Benjamin Rowe of Ontario

Benjamin Rowe of Generation Two came to colonial America in 1830. Unlike other lines on this site, he first settled in the Canadian colony of Ontario. The research for generations two and three was done by my fourth cousin Kate Rowe of Ontario, Canada. This is only an excerpt from her extensive research on

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Generation One

ROWE, Samuel

m England Sarah Ward b 1780 Theberton Parish, Suffolk, England

This generation was uncovered by my fourth cousin Ron Trethric.

Generation Two

ROWE, Benjamin b 26 Mar 1797 Horham Parish, Suffolk, England d 30 Jul 1886 Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

m 9 Nov 1819 Stradbroke Parish, Suffolk County, England Sarah Ann Muttitt b 20 Jul 1800 Stadbroke Parish, Suffolk, England d Sep 1871 Darlington Twp, Durham West, Ontario, Canada

Benjamin was born in Suffolk County, which is on the Eastern coast of England. In 1819, he married Sarah and after the birth of their first three children, they emigrated to Canada in about 1830. In 1837, Benjamin appears in the Durham County, Ontario, Canada assessment. Additional records show that he continued to live there until at least 1878. In the 1881 census, he's shown living with his son in Oshawa, Ontario. When he died in 1885, he left a will that names all the children shown here.

Generation Three

ROWE, Eliza b 23 Dec 1817 Stradbroke, Suffolk, England d Sonoma, Colhoun County, Michigan

m 1835 Darlington Township, Durham County, Ontario, Canada William Trethrake b 25 Mar 1807 Duloe Parish, Cornwall, England d 4 Sep 1887 Sonoma, Calhoun County Michigan

  • unknown b 1840
  • Henry b 1840
  • Sarah b 1845
  • William J. b 1846
  • Elizabeth 'Libbie' b 1849
  • Jane Jennie b 1851
  • Thomas b 1853
  • Mary Ann b 1855
  • John b 1857
  • Benjamin b 1859
  • Ettie b 1863
  • Susan 'Susie' b 1864
  • Edward b 1865
  • Naomi b 1867

This line has been extensively researched by Ron Trethric.

ROWE, Robert James b 11 Jan 1820 Suffolk, England d 29 Mar 1906 Virden, RM Brandon, Manitoba, Canada

m 1845 Darlington, Ontario County, Ontario, Canada Mary Jane Hadden b 1825-1831 Ontario, Canada d 28 Jun 1860 Logan Township, Perth County, Ontario, Canada

  • George Benjamin b 1846
  • James H. b 1859
  • John Henry b 1853
  • Robert b 1855
  • Sarah Jane b 1857
  • Thomas b 1860

m 1865 Mitchell, Perth County, Ontario, Canada Isabella Robb b 6 Nov 1842 Armagh, Ireland d 4 Jul 1913 Virden, R.M. Brandon, Manitoba, Canada

  • Martha b 1864
  • Mary Ann b 1866
  • Alexander b 1868
  • Isiah b 1870
  • Charlotte b 1874
  • Margaret b 1874
  • Elizabeth b 1879
  • Catherine b 1882

ROWE, Sarah b 16 Nov 1823 Suffolk, England d 31 Oct 1873 East Whitby, Ontario, Canada

m 5 Mar 1850 Whitby, Ontario, Canada James Benjamin Farrell b ca. 1794 County Fermanagh, Ireland d 17 Jun 1876 East Whitby Township, Ontario, Canada

  • James Benjmain b 17 May 1853 d 13 Jun 1918
  • William b 1 May 1855 d 9 May 1931
  • Henry Lucas b 10 Jun 1860 d 1 Jan 1929
  • Mary Jane b 19 Dec 1862
  • Sarah Ann b 13 May 1864 28 Mar 1950
  • John b Apr 1867 d 1946

ROWE, Benjamin R. b Mar 1825 Suffolk, England d 20 Feb 1917 Riverside, Missauke County, Michigan

m 3 Jul 1862 Logan, Perth County, Ontario, Canada Susannah Kaiser b 24 Feb 1842 Dauernheim, Hessen, Germany d 22 April 1921 Detroit, Michigan

  • John Henry b Jul 1865
  • Lillian b 1870
  • Frederick Albert b 1871
  • Malinda Angeline b 1875
  • Jemima b 1877
  • Esther b 29 Jul 1878 Riverside, Michigan d 1 Sep 1878 Riverside, Michigan
  • Jenett b 1878
  • Amanda b 1884
  • Josephine May Sterne b 1898

ROWE, William b 2 Jan 1833 Durham County, Ontario, Canada d 2 Mar 1903 Elk twp, Sanilac County, Michigan

m 1855 Perth County, Ontario, Canada Catharine Gay Nelmes b 9 Apr 1837 Oxford, Ontario, Canada d 17 Jul 1899 Elk twp, Sanilac County, Michigan

Wrp22dec10 0010 crop

William was born and raised in Durham County, Ontario, Canada. Twenty years later he is found in Perth County, Ontario according to the 1851 census. He was still there when he married Catherine and remained so for the 1861 census. The 1871 census finds him and his family in Oxford County, Ontario. The family emigrated to Sanilac County, Michigan in 1877 and the family is shown there in the 1880 census. Finally only William and his son James appear in the 1900 census. William and Catherine are buried in Section H of the Elk Township Cemetery, Sanilac County.

The excerpt at the right is from the 1894 Land and Plat Atlas. The forty acres that William owned is the northwest quarter of the southeast quarter of section 22 of Elk Township. The vertical line to the right of the property most likely Sandusky Road (highway 19). The 1906 version of the map shows William Rowe also owning the 40 acres owned by Abel Williams in this map. Abel William is the next entry in the 1900 census so the sale must have taken place after that. The 1906 entry is problematic in that William Rowe died in 1903. Either it was transferred to his son William or the source material for the atlas was not updated.

ROWE, James M. b 28 Dec 1833 Durham County, Ontario, Canada d 31 Mar 1916 Cambridge, Furnas, Nebraska

m 1857 Darlington, Durham County, Ontario, Canada Martha (Pattie) Brownson b 21 Oct 1838 Ontario, Canada d 1911

  • William James b 1858
  • Mary Georgianna b 1861
  • Almira Esther b 1865
  • Ida Blanch b 1866
  • Frank Champion b 1868
  • Albert E. (Bert) b 1878
  • Ermina Maud Jane b 1872
  • Charles Wesley b 1878

ROWE, Thomas C. b 14 Feb 1838 Darlington Township, Durham County, Ontario, Canada d 21 Dec 1921 Woodstock, Oxford County, Ontario, Canada

m 1860 Northumberland and Durham, Ontario, Canada Esther Ann Brownson b 21 May 1843 Darlington, Durham, Ontario, Canada d 9 May 1916 Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada

  • George W. b 1863
  • Walter Wesley b 1866
  • Nettie M. b 1867
  • James b 1870
  • Mary Almira Birdie b 1871
  • Ida Eveline b 1873
  • Edward Porter b 1876/li>
  • Clarke Garfield b 1882

ROWE, John b 12 Aug 1840 Courtice, Ontario County, Ontario, Canada d 4 Oct 1925 Oshawa, Durham County, Ontario, Canada

m 1870 Bowmanville, Northumberland and Durham, Ontario, Canada Annie Vivian b 5 May 1853 England d 30 Nov 1926 Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

