. In between, he was elected Santa Clara County Supervisor from 7 September 1853 for about six months.

After their marriage, the family settled on a farm owned by Wesley and his brother in Fremont Township near the present day city of Mountain View. The farm eventually became part of the Moffett Field Naval Air Station. On 13 September 1860, Mary's sister Catherine and her husband came to stay with them.

Wesley raised crops to create seeds for resale. On 16 February 1899, the Gallimore Seed Company was incorporated. The firm most likely existed as a sole proprietorship prior to incorporation. The board of directors consisted of Mary, her daughters and David Henderson. Frances took an active role in the management of the corporation. She was listed as a manager in 1902.

Wesley built a house for the family at 1504 Alameda Avenue in San Jose but still spent most of his time at the farm. Wesley had a fondness for eating. He weighed 300 lbs. at his death. After Wesley's death, Mary and her daughters remained at the Alameda house. Her daughters continued to live there after their mother's death.

The oldest son, John, died of pneumonia. He was followed two years later by his brother Warren who died of Typhoid.

In addition to managing the seed company, Frances was a school teacher and principle for more than 50 years. She also served on the county board of education.

Susan was also a school teacher. She taught at the Washington School up until her death.

Elizabeth was the first woman doctor born in California.

All three daughters graduated from the University of the Pacific, which was quite close to their home. None of them married.

Robert married Nellie Marguerite Gairaud in 1895 and settled in San Jose. The couple may have separated after 1919. They appear in San Jose City directories up to that time. Nellie lists herself as married in the 1920 and 1930 census. Robert is not listed with her nor can he be found in the records after 1919.

The family is buried at Oak Hill Memorial Park along with Robert's son.

PATTON, Catherine Ellery b ca. 1839, Franklin County, Missouri d 11 Dec 1861, Gilroy, California

m 28 Mar 1858, Crawford County, Missouri Thomas Samuel Hawkins b 6 Mar 1836, Marion County, Missouri d 6 Apr 1924, Gilroy, California

  • Thomas Warren b 5 Jan 1860, Missouri d 29 Jan 1936 San Benito County, California m Josephine Montgomery

Catherine was most likely born in Franklin County. Her parents were living there in 1840. After their deaths, Catherine and her sister Mary went to live with their Aunt Sarah (Hyde) Lacy in St. Louis.

Thomas was born in Marion County. When he was a teenager, the family moved to Crawford County. After some schooling, Thomas taught school. He later took up an interest in medicine and began studying to be doctor while continuing to teach. Overworking himself, he gave up both occupations. He returned to Crawford County and opened a store on the Meramac River.

Thomas and Catherine were engaged for two years before they married. He may have met her in St. Louis as he had spent time there. The Lacy's moved to Liberty Township in Washington County prior to 1860, which would have put them closer to Thomas.

After their marriage, Thomas went into partnership was Catherine's brother John. The partnership and the business lasted only a short time as Catherine's health began to fail and it was recommended that they should seek a warmer climate to help her improve. They decided to go west to California. Catherine's sister Mary and her brother Warren already lived there.

Thomas sold his property and the family boarded with Catherine's Aunt Sarah while they prepared for the trip. The wagon train departed 13 March 1860. The party consisted Thomas, Catherine, and their son, Thomas' parents and siblings, and John Patton and his wife. On 13 September, Thomas and family arrived at Catherine's sister's farm near Mountain View. The trip took exactly six months.

A few weeks after their arrival Thomas rented a farm near Mayfield (now part of Palo Alto) and put in a crop of hay. Before he was able to harvest it, Catherine's health again started to fail. They moved in with his parents near Gilroy where it was warmer. Her health didn't improve and she died in December.

After Catherine's death, Thomas married Nancy Emily Day. They had four children: Charles, Irwin, Katie, and Winfield. Thomas went on to be founder of the town of Hollister and president of the bank there. His son Thomas was the cashier. Late in life, Thomas wrote his memoirs. It contains a detailed description of the trip west.

Thomas and his second wife are buried in IOOF cemetery in Hollister, California.

Generation Five

Children of William Patton and Margaret Spencer

PATTON, Ann (Annie, Eliza) Elizabeth b 14 Sep 1839 Missouri d 8 May 1923, Los Gatos, California

m Dr. Harrison

  • George Walter b 16 Jan 1864 Springfield, Missouri d 23 Nov 1949, Kern County, California

m 15 Sep 1866 Ferdinand T. Bray b Jan 1842, Missouri d 12 Mar 1936, Santa Clara County, California

  • Egbert Delaney b 21 Jan 1868, Cuba, Missouri d 1946 San Luis Obispo County, California
  • Madina Estelle b 29 Oct 1869, Cuba, Missouri d 19 Mar 1966, Alameda County, California
  • Mary Ellen b. 26 Aug 1872, Cambria, California d 1968, Long Beach, California
  • Sally b 20 Sep 1875, Cambria, California d 2 Jul 1965, Mountain View, California

There is a Civil War record for a Private Ferdinand T. Bray from Missouri serving in the union army in 1864. In the 1870 census Ferdinand and Annie E., Annie's son George, and E. D. and Medina Bray are living in Crawford County, Missouri. An older (66) E. D. Bray and his wife Francis M. are the next entries in the census, presumably Ferdinand's parents. On 15 Oct 1873 Ferdinand was granted 40.67 acres in Crawford County, Missouri.

By 1880, the family had moved to San Simeon Township in San Luis Obispo County, California. At the same time Ann's sister Ellen was also living there. Ferdinand was a Blacksmith. The 1920 census has Ferdinand and Annie E. living alone in Redwood township, Santa Clara County, California. After Ann's death, Ferdinand lived with two of his daughters in San Jose.

PATTON, Harriet b 8 Dec 1843, Franklin County, Missouri d 1 Oct 1933, Clay County, Missouri

m 13 Mar 1866 Franklin County, Missouri Captain James Lafayette Jennett b 5 Sep 1838, Virginia d 27 Nov 1933, Missouri

  • Susan Ellin "Nellie" b 28 Jan 1867, Missouri, d 20 Dec 1902 Missouri m Manlius A. Thomason
  • Edna Mae b ca. 15 Jun 1868 m Edward T. Barnes
  • Harry Nelson b ca. 18 Dec 1869, Union, Missouri d 23 Aug 1962, Kansas City, Missouri m Sayde Dayle b 1873 d 1948
  • James Franklin Jennett b 4 May 1872, Missouri d 3 Feb 1873, Missouri
  • Lula (Duckie) Virginia b 13 Jan 1875, Missouri d 11 Jan 1941 m 1907 Thomas H. Henderson d bef. 1930

The 1860 census has a 16 year old Harriet Patton living with the Beasley's in Franklin County, Missouri and James living in Boles Township, Franklin County, Missouri. James soon joined the Confederate Army where he served as a captain of Company C in the 59th Virginia Infantry until the completion of the U.S. Civil War.


