William Rogers of Virginia

William Rogers came to America from England just before 1750. A history of the family in America is given by Samuel Rogers (1789 - 1845) in "Toils and Struggles of Olden Times"

Generation One

ROGERS, William b England

m unkown

  • Susan b England, never married
  • Lucy b England m Robert McIntyre
  • Ulysses
  • Ezekiel b ca. 1761

William emigrated from Smithfield, England shortly before 1750. He lived in Bedford County, Virginia and died at sea when his children were very young.

Generation Two

Children of William Rogers and unknown

ROGERS, Ulysses b England

Ulysses was a private in Captain Samuel Hopkins Company, 6th Virginia Regiment. He enlisted in 1776 and was wounded the next year. He was discharged in 1778.

ROGERS, Ezekiel b ca. 1761, Virginia d 1810, Missouri

m 2 July 1787 Charlotte County, Virginia Rebecca Williamson b Virginia d 1843 Clarke County, Kentucky

According Ezekiel's son, Samuel: "At the age of fifteen, my father joined a company of light-horse, belonging to the regiment of Colonel Washington. He was at the battle of Cowpens, where Tarleton was defeated and pursued so closely that he lost his eye. He continued in the service to the close of the Revolution, was present at the siege of York [town], and witnessed the surrender of Cornwallis."

Ezekiel's and Rebecca's marriage can be found in the Charlotte County Marriage Book.

In 1793, the family moved to Clark County, Kentucky. They settled on Stoner Creek eight miles from Winchester. Eight years later in September 1801, the family moved to Franklin County, Missouri. In 1809, the Ezekiel sold his farm to Frederick Bates, later governor of Missouri, and moved to Nicholas County, Kentucky and settled on the Brushy Fork of Kingston about half way between Carlisle and Millersburg. The sale is supported by a Commissioner's certificate issued in January, 1809.

A second deed documents some of Ezekiel and Rebecca's children: Samuel, Williamson, John, Susanna, Frances

Samuel declines to mention the reason for this move, but his brother John does not. Ezekiel had gotten into a dispute with Moses Kenny and his associates which was the cause of the move to Kentucky. Kenny followed Ezekiel to Kentucky and back to Missouri when Ezekiel and his son Samuel returned to close his business. In the spring of 1810 Ezekiel was murdered by Kenny. Kenny fled to Kentucky and was never prosecuted for the crime.

Generation Three

Children of Ezekiel Rogers and Rebecca Williamson

ROGERS, Samuel b 6 Nov 1789 Charlotte County, Virginia d 23 Jun 1845

m Elizabeth Irvins b 1792 d 30 Mar 1868

  • Evaline W. b 1813

Samuel wrote a history of the family in America: "Toils and Struggles of Olden Times"

ROGERS, Williamson b 29 Apr 1803 Franklin City, Missouri d 15 Feb 1852 Franklin City, Missouri

m 6 May 1823 Nicolas City, Kentucky Matilda Rule b 23 Aug 1804 Franklin City, Missouri d 29 Nov 1870 Franklin City, Missouri

Information on Williamson Rogers and his descendants was provided by Will Nicoll. He has additional information on further descendants of this line and can be reached at the address given in the credits.

Generation Four

Children of Samuel Rogers and Elizabeth Irvins

ROGERS, Evaline b 1806 d 1874

m James Van De Vort b 1806 d 1874

  • Eliza Eleanor b 10 Aug 1840

Children of Williamson Rogers and Matilda Rule

ROGERS, Rebecca W. b 22 Apr 1824 d 4 Nov 1915

m Dec 1844 Franklin County, Missouri Joseph Wood b 1820 d 1894

  • Louisa b 1846
  • Mary A. b 1848
  • Williamson b 1853
  • Thomas P. b 1857
  • Irene b 1867

ROGERS, Louisa R.b ca. 1825 d ca. 1903

m 2 Nov 1853 Franklin County, Missouri John Percivel b ca. 1822 d 1877

  • John

ROGERS, Lucy Ann b 20 Oct 1834 d 17 Jun 1919

m 1856 Edward J. Seymour b 1826 d 1885

  • Edward P. b 1857
  • Lucy Jane b 1862
  • Fanny Carson b 1869
  • Caroline Amelia b 1871
  • Rogers b 1875

A:583 3 August 1829, Samuel Rogers and wife, Elizabeth, of Clinton County, Ohio, sold to Williamson Rogers of Franklin County, Missouri, for $100, their undivided interest in a tract belonging to the heirs of Ezekiel Rogers, deceased.

Whereas Ezekiel Rogers purchased, in his lifetime, 442 acres situated on the waters of the Dubois in Franklin County; whereas Williamson Rogers purchased the undivided interest of Samuel Rogers (one of the heirs) and Williamson (with wife Nancy) is another heir; whereas James K. Rule has purchased the undivided interest of John Rogers (one of the heirs) and his wife Eleanor; and the undivided interest of Susannah Patton, late Susanna Rogers (an heir) and her husband Charles Patton; whereas William M. Irvin of Clinton County, having intermarried with Frances Rogers, one of the heirs who is dead, and he is guardian of son, Robert W. Irvin, infant heir of said Frances. Now, James K. Rule & William M. Irvin, Williamson Rogers and Thomas Buckner and Elizabeth his wife, Elizabeth Rogers (and one of the heirs) relinquish all title to John McIntire and wife, Lucy, a part of said parcel (described). [From Genealogical Gems from Early Missouri Deeds, 1815-1850]

Franklin County Marriage Book, page 233

Ctf#: 157
Arpents: 557
District: St. Louis
Watercourse: Missouri River
Concession claimed by: Francis Howell
Certificate issued to: Ezekiel Rogers/use of Frederick Bates