  • baby b 1871 d 1871
  • Jane b 1873 d 1874
  • Melinda b 1874
  • William Benjamin b 1876
  • Eli George b 1876
  • Ida Eveline b 1889

ROWE, Elizabeth b 6 Jul 1841 Oshawa, Durham County, Ontario, Canada d 17 Sep 1893 Malta, DeKalb County, Illinois

m 5 Nov 1861 Durham County, Ontario, Canada Samuel Baily Veale b 13 Nov 1838 Devonshire England d 19 Mar 1911 Malta, Illinois

  • Tommy b 1864
  • Emily b 1866
  • Ida b 1868
  • Albert b 1871
  • Mabel Roselle b 1872
  • Lillian b 1874
  • Anna b 1875
  • Willie b 1877
  • Sarah C. Sadie b 1879
  • Cora Lina b 1882

Generation Four

Children of William and Catherine (Nelmes) Rowe

ROWE, John Henry b Nov 1856 Canada d 25 Feb 1919 Stockton, California

m 30 Oct 1880 Sacramento, Californa Isabelle L. McKennny b Nov 1862

John was the eldest sibling, born in 1856. He appears in the 1861 and 1871 census records with the family, but does not appear in the 1880 U.S. census although he may have traveled with the them to Michigan. He was married in 1880 in Sacramento, California. His uncle, John Nelmes was also living there at that time so he may have traveled out to California with them. The 1900 census shows both John and his wife widowed, but living just a few doors apart. They may have chosen to state this instead of divorce to avoid the stigma of the latter or the divorce was particularly acrimonious and the status reflected their feeling to one another.

John was a steady voter and appears in almost every voter list between 1900 and 1916. His occupation went from laborer, to clerk, to merchant, to saloon keeper during that period. He was a loyal Democrat and primarily lived in Elk Grove, but spent at least 1910-12 in Sheldon, which is a few miles away.

On 31 October 1918, John was admitted to the Stockton State Hospital in the third stage of syphilis. He died of General Paralysis of the Insane four months later. He is buried with his brother Herbert in Elk Grove Cemetery. His his daughters and siblings are mentioned in his obituary.

ROWE, Anna (Annie) Maria b 25 Dec 1858 Ontario, Canada d 8 Oct 1923 Saginaw, Michigan

m 23 Jan 1884 John Wesley Campbell b 26 Oct 1848 Leesburg, Virginia d 21 Jan 1930 Saginaw, Michigan

  • Bessie b 22 Jul 1886
  • Anna Amelia b 1886 d 10 Feb 1900
  • Katie b 31 Aug 1889 d 31 May 1900
  • John Lester b 1 Nov 1895 d 13 Jan 1979

Annie was born in Canada in 1858 and appears in the 1861 and 1871 census records for the country along with her parents and siblings. She also appears in the 1880 census with her family in Elk, Michigan. She moved to Saginaw in 1883 where was married the following year. The family lived on North 4th Avenue until her death.

John was born in Virginia and lived there through the Civil War in which he fought. Shortly after 1870, he moved to Saginaw. He was employed by the Pere Marquette Railroad Company for 30 years in their car shops. Current satellite imagery show a large switching yard just a few blocks from their home.

John and Anna lost two daughters at a young age in 1900, one if not both to thyphoid fever. Their reamining daughter, Bessie, married Edward Ernest Boyse on 27 June 1906. He was the son of George and Hannah (Woods) Boyse. They continued to live in Saginaw at least until 1930, the year her father died in their home. Edward and Bessie had at least five children: Wilbur, Robert, Dorothy, John, and Wilber E. Giving the same name to a second child often implies the death of the first child before the second's birth.

Their son, John Lester, married Marguerite Mae Campbell on 30 November 1925. She was the daughter of Bertram and Florence (Bartlett) Campbell. They took over the home on North Fourth after his mother's death. By 1935, they had moved to Columbia, South Carolina where they remained until their deaths. both are buried in the Bush River Memorial Gardens Cemetery. It is not known if they had children. John was an accountant.

ROWE, William Walter b 22 Aug 1862 Canada d 19 Dec 1944 San Luis Obispo, California

m 2 Aug 1892 Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio Catherine A. Davis b 18 Feb 1868 Wisconsin d 1 Mar 1944 San Luis Obispo, California

  • William James b 11 Jul 1893
  • John Patrick b 16 Jun 1895
  • Mary M. b 29 Jan 1897 d 29 Mar 1901 (Marian Rowe is on the death certificate)
  • David King b 4 Dec 1898
  • female b 1 Jan 1900 d 1 Jan 1900, stillborn
  • Agnes b 14 Feb 1903
William walter and catherine rowe 300

The year of William's birth is unclear. The year 1862 is chosen as it appears in two census records closest to his birth: 1871 and 1880. The 1900 and 1910 census indicate 1865. The 1920 census has ca. 1868 and the California death index has 1870. The birth month and day are from the last source. The index also gives his mother's maiden name as Kipp. There may have been confusion on the part of the information source as Kipp was the maiden name of William Walter's aunt. There is an exact 43 marker DNA match with a direct male descendent of William Walter and another direct male descendent of Benjamin of generation two above.

Catherine's (also Katie, Katherine, and Cathleen) birth year is also from the 1900 census. The 1910 census has her born ca. 1873 and the 1920 census has her born ca. 1871. The California Death Index has her born in 1862. In addition, the index gives Catherine's mother's maiden name as King which was also given to her son.

Catherine's father was living with her in 1900 with the name William P. David, born March 1830. William immigrated to the U. S. in 1865. He and his parents were born in Ireland. A search of the census records for a Catherine with a father William Davis turned up an 1880 record for La Crosse, La Crosse County, Wisconsin. The widowed father, William, was born in Ireland about 1825, which is five years older than in the 1900 census. The children William H., aged 26, born Michigan; Thomas, aged 23, born Michigan; John P., aged 21, born Michigan; Mary K., aged 19, born Wisconsin; Katie A., aged 15 (three years younger than the 1900 census), born Wisconsin; and James F., aged 12, born Wisconsin. No other such father daughter connections were found.

In searching for the children of William Davis, an 1870 census record for P. R. Davis was found. While the names doesn't match, there's a strong correlation with the children. William's wife is Elizabeth aged 40. Both parents were born in Ireland. The children are: S.E, female, aged 18, born Massachusetts, W. H., male, aged 17, born Michigan; Thomas, age 15 born Michigan; Mary, age 13 born Michigan; John, age 10 born Wisconsin; Ann, age 8, born Wisconsin; K. A., female, aged 6, born Wisconsin; and J. F, male, aged 4, born Wisconsin.

William and Catherine were married in Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio which is in the North Eastern part of the state. The certificate was signed by the rector of St. John's Cathedral in Cleveland, Ohio. The original marriage certificate is in the possession of Robert (Rowe) Lopez. Witness to the marriage was James Davis, presumably Catherine's brother. The record also indicates that the bride and groom were Catholics. The 1871 census record shows William as a Wesleyan Methodist. It is unknown why such a distant location was selected. The next year they were in Detroit where their eldest son was born. Perhaps they were on there way to Niagara Falls for a honeymoon.

The 1900 census has William Rowe (spelled Rowa), his wife Catherine A, and their four children William, John, Mary, and David. They were living in Detroit, Michigan. William worked as a railroad conductor. He says he immigrated to the U.S. in 1875.