Harriet and James married after his return and settled in Clay County. No census records for the family can be found for 1870. The 1880 census lists the children above with the exception of James Franklin who had died in 1873. The 1900 census has James, his wife Harriett, and their daughter Lula in Kearney, Clay County, Missouri. The 1910 census has James L. and Harriet living alone in Gallain, Clay County, Missouri. The 1930 census has Lula Henderson back with them or they with her still in Clay County.

The photo at the right was given to Harriet's Cousin Phoebe Coats. It was taken around 1920. Based on the text on the back, from left to right and back to front the participents are: Edna Mae, Sayde (Harry's wife), James Lafayette, Harriet, Lula, Hilly, Harvey, Mary (Harry and Sayde's daughter, Harry, Joe (Sayde and Harry's son), and Spot, the dog. The photo was taken by Nelson, Sayde and Harry's son. Harvey and Hilly have yet to be be further identified.

In June 1949 Phoebe Coats wrote in her diary that she was going to Kansas City, Missouri to visit Harry Jennett. While there she went to Edna and Ed's home. She also mentioned visiting with Harvey and family. Finally, Harry's son Joe and Joe's wife Helen are mentioned.

Harriet and James are buried at the Mount Olivet Cemetery in Kearney, Clay County, Missouri.

PATTON, Charles Franklin b 15 Jan 1851 d 2 Jan 1919

m 19 Oct 1875 Rhoda Fort b ca. 1856 d 28 Jul 1920 St. Louis, Missouri

The 1880 Census has Charles Patton, his wife Rhoda, and two children Nora and William living in Dawson Township, Phelps County, Missouri. Charles was a farmer. In the 1900 Census the children Frank, Walter, Arthur, and Lucy were added and William is missing. They are listed as living in Boles, Franklin County, Missouri. By 1910 Norah, Franklin, and Walter are missing. The residence remains the same. There is an Albert Patton listed as a servant. In 1920 Rhoda Patton is listed as an inmate in St. Louis Ward 24, St. Louis, Missouri. Charles and Rhoda are buried in the Oak Hill Cemetery, Kirkwood, Missouri.

Children of Warren Hyde Patton and Sarah Chappell

Wrp21dec13 14

PATTON, Joseph Robert b Dec 1860, Gilroy, California d 2 Feb 1910, Los Angeles County, California

m 1888 Parnel "Nellie" Flickinger b Dec 1865, California

Joseph took his basic schooling in Gilroy. He then attended the University of the Pacific where he graduated in 1876. The university was located in San Jose at the time. He obtained his L.L.D. from the University of Michigan in 1879. Joseph first worked in San Jose and then San Francisco. In 1908 he was Vice President of his father-in-law's firm, J. H. Flickenger Company, which was in San Jose, but he lived in Los Angeles. His obituary says he died of Bright's disease. Joseph is the only family member not buried in the family plot.

Parnel went to live with her son Raymond immediately after Joseph's death. No other records can be found for her.

PATTON, Alfred Wesley b Jun 1865, California d 9 Jan 1937, Paradise, California

Alfred lived with his mother and sister at least to 1900. In 1910, he was living in San Francisco. He gave his occupation as gold mine operator. By 1920, he had moved to Kimshew in Butte County, California and was living with his mother and her brother John Chappell. He operated a fruit orchard. Alfred never married. He is buried in the Patton family plot in Oak Hill Memorial Park in San Jose, California.

PATTON, John C. b 1872, California d 3 Aug 1934, Paradise, Butte County, California

m Hattie E b 1872, California d 8 Sep 1896, San Jose, California

m Georgia "Gergie" Lomax b 21 Mar 1881, Fort Worth, Texas d 11 May 1954, San Diego County, California

  • Warren L. b 7 Aug 1912, Alameda County, California

John worked as a pharmacist. He first does so at the age of 19 in Hollister, just south of Gilroy. He spent his early adult years in various parts of the Santa Clara Valley. After the death of his first wife, John moved to San Francisco. The next record for him is in 1920 when he was in San Luis Obispo. Ten years later, he was in El Segundo. Shortly after that, he moved to Butte where he most likely lived with his son and his brother Alfred. He died there in 1934. John is buried with his first wife in Oak Hill Memorial Park in San Jose, California.

John and Georgia were probably married in 1911 as Georgia was single the year before in the 1910 census and Warren was born the year after. A Georgia Patton and son Warren appear in the 1920 census in Clovis, California. In the California Birth index, Warren's mother's maiden name is Lomax. By at least 1923, Georgia and possibly Warren moved to San Diego where Georgia lived for the rest of her life. A couple of city directory entries show her as the widow of J. C. Patton. In 1930, Warren Patton is living with his uncle Alfred. Finally, Warren is mentioned as being his son in John's obituary.

PATTON, Kate M. b 16 Apr 1881, California d 14 Jan 1957, Los Angeles County, California

Kate worked as a stenographer and never married. In 1930, she was living in the city of Los Angeles with her mother. She then moved to Santa Monica and finally to Monrovia back in Los Angeles County. She is buried in the Patton family plot in Oak Hill Memorial Park in San Jose, California.

(Children of John Quincy Patton and Margaret Hane Hawkins

PATTON, Mary Elizabeth b 30 Mar 1860, Anthony Mills, Missouri d 10 Apr 1934, Gilroy, California

Mary lived with her mother until her death. She later moved to 429 North Rosana in Gilroy. She never married.

PATTON, Henry Garrison b ca. 1864, California d 11 Feb 1935, Madera County, California

Henry continued to live with his mother until at least 1900. Thereafter, he live in Madera County, California where he reported being a stage driver and later a house carpenter. Henry never married.