The 1910 census has William Rowe (spelled Rone), his wife Catherine, and their four living children in Gardena, Los Angeles County, California. William and his parents were born in Canada, Catherine in Wisconsin, and the children in Michigan. Catherine's parents were born in Ireland. William immigrated to the United States in 1892. His occupation appears to be an Electric Car Conductor. His son, William, recalled that they left as a result of the influenza out break, which may be the cause of Mary's death.

In the 1920 census (spelled Row - just can't get the name spelled right) the family was living in the San Miguel Precinct of San Luis Obispo County, California. By this time, son William had left the household and married. Based on this census, William was born ca. 1868. Grand daughter Roberta Rowe remembers them living in San Miguel where William ran a crop sale business that eventually failed. No record can be found of them in the 1930 census.

No record of them can be found in the 1930 census. Most likely the surname was misspelled again. In 1940, they were living in San Gabriel, California. Their son William lived on six acres he owned nearby. They lived in a house on an additional two acres he owned that was an orange orchard. When their son moved to Menlo Park, he moved them to a nursing home. It's thought the home was in San Luis Obispo. This is a first hand recollection by their granddaughter, Roberta.

William walter rowe signature

William and Katherine are buried in the Old Mission Catholic Church Cemetery in San Luis Obispo, California. Catherine is listed as Catherine E. Rowe.

Mary died of Meningitis and was buried 31 Mar 1901 at Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Detroit, Michigan, Section 1, tier 2, grave 207. The name Marian was given on the death certificate. Mary M. is from the 1900 census.

The stillborn female was buried 20 Jan 1900 at Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Detroit, Michigan, Section 4, tier 10, grave 132.

ROWE, Herbert b ca. 1863 Ontario, Canada d 17 Oct 1933 Elk Grove, California

Georgiana Harvey b 17 Feb 1880 Moss Landing, California d 6 July 1969 Elk Grove, California

Herbert appears in the 1871 Canadian census with his family and also in the 1880 U.S. census with his family in Elk township, Sanilac County, Michigan. He may have left home not too long afterward for a Herbert Rowe appears in in the 1885 Sacramento City directory as a brakeman for the Central Pacific Railroad. His brother John was there in 1880. In 1900 he is shown living with his cousin Elizabeth Nelmes in San Joaquin Township, Sacramento, California. Not too long after he married and presumably moved to his own residence in Elk Grove, not far from his cousin. He continued to live there for the rest of his live.

Like his brother John, Herbert voted regularly. Unlike his brother, he was varied in his part affiliation. In 1910 he was a socialist, in 1916 a Democrat, in 1928 a Republican, and finally in 1932 a Deomocrat again. His occupation also varied from brakeman, to teamster, to saloon keeper, to proprietor of a hotel, to merchant, and in 1930 he ran a pool hall.

He died in 1933 at the age of 70 and is buried in the Elk Grove Cemetery. The obituary is incorrect as to the location. He, his wife, daughter, and brother John are buried in Row H north side, Marker #1. The age in the obituary and later census records don't coincide with the age in earlier records.

Georgiana continued to live in Elk Grove until at least 1934. She may have then moved to Ione in Amador County, which is 23 miles away. It is certain she moved to Pacific Grove in Monterrey County by 1947 at the latest and was there until at least 1955. She may have done so to be near her daughter, but the evidence is circumstantial at this point. Her obituary implies she remained there until moving into a retirement home in Galt, which is back in Sacramento County, just south of Elk Grove.

ROWE, Elsie b Oct 1865 Ontario, Canada d 1935 Elk Township, Sanilac County, Michigan

Elsie miller signature

m 1887 Thomas Miller b 1857 Elk, Sanilac County, Michigan d 1929 Elk Township, Sanilac County, Michigan

  • Viola b 2 Oct 1887 (adopted)
  • William T. b Nov 1888

A Thomas Miller of the same age appear on the same 1880 Elk Township, Sanilac County census page as the Rowes so the families were neighbors prior to being married. The 1900 census show son William along with an adopted daughter Viola. By 1910, Viola was no longer in the household, but Elsie's brother Reuban had joined them as a farm laborer.

ROWE, David Thomas b Jun 1867 Woodstock, Oxford County, Ontario, Canada d 13 Nov 1913 Akron, Ohio

m 9 Jan 1899 Elk, Sanilac County, Michigan Anna Eastman b 18 Dec 1873 Yale, Michigan d Jan 1949 Mentor, Lake County, Ohio

m 18 Jun 1912 Summit County, Ohio Effie A. Baker b 1888

David was born in Woodstock, Ontario and spent his early years there. In about 1876, he moved with his family to Elk, Michigan. He continued to live in the area after he was married to Ann Eastman as their first two children were born there. The family moved to Cleveland, Ohio by 1893 at the latest. A David T. Rowe appears in the 1893 city directory and David and Anna's third child, Elizabeth was born there. It's possible he came earlier because his brother William Walter was married there in August 1892, but lived in Detroit before and after the marriage.

While in Cleveland, the family moved several times and David held several jobs. The following information was taken from the Cleveland city directories:

Year Occupation Address
1893 grip manSuperior, cor Haven
1894 -no listing found
1895-1896laborer 10 Eaton Street
1897iron worker17 Haven
1898 -no listing found
1899 laborer 36 Ship herd
1900 laborer187 Moulton
1901-1902 foreman115 Rosedale
1903-1905 foreman29 Anndale
1906-1907 foreman1612 E. 118th NE*
1908 motorman1612 E. 118th NE
1909 - no listing found
1910 commercial salesman 8617 Blaine Avenue

*It's possible that 29 Anndale and 1612 E. 118th NE are the same location due to an addressing change.

Based on census data, David was divorced from Anna prior to October 1909. In the 1910 census, David was boarding with the Baldwin family. In 1912, he married Effie Baker. Just six months later, David died from a fall from scaffolding. He is buried in the Glendale Cemetery in Akron, Ohio.

ROWE, James A. b 8 Mar 1869 Ontario, Canada d 18 Aug 1951 Sandusky, Sanilac County, Michigan

m 1 Nov 1899 Deckerville, Sanilac County, Michigan Clarrisa E. Terhune b 1879 Haldimand County, Ontario, Canada d 1954 Elk, Sanilac County, Michigan

James and his wife are shown still living with his father in 1900. No other siblings were shown. Ten years later they were living in Wells, Tuscola County, Michigan. By 1920, the family had moved to Sandusky, Sanilac County, Michigan. While there, James served some time as marshall. Both James and Clarrisa (Clara) are buried in Peck, Michigan in the Elk Cemetery.

ROWE, Catherine b 9 Apr 1870 Oxford, Ontario, Canada d after 1940

m 24 Apr 1895 Peck, Sanilac County, Michigan Phillip J. Tice b 1865 Canada d 1 Jan 1938 Potlatch, Idaho

  • Raymond William b 1896 d 1988
  • Verna C. 1901
  • Pearl J. b 1903
  • Phyllis M. b 1905

Born in Oxford, Ontario, Catherine or Kate as she became known lived with her family there until about the age of seven when she emigrated with the rest of the family to Elk, Sanilac County, Michigan. She was still at home when the 1880 census was taken. The village of Peck where she married is about a mile from her parents' farm. The marriage and subsequent information was unearthed by Kate Rowe.

In 1900 Catherine and her family are found in Washburn, Bayfield County, Wisconsin. They are also there in the 1905 Wisconsin census. In 1910 they were in Potlatch, Latah County, Idaho. In 1920, 1930, and 1940, Catherine is listed as a patient in the Northern Idaho Sanitarium in Orofino, Clearwater County, Idaho. Her husband and her children that remianed at home continued to live in Potlatch.

ROWE, Elizabeth Lyda b 13 Oct 1872 Oxford, Ontario, Canada d 7 Jan 1898 Brown City, Sanilac County, Michigan

m 31 Oct 1889 Cash, Sanilac County, Michigan William Amherst Eastman b 1870 Brockway, St. Clair County, Sanilac County, Michigan d Nov 1954 Cleveland Heights, Ohio

  • Irma b 1890
  • Mary Lydia b 1895

Elizabeth died at the age of 26 of diphtheria.

ROWE, Frank b 27 May 1873 Oxford, Ontario, Canada

Frank rowe signature

When Frank was still young, the family emigrated to Michigan. He is found in the 1880 census living in Elk, Sanilac County, Michigan. In 1899, he signed his mother's death certificate and gave his address as Peck, Sanilac County. Peck is just down the road from his parents' farm.

In 1905, he is found in a Wisconsin census living near his sister Catherine working as a railroad brakeman. In the U.S. census of 1910 he is again found living near his sister, this time in Idaho and working as a locomotive engineer. He is the head of a large household. Everyone else in the household worked in a logging camp. It may be likely he also worked for the logging company running their train to haul logs.

A 1919 obituary for his brother John gives his location as France with the American Expeditionary Force. He was 45 at the time, just under the age limit to be drafted. The draft call up on 12 Sep 1918 was for men 18 to 21 and 31 to 45.

In 1926, he filed a Declaration of Intention (to be naturalized). His gives his residence as the New St. Paul Hotel, 4th Stree, Portland, Oregon and his occupation as locomotive engineer. The typed record gives Woodstock, Oxford County, Ontario, Canada as his birth place and 24 May 1878 as his birthdate. It's possible there was a transcription error from a written form and that a three was read as an eight giving 1878 and a seven read as a four giving 24 May. He describes himself as five feet nine inches tall and weighing 230 pounds.

He also appears in Portland four years later in the 1930 U.S. census. Here, he reports that he is a World War I veteran. A 1933 obituary for his brother Herbert places him in San Francisco, California.

There is an internment record for a Frank Rowe b 24 May 1878 d 24 Oct 1956, buried in the New Albany National Cemetery in New Albany, Indiana. The birthdate corresponds to the one given by this Frank given in his Declaration of Intention. The interment record documents service in the fifth Comapny, 20th Engineers, U. S. Army from 29 Sep 1917 to 9 May 1919 with an honorable discharge. It also states there is no information on next of kin. This would make sense for this Frank as he outlived all his siblings.

ROWE, Mary Alice b 8 Nov 1875 Oxford, Ontario, Canada d 21 Nov 1947 Blue Township, Jackson County, Missouri

Mary rowe signature

m 27 Feb 1900 Lake City, Missaukee County, Michigan Frederick Albert Rowe b 18 Nov 1871 Ontario, Canada d 25 Feb 1928 Independence, Missouri

  • Kenneth b 1901 d 1901

m 17 Dec 1930 Jackson County, Missouri Swen Swenson b 4 Mar 1853 Sweden d 4 Jan 1944 Jackson County, Missouri

Mary was born in Canada and moved with her family a few years later to Michigan. She may have continued to live on the family farm until she married her cousin Frederick Rowe in 1900. They had a son, Kenneth, the next year, but he died before the year was out. In 1908, Mary and Frederick returned to Canada to live in Strathcone, Alberta next to Frederick's brother, John. They then moved to Senlac, Saskatchewan. It is from here they traveled to the U.S. in April 1913 through the entry port of Pembina, North Dakota. It is not known if they remained, but by 1921 they were living in Independence, Missouri at 608 South Crysler Avenue. The house is still there in 2011 satellite images. Frederick listed this as his address on a return to Canada. By this time he was a Latter Day Saints minister.

On 20 Janurary 1928, Albert was attempting to fuel the furnace at the Crysler Street house when there was an explosion and he was severly burned. He died from his injuries five weeks later. The fire did not consume the house and Mary continued to live there. In 1930, Mary married Swen Swenson, who was also a minister. They lived at the South Crysler Avenue home until at least 1940. By 1942, they were living at 919 West Kansas Ave, which is just a few blocks to the north east. The location is now a parking lot. Mary was still living there in 1946. When Swen died in 1944, his residence was given as Parker Road in rural Jackson County. When Mary died in 1947, her last residence was given as 9904 Winner Road, also in rural Jackson County.

Mary and Frederick are buried next to each other in the Mound Grove Cemetery in Independence. Swen is buried next to his first wife in the same cemetery.

ROWE, Reuben Sylvester b 6 Mar 1877 Oxford, Ontario, Canada d 1947 Elk, Sanilac County, Michigan

It was just after Reuben's birth that the family emigrated to Sanilac County, Michigan. He appears in the 1880 with the family, but can't be found in the 1900 census. In 1910, Reuben is living with his sister Elsie, who lived close to the Rowe farm. A 1918 draft card gives the full name and shows him as a farm laborer working for William Miller, which was Elsie's son. Apparently Reuban couldn't write as he signed with his mark. Rueben (spelled Ruban) Rowe was still working for William Miller. His and her husband were also listed. In the 1930 census, Reuban is shown as the head of house with his sister Elsie Miller as the only other resident. Her husband had died the year before. Reuban died in 1947 according to his gravestone.

Generation Five

Children of John Henry and Isabella (McKenny) Rowe

ROWE, Euseba Pearl b 18 Feb 1883 California d 21 Jun 1957 Santa Clara, California

m George Williamson Sayles b 6 Sep 1882 California d 12 Feb 1967 San Jose, California

  • Gertrude Pearl b 16 Jun 1906 d 26 Nov 1986 Santa Clara, California m Henry L. Warburton b 1903 d 1972
  • Luzzetta b 1907

The family moved around for a while and then settled in San Jose, California by 1927 at the latest. George worked as a carpenter. No records can be found for Luzzetta past the 1920 census.

ROWE, Alberta Bell b 2 Jul 1890 California d 4 Mar 1954 Santa Clara County, California

m John Tito Careaga b 4 Jan 1883 California d 6 Mar 1951 Santa Clara County, California

  • Adelbert b 1911 m Barbara D. unknown

The family settled in San Jose, California. By 1920, Alberta was a patient in Agnews Insane Asylum. She was also there in 1930 and, possibly, until her death. John lived in San Jose and worked as a clerk.

Children of William and Katherine (Davis) Rowe

William james rowe 300

ROWE, William James b 11 Jul 1893 Detroit, Michigan d 4 May 1982 Gaviota, California

m 7 Nov 1914 San Jose, California Eunice Evelyn Coats b 5 May 1893 Contra Costa County, California d 26 Jun 1979 Goleta, California

Eunice coats 300

William was the eldest of the five children. He spent much of his youth in Detroit and his teen years in Los Angeles. He must have moved to San Jose, California prior to 1914 because he met his future wife at the ice cream store her family ran in the same city. When he registered for the draft in June 1917 they were living at 826 South 3rd, San Jose, California. At the time, he was working at Keystone Grocery. In 1920, he was a 'Coffee Manger', possibly at the same company and still living on Third Street.