PATTON, Nicholas Hawkins b 9 Nov 1865, California d 26 Jul 1946, Santa Clara County, California

Nicolas' passion was gold mining. He made several trips to Alaska to try his luck. When not in the gold fields, Nicholas continued to live with his mother and sister on their Day Road farm. After their mother's death, his sister Mary moved to another location in Gilroy. Nicholas was still at the farm in 1940. He never married.

PATTON, Warren Hyde b 20 Dec 1867, San Ysidro district, Santa Clara County, California d 7 Aug 1920, San Francisco, California

m Bertha M. Chantler b 19 Oct 1880, Minnesota d 27 Apr 1978, Gilroy, California

  • Ida Myrle b 5 Apr 1905, California d 7 Feb 1986, San Jose, California m Jefferson Monroe Parrish
  • Linnie Frazier b 18 Jul 1907, California d 20 Oct 1991, Santa Clara County, California m Jack F. Howson
  • Warren Hyde b 23 May 1910, California d 29 Jan 1983, Contra Costa County, California m Rosallie N. Nette

Warren was born in San Ysidro or Old Gilroy, which is east of the City of Gilroy. Warren was a farmer. Bertha married William Milne after Warren's death.

PATTON Ridgely Upton b ca. 1871, California, d 12 Dec 1900, Solis district, Santa Clara County, California

m 1896 Mary Elizabeth McClure b Jul 1871, California d 2 Jun 1909, Santa Clara County, California

  • Benjamin McClure b 13 Apr 1897, California d 6 Aug 1960, Santa Clara County, California m Lelia Mefford
  • Margaret Jane b 20 Sep 1899, California d 16 May 1967, Tulare County, California m Edward Cox

PATTON, Sarah Miller b 16 Jan 1874, Santa Clara County, California d 27 Mar 1921, Fresno, California

Sarah was a public school teacher. She never married.

PATTON, Edith Ellery b 12 Jul 1876, California d 28 Apr 1979, Santa Clara County, California

Edith was a public school teacher. She first taught in San Jose. By 1920, she had moved to Palo Alto where she became a principle. She never married.

PATTON, Alice Ida b 29 Dec 1878, California d 30 Apr 1963, San Diego, California

m 3 Sep 1908 Edward Walter Rice b 7 Apr 1880, California

  • Curtis Edward b 11 Sep 1911, Arizona

Like her sisters, Alice also worked as a teacher. Edward was an attorney. Their son was a singer. The family lived a long time in Arizona before moving to San Diego in their later years.

Wrp21dec13 4

PATTON, John Quincy b 27 Nov 1881, California d 20 Jan 1973, Santa Clara County, California

m 1909, California Winiferd Ruby Parsons b 11 Dec 1884, California d 10 Dec 1960, Santa Clara County, California

  • Dorothy Winiferd b 18 Jul 1912, Santa Clara County, California d 20 Aug 1918, Santa Clara County
  • Edith Louise b 25 Jul 1919, Santa Clara County, California
  • Jeanne Quincy b 29 Mar 1921, Santa Clara County, California
  • Alyce Marie b 4 Jun 1925, Santa Clara County, California

John and Winiferd briefly lived in Oakland, California and then moved to San Jose where they lived for the rest of their lives. John was first corporate secretary and manager for Security Warehouse and Cold Storage Company and eventually became chairman of the board. He also acted as an agent for the Western Pacific Railroad. John and Winiferd are buried in the Oak Hill Memorial Park in San Jose, California with Dorothy. While Winifred is the more common version of the name, it's Winiferd that appears on her and her daughter's gravestone.

Generation Six

Children of Charles Patton and Rhoda Fort

PATTON, Norah b 5 Sep 1876 Steelville, Missouri d 26 May 1937 St. Louis, Missouri

m 27 Nov 1912 Edward Brooks Lambeth b 29 Oct 1875 d 25 Dec 1945

  • none

In a Jan 1919 obituary for his father, Norah is described as living in Maplewood, Missouri. The 1930 census has Edward B. Lambeth and his wife Nora living in Glendale, St. Louis County, Missouri. He was a carpenter. This was the second marriage for Edward. He brought his daughter Louise to live with them.

PATTON, William Nelson b 18 Apr 1878, St. James, Missouri d 28 Mar 1958, Santa Clara County, California

m 1901 Maud Lovilla Merritt b 12 Sep 1872, Maine d 30 Aug 1943 San Francisco, California

m 11 Aug 1944 San Jose, California Bertha Mabel Boud b 1 Apr 1882 Kiokuk, Iowa d 22 Feb 1960, Salt Lake City, Utah

Will came to live with his Cousin Phoebe at her and her husband Bethel Coats' ranch in Contra Costa County. Bethel first mentions him in his journal in 1899. The next year he rented the ranch to him. The family often traveled to San Jose. Will may have met Maud on one of those trips. Will and Maud first took up residence in San Jose, California prior to 1910 where William worked as a carpenter. It's possible he worked with his father-in-law who was also a carpenter. By 1913, the family no longer appeared in the San Jose directories.

When William filled out his World War I draft card in 1918, they were living Tehama County, California where he ran a farm. They were still living in the area in 1942 when William filled out his World War II draft card. Maud died the next year. They never had children.

After Maud's death, William married his deceased brother's (Walter Fleetwood Patton) widow, Bertha. They lived in San Jose until William's death. Mabel's daughter then took her mother to Salt Lake City, Utah where she died the next year. Will and Mabel are often mentioned in William's Cousin Phoebe Coats' diary. They traveled with Phoebe and her husband to Missouri in 1949 to visit Frank Patton and Lucy (Patton) Wood.

William and Maud are buried in the Oak Hill Memorial Park in San Jose. Mabel is buried with her first husband in the Salt Lake City Cemetery.

PATTON, Franklin Baker b 25 Oct 1890, Missouri d 4 Jun 1952, Missouri

m 2 Sep 1908 Bertha Thornhill b 11 Apr 1881 d 28 Apr 1958, Missouri

  • Ruth Margaret b 5 May 1909
  • Rhoda Maurine b 5 May 1909
  • Jean Kathryn b 15 Jan 1915

Frank's cousin Phoebe Coats visited him and Bertha in St. Louis in May 1949. There are several entries in her diary regarding the visit. The 1930 census has Franklin, his wife Bertha, and their children Maurine and Jean. His occupation is listed as a stationary engineer. Ten years later, they were living in the same house at 4232 Grace Avenue with their daughter Jean, her husband, and their children.