The 1930 census has him in the same business, but now in San Gabriel, California. They lived as 1519 Emperor Ave. The family returned to San Jose where William (Will) was a vice president in charge of coffee procurement for S & W Fine Foods. They lived in Menlo Park and later in Atherton. In 1951 William, Eunice, and her mother returned to San Francisco from Vancouver, British Columbia on the Mombasa. William and Eunice gave their home address as 174 Alameda St. (Alameda de las Pulgas), Atherton.

When William retired, they first moved to a house at 549 Hull Street in San Jose that they bought from William Patton who was a cousin of Eunice. Finally, they moved to a beach home near Gaviota, California. For enjoyment, Will played golf. According to his son, he was good enough to play in the PGA Senior Tour.

ROWE, John Patrick b 16 Jun 1895 Detroit Michigan d April 1968 San Marino, Los Angeles County, California

John patrick rowe 300

m 1926 Ida Miller b 1896 Salt Lake City, Utah d 1 Mar 1988 Los Angeles County, California

John's birth date and location are from his World War I draft registration card. The 1930 census has John, Ida, and son John on 4330 Georgia Street in San Diego, California where John was a manager at a coffee company. Ida worked for the Fluor Corporation.

ROWE, David King b 4 Dec 1899 Michigan d 24 Feb 1958 Paso Robles, California

m Vivian Rainey b 11 Jul 1900 d 4 Mar 1989 Paso Robles, California

  • David King b 29 Sep 1921, Paso Robles, California
  • Lois b 9 Oct 1924 San Luis Obispo County, California
  • Vivian Joyce b 31 Dec 1929 Los Angeles, California

David registered for the draft 12 Sep 1918. He said he was farming with his father in San Miguel, San Luis Obispo County, California and that his mother's name was Catherine.

The 1920 census has David and Vivian living with her parents on 12th Street in Paso Robles, San Louis Obispo County, California. The next census had the family on East Orange Grove Avenue in Pasadena Township, Los Angeles, California where David was a bond house salesman.

David and Vivian are buried in the Paso Robles District Cemetery in San Luis Obispo County, California. Vivian's middle name is given as Boyd in the cemetery index.

ROWE, Agnes C. b 14 Feb 1903 Michigan d 27 Nov 1969 San Luis Obispo County, California

Agnes rowe family 400

m Edwin Bennett b ca. 1903 California

  • Edwin C. b private
  • Dolores C. b private
  • Agnes Florence b private

The 1930 census has Edwin and Agnes C., Dolores C., and Agnes F. living at 321 12th Street, Paso Robles, California

Children of Herbert and Georgiana (Harvey) Rowe

ROWE, Henrietta Mabel b 12 Jan 1903 California d 14 Jun 1969 Reno, Nevada

m Raymond E. Doty b 31 Jan 1896 California d 10 Dec 1931 Elk Grove, Califonina

  • Phylis b 26 Sep 1921 m unk. Porter
  • Harvey Raymond b 10 Sep 1922 m Eleanor J. unknown
  • Eugene Carl b 20 Dec 1924 Sacramento County, California d 8 Nov 1996 Portola, Plumas County, California m 1980 Juanita M Coleman
  • Katherine Doreen b 26 May 1928 Sacramento County, California d 8 Sep 1984 San Luis Obispo, California m 1951 Donald Alwin Harlin b 1925 d 2004

m James F. Smith

Henretta and Raymond lived close to where they were born until Raymond's death. Henrietta remained in the area until at least 1940. At some point she remarried to James Smith and moved to Reno Nevada. Henrietta is buried with her parents in the Elk Grove Cemetery.

Children of David Thomas and Anna (Eastman) Rowe

ROWE, Wealthy Viola b 10 Nov 1890 Saginaw, Michigan d 8 Jan 1973 Mentor, Ohio

Wealthy rowe head crop

m George Adam Hausman b 31 Dec 1882 Ohio d 24 Jan 1940 Lake, Ohio

  • Eleanor Viola b 24 Jun 1912 Cleveland, Ohio d 18 Feb 1994 Ohio m Louis B. Patterson
  • George Rowe b 21 August 1914 Ohio d 31 Dec 1985 Chesterland, Ohio m 1 Sep 1940 Esther Rabinovitz
  • Jo Ann b 12 Jun 1922 Painesville, Ohio m Arch H. Copeland Jr. b 1916 Pennsylvania d 2010 Florida

ROWE, Grace C. b Feb 1892 Saginaw, Michigan d 22 Oct 1947 Cleveland, Ohio

m Robert Sievewright

  • Robert

ROWE, Elizabeth (Bessie) D. b 3 Jun 1895 Cleveland, Ohio d 27 Mar 1977 Cleveland Heights, Ohio

m 20 Aug 1920 Dr. Wilbert Charles Warner b 16 Feb 1864 New York d 20 Aug 1927 Cleveland, Ohio

  • Chloe Elizabeth b 13 Dec 1921 Ohio m Frederick Alan Oldenburg b 1921 d 2005
  • Wilbert W. b 13 Feb 1925 Ohio d 3 Apr 1975 Cleveland Heights, Ohio

m 1932 Howard H. Balliett b 21 Nov 1881 Lima, Ohio d 1977 Cleveland Heights, Ohio

In the 1920 census, Elizabeth was a servant in the home of Wilbert and Monroe Warner. She gave her name as Bessie D. Siclkes, the surname of her step father. In the 1930 census, her children are shown living with their maternal grandparents. No record has been found for Elizabeth for that census.

Children of James and Clarrisa (Terhune) Rowe

ROWE, Arthur W. b 17 Mar 1902 Ohio d 1 Nov 1983 Sandusky, Michigan

m 4 Nov 1927 Sandusky, Michigan Zelma McAully b 26 Dec 1905 Sandusky, Michigan d 23 Jan 1968 Sandusky, Michigan

Arthur and Zelma had no children. They are buried in the Greenwood Cemetery in Sandusky.

ROWE, Elsie Amelia b 8 Feb 1904 Ohio d 17 Jan 1996 Deckerville, Michigan

m 12 Jul 1927 Sandusky, Michigan William W. Bearrs b 30 Oct 1904 Michigan d 22 Aug 1987 Sault Ste Marie, Michigan

  • Marjorie A. b 1937 m Jay Harless

Elsie and William lived in Deckerville from their marriage until their deaths. They are buried in the Downing Cemetery in Deckerville, Michigan.

Generation Six

Children of William and Eunice (Coats) Rowe

Wj rowe kids 300 crop

ROWE, Phyllis Evelyn b 18 Feb 1917 California d 2 Nov 2006 Torrance, Los Angeles County, California

Phyllis rowe 300

m 23 Jun 1942 Rudolph Hayward Kalenborn b 5 Nov 1915 California d 7 May 1987 Los Angeles County, California

  • Sharon b private Palo Alto, California

m Mar 1945 James Scotto Ingram b 4 Mar 1905 Rhode Island d 22 Jul 1987 Santa Barbara County, California

  • William James b private
  • Ellen Lee b private

After World War II, the family lived in Santa Maria, California where Phyllis taught elementary school.