PATTON, Walter Fleetwood b 28 May 1887, Villa Ridge, Franklin County, Missouri d 11 December 1935 Salt Lake City, Utah

m 12 Dec 1908 Bertha Mabel Boud b 1 Apr 1882 Kiokuk, Iowa d 22 Feb 1960 Salt Lake City, Utah

  • Rhoda Elizabeth b 22 Nov 1910, Idaho Falls, Idaho
  • Charles Edwin b 16 Sep 1912 d 16 Sep 1912, Idaho
  • Bertha Marie b 1919 Portland, Oregon d 4 Jun 1943, Salt Lake City Utah
  • Ruth Inez b 12 Sep 1925 Salt Lake City, Utah

After their marriage, Walter and Maud moved to Idaho Falls, Idaho where Walter worked as a stenographer for a coal company. Their first daughter was born there. They may have also had a second child, Charles, but the link is tenuous. There are city directory entries for Walter and Berth in Idaho Falls through 1916. During this time, Walter worked at several positions with the Sims Coal Co.

In a Jan 1919 obituary for his father, Walter is described as living in Seattle, Washington. There is a 1919 city directory for them in Yakima, Washington, which is about 100 miles from Seattle. The family soon moved to Portland, Oregon where their second daughter was born. In 1920, they were living at 1491 Burrage Street in Portland. As best as can be determined from the census, Walter was a traveling salesman of farm implements. The family then appears back in Idaho Falls in 1923 with Walter again working for the Sims Company. It's possible he had continuously worked for the company while in Washington and Oregon.

The family finally settled in Salt Lake City, Utah some time before 1925. In 1928 they were living at 571 Kensington Avenue. Walter was now a property manager with Bankers Trust. They then moved to 557 Sherman Ave. Walter was now working for Pacific Coast Stock Land Bank as a fieldman.

Walter is buried in the Salt Lake City Cemetery. After his death, Maud continue to live in Salt Lake City until she married Walter's brother William in 1944. When he died, she returned to Salt Lake City and died the next year. She is buried next to Walter.

PATTON, Charles Arthur b 12 Mar 1890, Missouri d 1 Oct 1940 Sacramento County, California

m 20 Apr 1916 Irma Charlotte Rimkus b 29 Nov 1896, Germany d 16 Feb 1995 Sacramento County, California

  • Bernice Irma b 14 Mar 1917, Missouri
  • Milton Arthur b 23 Dec 1918, Missouri
  • William Franklin b 25 Dec 1922, Missouri
  • Shirley Ann b 21 Jun 1929, Missouri

In a Jan 1919 obituary for his father, Arthur is described as living in Ballwin, Missouri. The 1930 census has Charles A. Patton, his wife Irene, and their children as living in Washington, Franklin County, Missouri. Charles is listed as a car salesman. In 1935, they were in St. Louis. Some time after that, they moved to Sacramento County, California with all their children.

PATTON, Lucy P. b 10 Aug 1893, Missouri d 16 Feb 1971

m 18 May 1916 Franklin County, Missouri Lloyd Ming Wood b 6 May 1890, Missouri d 3 Feb 1980

  • Lloyd Nelson b 17 Jan 1920, Missouri
  • Mary Katherine b 1 Mar 1922, Missouri

Lucy and Lloyd were both raised in Boles Township. After their marriage, they lived in Villa Ridge and Lloyd worked as a mailman. In 1920, they were living on Clayton Road in Bonhomme Township in St. Louis County. They were back in Boles in 1930 living with Lloyd's father. They may have taken over his farm as he was 70 at the time. They continued to live there through at least 1949 when they were visited by Lucy's cousin and mentioned in her diary. Lloyd was a farmer. Lucy and Lloyd are buried at the Pleasant Hill Cemetery in Villa Ridge.

Children of Joseph Robert Patton and Parnel Flickenger

PATTON, Stanley Flickenger b 11 Jun 1890, San Francisco, California d 2 Aug 1960, Alameda County, California

m 1923 Anna Leone Davis b 5 Aug 1888, Idaho d 15 Mar 1973, Berkeley, California

When Stanley registered for the draft in 1917, he was a student at the University of Southern California. He enlisted in the U. S. Army in 1920 and was mustered out in 1923 as a Sergeant. He served at the Letterman Army Hospital in San Francisco. After his service, he worked as a lab technician, chemist, and pharmacist in San Jose. Anna worked as a librarian. The family lived at 1915 Rose in Oakland in the 1950's. Stanley and Anna had no children. They're buried in the Golden Gate National Cemetery in San Bruno, California.

PATTON, Raymond Graham b 27 Aug 1895, San Jose, California d 23 Sep 1956, San Bernardino County, California

m 1919 Harriet M Stites b 15 Jan 1894, New Jersey d 14 Sep 1959, San Diego County, California

Raymond was working as a shipping foreman in Los Angeles when he registered for the draft in 1917. A year after their marriage, the family was living in Ventura, California where Raymond worked as a bank teller. In 1930, he was president of a canning company in San Jose. This was presumably his grandather's firm, J. H. Flickinger Company. The firm may not have survived the depression as Raymond was working as an accountant in Oakland in 1936. The family settled in Lodi, California for some time and then moved to Stockton. Raymond eventually moved to San Bernardino County in southern California where he died.

Joseph joined the U. S. Army in 1941. In 1946, he was a 2nd Lieutenant in the 396th Bomber Squadron, 41st Bomber Group. On 8 February, he was killed when his plane was presumably shot down. His body was never found. His name appears on a tablet at the Honolulu Memorial.

Children of John C. Patton and Georgia Lomax

PATTON, Warren Lomax b 7 Aug 1912, Berkeley, Alameda County, California d 29 Sep 1985 Rancho Palos Verdes, California

m Mildred E Ronneberg b 30 Dec 1911, Minnesota d 30 Mar 2005, Red Bluff, California

  • Harvey Michael - living
  • Kathleen Susan - living - married to Whitford Cooper

Warren was born in Berkeley and lived there for a few years with his parents. There's a 1917 Berkeley directory entry for his father at 1729 Grant. By 1920, he was living with his mother in Clovis in Fresno County. Three years later, his mother is working as a teacher in San Diego where she remained for the rest of her life. Warren may have gone to live with his father's brother in Kimshew at this time. He was there in 1930. His father may have come to live with him shortly after as he died there in 1934.