ROWE, Doris Eloise b 22 Sep 1920 d Jul 2003

Unknown 11feb08 006 400

m Jack Culver Denhart b 28 Jun 1917 Windham, Montana d 2 Feb 1985 Auburn, California

  • Lance Culver b Portland, Oregon m 19 Jun 1966 Patricia Ann McConn
  • Blake Rowe b Palo Alto, California m 31 Aug 1968 Judy Rae Heins
  • Jacque Francis b Redwood City, California m 21 Jul 1974 Carol Bernice Golden
  • Brian Evans b Auburn, California

When the children were young, the family lived in Auburn and Clipper Gap California. They then moved to Mexico with Jacque and Brian where Jack managed the construction of a manufacturing plant. They later moved to Israel where Jack again managed the construction of another plant. Jack and Doris retired back to the Auburn area of California. After Jack's death, Doris moved to Oregon.

ROWE, William Bethel b 22 Sep 1922 d 17 Jan 1986 Belmont, California

William bethel and nancy rowe 282

m 27 Aug 1948 California Nancy Bartlett Dutton b 26 Mar 1922 East Lansing, Michigan d 18 Dec 2005 Bothel, Washington

m Wilma Porter Amalu

Beck, as William was known for most of his life, graduated from Sequoia High School and San Jose State University, California. At the very end of World War II he flew an SB2C dive bomber as an ensign in the U. S. Navy. He later served in the Naval reserve flying jets. After the war he became a broker for coffee, tea, and spices in San Francisco.

Nancy was born and raised in East Lansing, Michigan. She graduated from Michigan State with a degree in Psychology. During World War II, she served as a sergeant in the Army at the Pentagon. When she came to California after the war, she worked at the Veteran's Hospital in Menlo Park.

Beck met Nancy through his sister, Doris, who was living in the same house in Palo Alto. They continued to live there after they were married for a short time and then moved to Menlo Park as the family grew. The family briefly moved to New Jersey where Beck pursued the same line of work in New York City. On their return in 1955 and until his retirement shortly before his death, he worked for E. A. Johnson & Company of San Francisco primarily dealing in coffee. The family lived in San Mateo. He was well known throughout the industry.

Nancy continued to live in San Mateo after their divorce and volunteered for Planned Parenthood. She finally moved to Redmond, Washington to be near her daugther, Nancy. She lived their until her death.

ROWE, Roberta Ellen b private

Unknown 11feb08 010 300

m 7 Nov 1952 Gordon Ross Lopez b 7 Jun 1921 Los Angeles, California d 18 Dec 1974 Torrence, California

  • Lisa Anne b private
  • Rex Francisco Rowe b private
  • Gordon Bethel b private
  • Terry Anne b private

The family primarily live in Torrence, California. Roberta taught elementary school.

Children of John and Ida (Miller) Rowe

ROWE, John Patrick b private

m Bernice

  • John

John and Bernice live in West Covina, California

ROWE, Robert Thomas b 12 Apr 1933 San Diego County, California d 27 Mar 1979 Los Angeles County, California

m Zoe

Children of David King and Vivian (Rainey) Rowe

Joyce david lois rowe 300 crop

ROWE, David King b 29 Sep 1921 Paso Robles, California d 5 Dec 2009 Paso Robles, California

m 1945 Betty Henry b 20 Apr 1922 d 21 Nov 2002 Paso Robles, California

  • David King b 9 May 1946 California d 19 Feb 1982 San Luis Obispo County, California
  • daughter
  • son

David flew P38's during World War II. They lived most of their lives in Paso Robles, California.

The dates for Betty are from an index for the Paso Robles District Cemetery in San Luis Obispo County, California. The name in the index is Elizabeth Ann Rowe. David (died 1982) is buried in the Paso Robles District Cemetery.

ROWE, Lois E. b 9 Oct 1924 San Luis Obispo Country, California d 13 Apr 2009 Stateline, Nevada

m Sam Lugonia b 10 Feb 1918 d 10 March 2006 Stateline, Nevada

  • Peter Roark b 20 Oct 1952 San Mateo, California d 17 Jan 1988 Santa Clara County, California
  • Phillip Bruce

The family lived in Los Altos, California from the 1950's through to the 1990's. Lois worked as an interior decorator.

ROWE, Vivian Joyce b 31 Dec 1929, Los Angeles, California d 15 Nov 2008 Dover, Idaho

m 1951 James (Jim) Barrett Fenton b 5 Jul 1926 Los Angeles d 16 Jan 2005 Dover, Idaho

  • Steven James b 5 Jul 1958 San Jose, California d 16 Jan 2011 Sandpoint, Bonner, Idaho
  • Julie R. b private
  • Susan L. b private

Vivian was born while the family was living in Pasadena, California. The family returned to Paso Robles where she attended elementary and high school. She then attended San Jose State College and obtained a B. A. in education. It was at that time she met and married James. Vivian then taught grade school until her son was born.

After the birth of Steven, the family moved to Aptos in Santa Cruz County, California. Here, her daughters were born. Jim was active in real estate development. One of his developments is the Rancho del Mar Shopping Center.

In 1972, they decided to move to Sandpoint, Idaho. They continued to live in the area until their deaths.

Generation Seven

Children of William and Nancy (Dutton) Rowe

ROWE, William Curtis b Palo Alto, California

Even I spent time working in the coffee industry: as a broker in San Francisco and as a plant manager for Superior Tea & Coffee in Honolulu, Hawaii.

ROWE, Roberta Ellen b 9 Jan 1952 Menlo Park, California d 6 Oct 1999 Davis, California

m 18 Oct 1980 Belmont, California John Gamper

  • Jessica Ann b Davis, California
  • Lesley Marie b Davis, California

Robin Rowe Gamper, which became her legal name when she married, graduated from the University of California, Davis in 1975. After receiving her teaching credential she taught elementary school in Winters, California for 18 years and would have done so for many more years had she not succumbed to breast cancer at an early age. She will surely be remembered by the many children she taught and for her special extracurricular programs such as Star Party and Farm Day. She was an avid cook and had a special talent for deserts, one of which won her first place in a competition.

ROWE, Douglas Graham b San Francisco, California

m 22 Aug 1981 Stanislaus County, California Connie Roxann McClanahan b Hanford, California

  • Alan Douglas b San Mateo, California
  • Kasey Leanne b Cupertino, California

ROWE, Nancy Ann b Redwood City, California

m 31 Aug 1985 Belmont, California Loren Dean Selmer

  • William Beck

m Bothell, Washington Michael Edward Richards

  • Kendall Jaxon

Christening Record for Horham Parish, Suffolk, England
Benjamin, Son of Samuel & Sarah Row privately baptized, 26 March 1797, Sp[inster] Ward
LDS Film #0952312

Theberton Parish, Suffolk County, England
Sarah Ward christened 22 Jan 1780, daughter of Samuel Ward & Heather Leatherdale
IGI Record

Christening Record for Horham Parish, Suffolk County, England
Samuel Row christened 15 Mar 1795, parents Samuel and Sarah Ward
IGI Record Batch 7714518, Sheet 21

1871 Canada Census, Record Schedule No. 2, Nominal Return of Deaths within the last twelve months, Ontario, Durham West, Darlington

Ontario, Canada, Deaths, 1869-1936 and Deaths Overseas 1939-1947
online database

Ontario, Canada, Deaths, 1869-1936 and Deaths Overseas 1939-1947
online database

Marriage Record for Stradbroke Parish, Suffolk, England
LDS Film #0918503, Batch #131642

Christening Record for Stadbroke Parish, Suffolk, England
Daughter of William & Sarah Muttitt
LDS film #0952993

nothing here

Register of Births at Stradbroke Particular Baptist Meeting House in the Parish of Stradbroke, Suffolk from 1813 to 1835, page 8, number 24
"These are to Certify, That Eliza Daughter of Benjamin Roe and Sarah his Wife, who was Daughter of William and Sarah Muttitt was Born in Wedlock in the Parish of Stradbrook in the County of Suffolk this Fifth Day of December in the Year 1821 at whos Birth we were present George Knights Surgeon, Sarah her mother Muttit. Registered at the Baptist Meeting, Stradbrook, Suffolk by Thomas Goldsmith, Pastor."

Register of Births at Stradbroke Particular Baptist Meeting House in the Parish of Stradbroke, Suffolk from 1813 to 1835, page 8, number 23
"These are to Certify, That Robert Son of Benjamin Roe and Sarah his Wife, who was Daughter of William and Sarah Muttitt was Born in Wedlock in the Parish of Stradbrook in the County of Suffolk this Eleventh Day of January in the Year 1820 at whost Birth we were present George Knights Surgeon, Sarah her mother Muttit. Registered at the Baptist Meeting, Stradbrook, Suffolk by Thomas Goldsmith, Pastor."

Michigan Department of State, Lansing, Vital Statistics Division
Birth: 2 Jan 1833, Death: 2 Mar 1903, Burial: 4 Mar 1903 Elk Cemetery
Disease Causing Death: 'Cancer in mouth & throat'
Immediate cause of death: 'Emaciation from inability to take nourishment'

Michigan Library Archives

Burial: Section H, Elk Twp, Sanilac County, Michigan
Grave Undertakings, Thumb Cemetery Recordings by Jackie Graves, Sharron Reed, and Linda Brown

Excerpt from the 1894 Land and Plat Atlas for Elk Township, Sanilac County.

Michigan Department of State, Division of Vital Statistics, Certificate and Record of Death, record 343
Date of death: 7 Jan 1898, age 26 years, 3 months
Parents: William Rowe and Catherine Nelmes
Proposed place of burial: Peck Cemetery
Cause of death: Diphtheria Reporter: Mary Rowe

Date is from her headstone. Her name is given as Eliza.

ROWE - In Stockton, February 25, 1919, John H. Rowe. Father of Mrs. George Sayles of Vallejo and Mrs. J. Careaga of San Jose, brother of Mrs. Mary Rowe, Mrs. Thomas Miller, Mrs. John Campbell, Reuben and James Rowe of Michigan, Mrs. Phillip Tice of Washington, Frank Rowe with the A. E. F. in France, William Rowe of San Miguel and H. M. Rowe of Elk Grove, a native of Canada, aged 61 years. Friends are respectfully invited to attend the funeral at 2 p. m. from the Presbyterian Church, Elk Grove. Interment Masonic Cemetery, Elk Grove. Miller & Skelton, directors

The Sacramento Bee: Friday, February 28, 1919, page 5

ROWE - Entered into rest in Elk Grove, Cal., October 17, 1933, Herbert M. Rowe, beloved husband of Georgiana Rowe, loving father of Mrs. Henrietta Dotv, brother of Will Rowe of Los Angeles, James Rowe of Sandusky, Mrs. Thomas Miller of Peck, Michigan, and Frank Rowe of San Francisco, a native of Canada, aged 67 years. Friends are invited to attend the funeral Thursday at 3 P. M. from the palm chapel of James R. Garlic, corner of Twentieth and P streets. Interment Elk Grove Masonic Cemetery.

The Sacramento Bee, Wednesday, 18 October 1933, page 5

ROWE - In a Galt Rest Home, July 6, 1969, Georgiana Rowe, mother of the late Henrietta Smith formerly of Fort Bragg, also survived by 9 grandchildren, 9 great-grandchildren, 2 great-great-grandchildren. Resident of Elk Grove for many years, also Pacific Grove; a native of Moss Landing, Calif., aged 89 years. Friend are invited to attend services to be held in the GALT MISSION CHAPEL Thursday at 2 p. m. Interment Elk Grove Cemetery in the family plot.

The Sacramento Bee, Wednesday, 9 July 1969, page B12

A Georgiana Rowe appears at various addresses in Pacific Grove in the 1947, 1949, 1951, and 1954-55 Polk's City Directories for the area. Here's the entry for 1954-55: "Rowe Georgiana (wid Herbert) h667 Mermaid av". She does not appear in the 1957 directory.

Signature from his mother's death certificate, 18 July 1899.

Signature from her father's death certificate, 4 Mar 1903.

Signature from her sister's death certificate, 7 Janurary 1898.

Anna M. Campbell - Mrs. Anna M. Campbell, 64 years old and for 40 years a resident of Saginaw died Monday at her home, 429 North Fourth avenue. Mrs. Campbell, whose maiden name was Anna M. Rowe, was born in Canada December 25, 1858, and was married to Mr. Campbell in 1884 in Saginaw. She is survived by her husband, John W. Campbell, and two children, Mrs. Edward Boyse and John L. Campbell, all of Saginaw. She also leaves three sisters and five brothers: Mrs. Thomas Miller of Peck, Mich., Mrs. Kate Tice of Idaho, Mrs. Mary Rowe of Independence, Mo., James Rowe, Sandusky, Mich., Reuben Rowe, Peck Mich., Frank Rowe, Idaho and William and Herbert Rowe, California. The funeral will take place Wednesday morning at 10 o'clock from the home. Rev. Russell D. Hopkins will officiate with burial in Forest Lawn.

Saginaw News Courier, Monday 8 Oct 1923, page 8


John W. Campbell, a veteran of the Civil war and an employe [sic] of the Pere Marquette Railway for more than 30 years, died Tuesday at the Home of his daughter, Mrs. Edward Boyse, 210 North Eleventh street. He was 81 years old.

Mr. Campbell was born October 26, 1848, in Leesburg, Va., and was married in 1884 to Miss Anna Rowe in Saginaw. She died six years ago. He has been a resident of Saginaw for the past 50 years and for 30 years was employed at the car shops of the Pere Marquette Railroad Co.

Surviving are two children, Mrs. Boyse and John L. Campbell, Saginaw and four grandchildren, Wilbur, Robert, Jack and Dorothy Boyse.

Saginaw Daily News, Wednesday, 22 Jan 1930

Rites Held Monday for Sandusky Resident

James A. Rowe, 82, a former Sandusky marshall, died at his home in Sandusky August 18th. Born in Woodstock, Ontario, D. O., March 8th, 1869, Mr. Rowe came to Sanilac county with his parents when they moved to Peck in 1877.

Mr. Rowe married Clara Terhone at Deckerville November 1, 1899. The couple celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary in Sandusky in 1949 where they have lived for 39 years.

Following the funeral service conducted by the Rev. M. B. Walton from the Deckerville Baptist church at 2 p.m. August 20th, graveside services were conducted in Elk cemetery at Peck.

Suriving him are his widow; one son, Arthur Rowe, Sandusky; one daughter, Mrs. William Bearss, Deckerville and one granddaughter.

Mrs. Thomas Miller died at her home near Peck last Saturday morning. Funeral services were held Tuesday afternoon, Rev. Willie Firth, of Port Huron, officiating at the M. E. church, with burial in the Peck cemetery. Mrs. Miller was a sister of James Rowe, this city.