In 1931, he began his college education at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena and graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering in 1934. While there, he was active in several clubs. One of his favorites was the Photo Club, which he led in his senior year.


He then did his post graduate work at the University of California, Loyola, the University of Southern California, and the Minneapolis, Minnesota College of Law where he obtained his J.D. in 1947. He was admitted to the California Bar in 1948 and the Supreme Court bar in 1953. Warren became a partner at Fulwider, Patton, Rieber, Lee, & Utecht in Los Angeles where he worked in patent law.

In the 1950's, city directory records show he and his wife living at 1108 Wellesley Avenue in Brentwood. A 1983 directory gave his address as 5801 Crestridge Road, Rancho Palos Verdes. His Social Security Death Index entry gives the same location. Mildred continued to live there until at least 1993. By the time she died, she may have gone to live with one of her children. It is not known where they are buried.

Children of John Quincy Patton and Winiferd Ruby Parsons

PATTON, Edith Louise b 25 Jul 1919, Santa Clara County, California d 11 Sep 2006, San Jose, California

m 12 Jun 1941, Stanford, California Felix Jerome "Jerry" Stapleton b 15 Jul 1920, Potlatch, Idaho d 6 May 2008, San Jose, California

  • Stephen Jerome - living
  • M. Bradley - living
  • Constance Jeanne b 6 May 1944, California d 18 Jan 2009, California m Eric Heitman
  • John Felix b 7 Apr 1947, Idaho d 21 May 1981, California m Lynette Varnia

Both Edith and Jerry attended Stanford University. The were married in the Stanford Chapel.

Jerry served in the U. S. Navy during World War 2 and then completed his service in Washington D. C. After the war, he worked with his father in Potlatch. In 1951, the family moved to San Jose where they remained. According to her obituary, "Edie was an active member of Eastfield Ming Quong, the Sigma Society, Ladies of Charity, Hillcresters, St. Christopher Youth Group, Bellarmine Mothers Guild, Alexian Brothers Hospital Guild, and the San Jose Symphony Auxiliary." Edith and Jerry are buried at the Santa Clara Mission Cemetery in San Clara.

PATTON, Jeanne Quincy b 29 Mar 1921, Santa Clara County, California d 3 Aug 2011, San Jose, California

m 1945 Donald Sage Scott b 5 Dec 1920, Reno, Nevada d 10 May 2007, San Jose California

  • Cynthis Dawn - living
  • Donald Patton - living
  • Lisa J. - living

Jeanne and Donald are buried at the Oak Hill Memorial Park near her parents.

PATTON, Alyce Marie b 4 Jun 1925, Santa Clara County, California d 15 Mar 2012, West Jordon, Utah

m Douglas Paul Gaeta b 4 Jun 1922, Santa Clara County, California d 3 Mar 1997, Fair Oaks, California

  • Marhnelle Diane - living
  • Douglas Jon - 18 Jun 1948, Santa Clara County, California d ca. 1967
  • Randy L. - living

The family lived in various locations in Northern California. After the death her husband, Alyce went to live with her son in Utah.

"for and in Consideration of the Sum of Sixty Five Dollars to the Said Joseph Patton in hand paid by John W. Patton of the County of Franklin in the State of Missouri Granted Bargained and Sold and by these presents do Grant Bargain Sell unto the Said John W. Patton all my Right, title and interest in the Estate of John Patton and Nancy Patton as heirs thereto to all the Personal Estate , also all my Right and Interest to my undivided part of the Following described tracts or parcels of __ to wit Situate in the County of Franklin The East Half of the South West quarter of Section Four Township Forty Containing Eighty Acres, also, the west half of the South West quarter of Section Four of Township Forty, one East Containing Eighty one acres and fifty Six hundredths of an acre."

St. Francois County Marriage Book, page 122

Franklin County Marriage Book B, page 55

Mr. Robert Lewis and Miss Minerva Patton married on 14 October 1847 by John R. Browne, MG at Franklin Co., Mo.

Franklin County, Missouri Marriage Book C 1863-1881, page 232:

"John W. Patton and Miss Emma Henreitta [sic] Casey of Franklin Co., Mo. married on 10 November 1870 by Isaac W. Hayhurst, MG at Franklin Co., Mo."

Washington County, Missouri Marriage License Records 1815 – 1844 Book A ,page 129:

Thomas Patton & Elenor Lupton of Washington Co., Mo. married on 5 December 1835 by James Williams, MG at Washington Co., Mo.

A reformatted excerpt from a Franklin County 1875/6 probate record documenting the distribution of the estate.

John W. Patton (2 shares) $225.00
William Patton (1 share) $112.50
Minerva Center (one share) $112.50
Nancy Center (1 share) $112.50
Thomas Patten’s heirs (3) each $37.50
Wellington Pattons heirs, named as follows
Mary A. Cummings
Mary Alice Atkins
Newton H. Patton
Frances Patterson (4) each $28.72 ½
Montgomery Patton (1 share) $112.50.


Mrs. J. L. Jennett died early Sunday morning at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Edna Barnes of Winnwood, where she had been for several weeks on a visit. Her death brings to a close a romance that had it's inception before the Civil War.

Miss Harriet Patton was born near St. Louis in Franklin Co., Mo. December 8, 1843 and on March 13, 1866 she was united in marriage to Capt. J. L. Jennett who had served the Confederate cause under Robert E. lee.

In 1869 they came to Clay Co. by steam boat, landing at Liberty Landing. About 1871 they settled in Kearney which has been their home ever since except for brief periods of time. They engaged in business here and at one time were the owners of the Kearney Clipper which under the Captain's hand became one of the best weekly newspapers published in Clay County.

Last March the Captain and Mrs. Jennett celebrated their 67th wedding anniversary. The Captain is now nearing his 95th birthday.

Mrs. Jennett is survived by the husband; a son, Dr. H. M. Jennett of Kansas City; and two daughters, Mrs. Edna Barnes of Winnwood and Mrs. Lula Henderson of the home. The funeral was conducted by Dr. H. I. Hester Tuesday morning at 10:30 o'clock at the Baptist Church. Interment in Mt. Olive cemetery.

The Courier extends sympathy to those who mourn the passing of this good friend and neighbor.

The Courier obituary courtesy of Jeannette Lessels


The Confederate Veteran, 95, Had a Long Career as a Public Official in Clay County - Married 67 Years

(By the Star's own Service.)
Kearney, Mo., Nov. 27. - Funeral services for Capt. J. L. Jennett, 95-year-old Confederate veteran, will be held at 2 0'clock Wednesday at the Baptist church here. Dr. H. l. Hester of William Jewell college will conduct the services. Burial will be in the Kearney cemetery. Captain Jennett's death came two months after that of his wife, with whom he observed his sixty-seventh wedding anniversary last March 13. They were married in 1866 in Franklin County after Miss Hattie Patton waited four years while the captain was fighting under the Confederate flag.


Shortly after their marriage, the couple moved to Clay County, making the trip to South Liberty on a steamboat. They lived in Liberty before coming to Kearney in 1871.

Three days before Gen. Robert E. Lee surrendered at Appomattox, Captain Jennett was captured by the federal troops. He was imprisoned at Johnson's Island, Ohio, for several months. The night Abraham Lincoln was assassinated, Captain Jennett was with a group of prisoners in Washington. They were taken out of the city that night and did not learn about the assassination until the next day.

Captain Jennett was a personal friend of General Lee. Once he completed a journey through the enemy line to deliver a personal message for the general and returned unharmed with an answer.

Kansas City Star, 28 Nov 1933

Missouri Marriage Records, 1805-2002

From the Missouri State archive microfilm

Excerpt from the 1880 Census for Kearny, Clay County, district 116, page 17


Franklin County Marriage Book, page 157

Birth and death dates are from her gravestone. The location of birth is from the census.

Pleasant Hill Cemetery, St. Louis Rock Road, Villa Ridge, Franklin County, Missouri.

Birth and death dates are from his gravestone. The location of birth is from the census.

World War I Draft Card. The card also gives Lloyd's full name.

Pioneer Woman Dies at Gilroy

Special to the Mercury Herald

Gilroy, June 30 - Mrs Margaret J. Patton, well-known Gilroy pioneer died Saturday night at the age of 84 years at her home on the Day road.

She was born in Missouri on March 5, 1843, and came to Gilroy in 1860 when, with her husband, she settled in Old Gilroy. The devoted couple lived there for about 10 years when they moved to the Day road where the family have resided ever since. Mr. Patton died about the year 1899. The couple had nine children, six of whom are still living. They are Mary and Nicholas Patton who still live on the old homestead. Henry Patton, Madera, Miss Edith Patton, Palo Alto; John Q. Patton, San Jose, and Mrs E. W. Rice, Nevada.

Mrs. Patton was born of good southern stock and came across the plains a 16-year-old bride with her husband. John Q. Patton, who captained a company of pioneers who came in a group to better escape the dangers which then threatened those who had the hardihood to set out from the east and middle west to reach the gifted land of California. Of this group only two remain, Mrs. E. F. McCrosky and Judge Hawkins, Modesto.

The interment took place this afternoon in the Odd Fellows and Masonic cemetery Rev. E. L. B McClellen of the Presbyterian church had charge of the religious service. B. Barshinger & Sons carried out the funeral arrangements.

San Jose Mercury Herald, Tuesday Morning, June 21, 1927, page 14

Birth and death dates and counties from the California Death Index 1940-1997. Birth City from his World War I Draft Card.

Birth and death dates and counties from the California Death Index 1940-1997. Birth City from his World War I Draft Card.

Based on the ages given for their first marriage in the 1930 census.

Based on the ages given for their first marriage in the 1930 census.

Birth and death dates and locations from the California Death Index, 1940-1997. Her father's surname was Stites. Her mother's maiden name was Wenke.

Birth date and location from the California Birth Index, 1905-1995. His death date is from the National Archives and Records Administration World War II and Korean Conflict Veterans Interred Overseas database. Joseph was missing in action. His death location is that of the memorial.

Birth date and state and death date and county from the California Death Index 1940-1997. Death city from the U. S. Social Security Death Index, 1935-Current.

National Cemetery Administration, U. S. Veteran's ca. 1775-2006 database. Buried at Section X Site 4532 and 4533.

Birth date and county appear in the California Birth Index, 1905-1995. His mother's maiden name is given as Lomax. The birth city is from Who's Who in American Law, 1st Edition. His death location and date are from his obituary. The death date and county also appear in the California Death Index, 1940-1997.

Birth date and death date and location are from the U. S. Social Security Death Index, 1935-Current. Her birth date also appear in the U. S. Public Records Index, Volume 2. The records also give her address in Rancho Palos Verdes.

Birth date and county from the California Birth Index, 1906-1995. Mother's maiden name is Parsons. Death date and city from the U.S. Social Security Death Index, 1935-Current. She is listed as Edith. L Stapleton. Her Social Security number was issue in 1964 in California.

The date and location are from Edith's obituary, which appeared 14 Sep 2006 in the San Jose Mercury New.

Birth and death dates and death location are from the U.S. Social Security Death Index, 1935-Current. Jerry received his Social Security number prior to 1951 in Idaho. His birth location is from his obituary that appeared in a number of newspapers, one being the San Jose Mercury New dated 16 May 2008.

Birth date and county from the California Birth Index, 1906-1995. Mother's maiden name is Parsons. Death date and city are from the U.S. Social Security Death Index, 1935-Current. She is listed as Jeanne Quincy Scott. Her Social Security number was issued prior to 1951 in California.

Based on her obituary that appeared in the San Jose Mercury News dated 7 Aug 2011. It stated she had been married 62 years to Donald who died in 2007.

Birth and death dates and death city are from the U.S. Social Security Death Index, 1935-Current. Donald's Social Security number was issued prior to 1951 in California. Birth state based on the census records.

Birth date and county from the California Birth Index, 1906-1995. Mother's maiden name is Parsons. Death date and location are from her obituary that appeared in the Salt Lake Tribune on 21 Mar 2012.

Birth date and county from the California Birth Index, 1906-1995. Mother's maiden name is Swartz. Death date and location are from the California Death Index, 1940-1997. The birth and death dates also appear in the U.S. Social Security Death Index, 1935-Current. It also gives the death city.