Obituary from an unknown newspaper

Death Certificate for Mary Alice Rowe

Mary alice rowe death certificate

Death Certificate for Frederick Albert Rowe

Frederick albert rowe death certificate


David King Rowe Jr., 88, passed Saturday, Dec. 5, 2009, with his loving children and their families nearby. David was born to David K. Rowe Sr., and Vivien Rainey Rowe at the family home on 12th St. in Paso Robles in September 1921. He lived the majority of his life in Paso Robles - the town he dearly loved. The family moved to Pasadena, Calif., during the Great Depression. This was a good move for Dave as he met his future wife, Elizabeth "Betty" Ann, in junior high school - they married in 1945. Dave served in the U.S. Air Force in World War II as a P-38 reconnaissance pilot. He was shot down over Russia. He and Betty returned to Paso Robles to establish a business, the Elizabeth Ann Flower Shop, which they ran successfully for 48 years. He also worked for the State of California in the late 1960s under Governor Reagan as his military aide. He retired from the Air Force Reserve as a Colonel. As many others in his generation, he was an active member of the community and involved with many organizations, such as Volunteer Firemen, Rotary, Clipper Club (founding member), Jaycees, Boy Scouts, Pioneer Day Committee, Main Street, Chamber of Commerce and Estrella Warbirds. In 2003, he was proud to be honored as the Marshall of the Pioneer Day Parade. Dave was a devoted husband, father, grandfather, friend and a true American patriot. He will be truly missed by his beloved family and many friends, with whom he often shared stories of his military service, his country and his hometown. Paso Robles is a bit smaller in stature with his passing. Dave is survived by his daughter and son and families. A memorial service will be held at noon Saturday, Dec. 19, 2009, at the Plymouth Congregational Church, 13th and Oak Streets in Paso Robles, followed by a military service at the Paso Robles Cemetery. Dave's request was that those wishing to contribute could do so to any of the following - First Church of Christ Scientist, Paso Robles; Paso Robles Pioneer Museum; Estrella Warbirds Museum or Pioneer Day Committee.

California Birth Index, 1905-1995

Name: David K. Rowe, Birth Date: 29 Sep 1921, Gender: Male, Mother's Maiden Name: Rainey, Birth County: San Luis Obispo

The city of his birth is from his obituary.

Ohio death certificate #5710.

Occupation: Foreman, David [J] Rowe died from a fractured skull after an accidental fall from scaffolding. His wife, Mrs. D. Rowe, did not give any dates or family information on the death cert.

Ohio marriage certificate: Indexing Project (Batch) Number: M02346-8, Ohio EAsy 902059. David T. Rome [sic], single, born 8 Jun 1875 Woodclock [sic] Ont. Parents: William Rome [sic] and Catherine Nellums. [sic] Only the name of wife was given.

California Death Index 1940-1949, file number 44-90509. The entry lists the spouses intials as CE.

California Death Index 1940-1949, file number 44-24173. The entry lists the spouses intials as WW

The signature is from a marriage affadavit in the Cuyahoga County Marriage Book.

November 15, 2008 Vivian Joyce Rowe Fenton passed away peacefully surrounded by friends and family on Saturday, November 15, 2008 at her home in Dover, Idaho. Memorial services will be held at 1:00 pm, Saturday, December 13, 2008 at the Sandpoint Events Center. Joyce was born on December 31, 1929 in Los Angeles, CA to Vivian Boyd Rainy and David King Rowe. She spent the first years of her life in Pasadena before the family moved to Paso Robles, where Joyce attended elementary and high school, graduating in 1947. She attended San Jose State College where she earned a B. A. in education. She met Jim Fenton at college, and they were married in 1951. Joyce and Jim made their home in San Jose where Joyce taught first grade until their son Steven was born in 1958. The family moved to Aptos, CA in 1958 where Jim began a real estate development business and their daughters Julie and Susan were born. In the summer of 1972 while visiting friends in North Idaho, the family discovered Sandpoint. They purchased a house and moved north that September. Joyce was very active in the Christian Science Church all her life and she served in many capacities at her local church. She was a member of the Mother Church, the First Church of Christ, Scientist in Boston, and the Christian Science Society of Sandpoint. Joyce was a gracious and generous friend to many. She was involved with and supported many community organizations as well as friends in need. She loved her family, her friends, her caregivers, and her home and garden. Her grandsons were the light of her life. She also enjoyed gardening, reading, traveling, and the arts. She is survived by her sister, Lois Lugonja of Stateline, NV; brother, David Rowe of Paso Robles, CA; son, Steve Fenton of Dover, ID; two daughters, Julie (Steve) Meyer of Sandpoint, ID and Susan (Mark) Kubiak of Dover, ID; four grandsons, Andy and Paul Meyer and Gusto and Julian Kubiak; and her two beloved dogs Teddy and Sammy. She was preceded in death by her parents and her husband James Fenton. In lieu of flowers memorial donations may be made to a charity of your choice. Lakeview Funeral Home in Sandpoint is handling the arrangements.

California Birth Index 1905-1995. It was also given in her obituary.

California Birth Index 1905-1995. It was also given in his obituary.

Social Security Death Index. It was also given in his obituary.

From his obiturary

J. M. Rowe was born Dec 28, 1833 in Perth county, Canada. Died March 28, 1916, age 82 years and 3 months.

On Oct 1, 1857, the deceased was married to his life time help mate, Martha Brownson, at Darlington, Canada at which place they resided until the year 1871, when they moved to Illinois. From there they immigrated to Nebraska in 1878, and were among the earliest pioneer settlers in this section of the county.

On the old homestead 3 miles south of Cambridge Mr. Rowe and his estimable companion fought the battle of life for over 27 years and then moved to town to spend their reclining years in comfort until about four and a half years ago when the wife met a tragical death at this place. The deceased never fully recovered from the shock and was anxiously waiting the time when he too, should be called to the Great Beyond.

There are five children out of ten remaining to mourn the loss of a devoted and loving parent. Two departed this life in infancy. In later years Wm. James, Mary Georgiana, and Ermina Maud, answered the call of the Ruler of the Universe.

Those surviving are, Mrs. J. E. Harvey, Cambridge; Mrs. C. F. Ingersoll, and Frank Rowe, Belle Fouche, South Dakota, and W. E. and Chas. W., Cambridge. Since the death of Mr. Rowe's companion, (son Albert) A. E. Rowe, better known as Bert, remained at home and cared for the aged father, doing all that was in his power to brighten the remaining years of his darkened life. He leaves besides those enumerated, thirteen grandchildren and ten great grandchildren. He will always be remembered by hosts of friends who speak of him as "Uncle Jimmy." He will also be greatly missed by all the children of his acquaintance, as he was grandpa to all.

The deceased has been a member of the M. E. church of this place for a number of years, and was always regular in attendance until prevented by failing health. Mr. Rowe was ever ready and willing to lend a helping hand to his neighbors and friends.

Funeral services were held in the M.E. church Wednesday, the pastor, Rev. A. D. Burress preaching the sermon. The body was laid to rest in the Cambridge cemetery. There was a large crowd of sorrowing friends and neighbors present at the funeral.

Cambridge Clarion, Furnas County, NE. March 31, 1916. Transcribed by Kate Rowe.