San Jose Mercury News, 14 Sep 2006

History of Santa Clara County, California : San Francisco: Alley, Bowen & Co, 1881, page 277-8

“In 1852, John Eigelberry came to settle; he died in 1880, highly esteemed and respected. In the next year we have the names of Jacob Reither, Thomas Rea, David Holloway, David Wood, David Zuck and family, William Fitzgerald, T. R. Thomas, Horace Wilson, Alfred Chappell, J. Q. Patton, George Anson, Massey Thomas, P. Fitzgerald, Eli Reynolds, Dempsey Jackson, and others whose names we have been unable to obtain. In 1854 we have …”

Pioneer Woman Laid to Rest This Evening

Mrs. Maragaret J. Patton, well known Gilroy pioneer, died Saturday night at the ripe age of 84 years at her home on the Day road.

She was born in Missouri on March 5, 1843 and came to Gilroy in 1860 when, with her husband she settled in Old Gilroy. The devoted couple lived there for about ten years when they moved to the Day road where the family resided ever since. Mr. Patton died about the year 1899. The couple had nine children, six of whom are still living. They are Mary and Nicholas Patton who still live on the old homestead, Henry Patton, Madera; Miss Edith Patton, Palo Alto; John Q. Patton, San Jose and Mrs E. W. Rice, Nevada.

Mrs. Patton was born of good southern stock and came across the plains a sixteen year old bride with her husband. John Q Patton who captained a company of pioneers who came in a group to better escape the dangers which then threatened those who had the hardihood to set out from the east and middle west to reach the gifted land of California. Of this group only to [sic] remain, Mrs E. F. McCrosky and Judge Hawkins.

Gilroy Evening Dispatch, Monday, June 20, 1927

Another Pioneer Gone

John Q. Patton, an old and respected farmer of the Uvas district died last Sunday after an illness of two years. Mr. Patton was one of the early pioneers of the State, coming here in 1849, and going direct to the mines. He returned to Missouri in ’58 where he married and in 1860 came west again. He lived for a time in Canada valley, and from there went to Hollister where he engaged in farming. In 1871 he returned to Santa Clara county and bought the homestead where he has since resided. He was 70 years 11 months old at the time of his death. He leaves a wife, four daughters and five sons to mourn his loss. The funeral occurred on Monday from the residence on the Day road. Rev. J. B. Needham conducted the services. There was a large following of friends to the grave.

Gilroy Advocate, Saturday, 15 April 1899

1860 Census. The page on which he appears in dated June 26. The family was living in San Jose, the county seat

San Jose Marriage License File. Groom: Patton, Warren H.. Bride: Chappell, Sarah O.. Source date: 29 Jan 1860

Birth month, year, and location from the 1900 U.S. Census. Death date and location for the California Death Index, 1940-1997.

Birth and deaths dates are from his tombstone. Birth and death locations are from census records and his obituary.

The death of an old an[d] esteemed citizen of the County, well known in Gilroy, occurred yesterday morning in San Jose namely, Warren H. Patton. He has lived in this valley 40 years and has more than once been honored with office. He had the honor of starting the first Democratic club in Gilroy which was also the first in the county. He was 64 years old. An aged wife and three sons survive him, one being J. R. Pattan [sic], an attorney and another John Patton, a druggist at Hollister, The others are residents of San Jose.

Gilroy Advocate, Vol. XXIV, No. 11, Gilroy Santa Clara Co., Saturday, February 14, 1891

Eugene T. Sawyer, History of Santa Clara County, 1922, page 64

T. S. Hawkins Some Recollections of a Busy Life Paul Elder and Company, 1913

Three hundred copies were printed. They can be found in used book stores. It is also available in California via inter-library loan.

T. S. Hawkins Some Recollections of a Busy Life Paul Elder and Company, 1913, pages 79-80

On January fifth, 1860, my oldest son, T. W. Hawkins was born, and on March thirteenth we started on our long journey.

T. S. Hawkins Some Recollections of a Busy Life Paul Elder and Company, 1913, page 115

On our arrival at Milpitas, we learned that my wife's sister lived on a farm near Mountain View, only ten miles distant, so turning all my cattle loose with the heard and in care of my father and brother-in-law, who were bound for a stock ranch near Gilroy, I found a team and driver to take my wife and boy and our small personal belongings to our destination, while I followed, riding one horse and leading the other two. We arrived at the home of wife's sister about noon on the thirteenth day of September, just six months exactly from the date of our departure from home.

T. S. Hawkins Some Recollections of a Busy Life Paul Elder and Company, 1913, page 79

At this time I took into a partnership a brother of my wife, a Mr. John Q. Patton, which partnership lasted until 1860, Mr. Patton staying at the store, while my wife and I resided with my parents, until I had completed a neat little four-room cottage close to the store, where we resided until the fall of 1859.

T. S. Hawkins Some Recollections of a Busy Life Paul Elder and Company, 1913, page 79

As we had to give up our cottage and sell the furniture, my wife and I went to board with her aunt who had raised her, her father and mother both having died when she was very young.

Catherine and Mary appear in the 1850 census living in St. Louis with Benjamin and Sarah (Hyde) Lacy.

T. S. Hawkins Some Recollections of a Busy Life Paul Elder and Company, 1913, page 78

This continued through the summer and winter until March second, 1858, on which date I was married to Miss Catherine Patton, a young lady to whom I had been engaged for two years.

The marriage also appears in the Crawford County Marriage Book 1854-1871, volume 2, page 72

Crawford County Marriage Book 1854-1871, volume 2, page 94

T. S. Hawkins Some Recollections of a Busy Life Paul Elder and Company, 1913, page 108

My brother-in-law, Patton, was the captain of the company, and he and I finally got the irate Indian to one side and told him that the old man was crazy, «heap loco.»

T. S. Hawkins Some Recollections of a Busy Life Paul Elder and Company, 1913, page 130

On the first of May, 1873, I started with a relative (Mr. Warren Patton) on a visit to my old home and the East.

The birth date and location are based on census records. The death date in from Oak Hill Memorial Park records.

The birth and death dates are from Oak Hill Memorial Park records. The birth location is from census records. The death location is assumed given he was most likely still at home when he died.

The birth and death dates are from Oak Hill Memorial Park records. The birth location is from census records. The death location is assumed given he was most likely still at home when he died.

The death date is from the California Death Index 1905-1940 and corresponds to the burial records at Oak Hill Memorial Park. Both the index and burial records are off by ten years for the birth year. The census records make her ten years older with the exception of 1900.

The death date and location are from the California Death Index 1905-1940. The birth date and location are from the census records. The records at Oak Hill Memorial Park where she buried only give her name.

The death date is from the burial records at Oak Hill Memorial Park. The records also gave his age at death as 60 years, 9 months, 17 days. It should be 63 years. He was recorded as 10 months old when his name was entered into the 1870 on 24 Jun 1870. That would put his birth date in Aug 1869. If he was born in 1872, he wouldn't be in the 1870 census. The 1900 gives the birth month and year as Aug 1869. There are no records for him after 1919 so the location of his death is unknown.

The date is from another researcher and is not otherwise substantiated at this time. The marriage most likely took place in Santa Clara County, California as Mary was there in 1852.

T. S. Hawkins Some Recollections of a Busy Life Paul Elder and Company, 1913, page 78.

Miss Patton was a well educated woman descended from two old Southern families, the Pattons and the Hydes, her mother having been a member of the latter family.

Hawkins was writing about is wife, Mary's, family. Hawkins is incorrect regarding the origins of the Patton's unless he included Missouri in the 'South'. They originally settled in Pennsylvania.

Mary's obituary says she came west with her uncle. See the footnote for her death.

Mary appears in the 1852 California census living with the Shore family in Santa Clara County. This would have been just months after they arrived.

According to another researcher, Thomas Shore married Isabelle Hyde in 1837 in Missouri. The marriage is not supported by primary records at this time.

Sawyer, Eugene T., History of Santa Clara County, California, Historic Record Company, Los Angeles, California, 1922, page 64

An election for supervisors was held June 3, 1852, and the new board was organized as follows: Isaac N. Senter, chairman; Fred E. Whitney, William E. Taylor, Jacob Gruwell, associates.

December 6,1852--L. H. Bascom, chairman; John B. Allen, A. M. Church, Levi Goodrich, Joseph C. Boyd, associates.

September 7, 1853--George Peck, chairman; Daniel Murphy, R. G. Moody, William Daniels, W. Gallimore, associates.

The birth date and location are from the census records. The death date is from probate records for San Clara County. Cemetery records give a death date of 11 July.

Sacramento Daily Union, Volume 96, Number 178, 16 February 1899, page 2

Gallimore Seed Company; for the purpose of buying and selling seeds. Principal place of business, College Park. Directors—H. P. Gallimore, Frances Gallimore, Eliza Gallimore, Susie Gallimore and David Henderson, College Park.

The Cumberland Presbyterian, July 23, 1896, pages 5-6

He [Rev. Cornelius Yager] arrived at the place where Mountain View, Cal., now stands, Sept. 28, 1850, and at once began work as a consecrated minister of the gospel, preaching the first Protestant sermon in the now famous Santa Clara Valley. With Revs. J. E. Braley and Wesley Gallimore he organized California Presbytery, April 4, 1851.

History of Santa Clara County, California, Alley, Bowen, & Co., 1881, page 259

At this time there came Edward Dale, and a month later, in November, Barnes Holloway and two ministers of the cumberland Presbyterian church, named C. Waeger and Wesley Gallimore These, in partnership with Dale, rented land from Mariano Castro, but each farmed a portion on his own account.

History of Santa Clara County, California, Alley, Bowen, & Co., 1881, page 259

In the Spring of 1851, Milton A. Lewis, from Missouri, stetted on the farm now occupied by John W. Boulware near Mayfield, while, the period is made memorable by the establishment of the first school in the township. The number of children had so rapidly increased that it as deemed desirable to open some place wherein instruction might be given to those desiring it. To this end a sum of money was subscribed , a cabin erected on the site of the present railroad warehouse, and the charge given to Rev. W. Gallimore, who had promised to undertake the labors provided twenty-five pupils were forth coming. But this was not the only benefit , regular services were inaugurated the pastors being Messrs. Yaeger and Gallimore, while it was arranged that once a month the edifice should be handed over to the Methodist and Baptist Bodies, the first clergy-men alternating being Revs., Messrs. Bailey, now residing near Santa Clara, and Ricketts, of the baptists.

Source: California Assessors' Association Website. See the history for Santa Clara County.

According to the California, Mortuary and Cemetery Records, 1801-1932, Franklin W. Gallimore, aged 40, died Jul 1859 in Fremont Township, Santa Clara County. He was a farmer. The U.S. Federal Census Mortality Schedule, 1850-1885 repeats the same information and adds that he was from North Carolina and died of a liver abscess.

The birth month and year are from the 1900 U. S. Census. The death date is from the California Death Index.

Pioneer Woman Dies: Only Short Illness
Mrs. Mary Patton Gallimore, mother of the late Dr. Elizabeth Gallimore, has succumbed to an illness of only a month's duration. The funeral will be held Monday
Mrs. Gallimore came to California with her relatives when only a child. She crossed the plains and with an uncle she lived in Mountain View for some years after 1852. After her marriage she came to San Jose and has lived at University and The Alameda for more than 40 years.
The Evening News, 30 Jan 1915, Volume 61, page 3
Historian's Told of Shore Family’s Coming to County
Richard Shore’s letters home, telling of life in the far West soon interested his father, Thomas Shore, who put a wagon train together - mostly family members - and arrived in California some time in 1852. They traveled in a more northern route and arrived in Sacramento. Here the party divided: James Shore and his family went on to Northern California while Thomas and Isabella and their family traveled on into the Santa Clara Valley to settle in the Mountain View - Los Altos area, an area where “other Missourians" had settled. Most men in the wagon train acquired ranches in the area and lived out their lives there.

Unknown newspaper, Hollister, California - Wednesday, Feb. 7, 1968

Amaury Mars, Reminiscences of Santa Clara Valley and San Jose, Mysell-Rollins Company, 1901, page 273

Mrs. Mary P Gallimore is listed as a member of the Santa Clara Pioneer Society with the arrival date of 1852.

Mary and the Shore family appear in the 1852 California census on pages 72 and 73. The pages of the census on which the family appears are dated 5 October 1852.

Laffey, G. A. and Detliefs R. G., County Leadership: Santa Clara County Government History, 1995, The County of Santa Clara, Historical Resources Commission, San Jose, CA., page 90

XXXFrom an unpublished manuscript by Bonnie Montgomery written around 2003 about women physicians in Santa Clara County one of which was Dr. Elizabeth Gallimore.

Funeral Record, page 234, Melvin Funeral Parlor, Los Gatos, California